Credit support

Boost your credit while travel hacking

Building up your credit report is a natural outcome of optimizing your points

Here’s what actually happens when you optimize your credit cards:

1. You increase the amount of credit available to you and decrease your credit utilization ratio (30% of your credit score).

2. You increase the length of your credit history (15% of your credit score).

3. You increase the mix of credit available to you (10% of your credit score).

4. You responsibly use your credit and always pay your bills in full (35% of your credit score).

By responsibly taking advantage of lucrative credit card rewards, you’ll also build up your long-term credit health. And while the primary goal is to access luxury travel for a tiny fraction of the price, improving your credit is a secondary result of what we do.

We’ll support you through your journey of travel hacking and building up your long-term credit health.

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