Points optimization and credit card portfolio management

Get the most points possible

Sustainably build your points wealth for the long-term

Did you know that most people who apply for cards on their own without a carefully planned strategy will end up consistently getting rejected for cards? And if you’re not getting cards, your points growth is stunted.

That’s hundreds of thousands or even millions of points you’ll miss out on every year.

Our team at AuPACS will help you sustainably open, close, upgrade, and downgrade cards to maximize the number of points you earn. 

We’ve accompanied many clients on their journey to booking the world’s best first class flights and hotels, and we can help you get there, too. 

Our Approach to Points Optimization Starts with a Robust Technical Foundation

After all, if you can’t earn points quickly enough, you won’t be able to book luxury travel you want, year in and year out.


Once we’ve analyzed your credit reports, your current credit card portfolio, and your spending habits, we’ll send you Your Credit Card Plan, which outlines the best cards to get and when to get them. Your Credit Card Plan is generated by proprietary artificial intelligence and refreshed quarterly. Building an optimized balance of points is fundamental to the success of any savvy traveler.


Throughout the course of your credit card and points journey, we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to maximize your points wealth.


Our Points Optimization Includes


Manual Review of Current Cards and Points


Travel Wishlist Analysis


Spending Habits Analysis


Customized Credit Card Application Timing


Credit Card Application Protocols


Credit Card Retention Offers Recommendations


Credit Card Enhanced Sign-Up Bonus Access

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