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What’s a business class product these days? With aviation changing radically over the past few years, it can be tough to figure out the differences between first and business class, or even various business cabins provided by different airlines.

Air France and Delta Air offer two of the most premium business cabins flying in the air today. These airlines feature redesigned business products to deliver comfortable and stylish new seats and superb amenities while ensuring a lavish journey for their passengers.

Let’s break down the similarities and differences between their business cabins in this Air France Business Class vs. Delta One Business Class comparison.

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Quick Glance: Air France Business Class vs. Delta One Business Class

Air France Business Class Delta Business Class
Ground Experience Air France has a new premium business class lounge at their hub airport in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle (CDG). It’s at Terminal 2E. Guests flying on business class, Flying Blue, and SkyTeam Elite Plus on intra-Europe flights get free access. Air France also has partner lounges across the globe. Guests on Air France business class receive priority check-in and boarding too. Business class passengers on Delta One get priority boarding and check-in, including two free checked baggage of up to 70 pounds (32 kilos) each. Premium Delta Sky Club lounge access is available with access to partner lounges across the world.
Seat Air France recently updated 12 of their Boeing 777-300 fleet as well as select Airbus 350 planes with fresh business class seats. These reverse herringbone seats lie flat and have aisle access. It also offers complete privacy thanks to the addition of sliding doors. Depending on the plane, it can have a 1-2-1 or 2-2-2 layout. All seats on Delta One Business Class lie flat. The seat is upholstered in beautiful leather with spacious storage, amenity kits, and a large IFE. The layout varies depending on the plane. Seats aboard the A350, A330-900, and Boeing 777-200 LR even come with closing doors so you can sit in privacy. All seats face forward with a 22.5-inch width and a 1-2-1 layout.
Amenities Air France offers staples like a pillow, blankets, hangers, and slippers for business class guests. Their current amenity kit is a beautiful chevron zip pouch containing a dental kit, Clarins skincare items, an eye mask, and socks. Delta now uses an amenity kit provided by Someone Somewhere. It’s their bid to be more ec0-friendly with their offerings. The kit is handmade and comes with an eye mask, a hand cream, a lip balm, a dental kit, and Grown Alchemist skincare items.
Food and Beverage Excellent! Meals aboard Air France are noteworthy, both in presentation and taste. Guests receive pre-flight champagne and snacks. Food is served over white tablecloths in real ceramic dishes and silverware. Meals begin with starters, then mains, and dessert including a cheese plate. Breakfast is served an hour or so before landing with a selection of hot entrée and drinks. Guests can also request coffee or pastries if they opt to skip breakfast. Delta lets you pre-order meals ahead of time online or in their Delta App. You can specify Kosher or vegetarian meals too. Pre-flight drinks are offered with the first meal dished out an hour after takeoff. The second meal is given an hour or so before landing.
Entertainment All business class seats feature an 18.5-inch touchscreen monitor. On the newer business seats, guests get a 17.3-inch 4K touchscreen. Inside, you’ll find hundreds of movies and shows including newly-released blockbusters. The AirFrance App can be downloaded for free as well. In it, you can read magazines and newspapers during the flight. There’s also an airshow in 4k on certain planes.


Each seat on the Delta One has an 18-inch monitor. It’s preloaded with hundreds of TV shows, movies, music, and more. The carrier also provides Delta-branded headphones. It’s decent quality but not spectacular so it’s best to have your own if you’re picky.
Lavatories Depending on the plane, business class guests get one or two lavatories. Aboard the 777-200, you get a single but bigger lavatory for business class. Lavatories designated for Delta One Business passengers can vary depending on the plane. Some have 2 while others may have 3. These lavatories are nothing special except for Malin+Goetz toiletries.
Bed All seats aboard business class cabins lie flat, measuring 78 inches in length and approximately 21 inches in width. The seats when flat measure 76 inches, enough to fit someone who is 6 feet 4 inches. Sleep comfortably on the seat with the help of blankets and pillows from Coz-z-z. These are safe and crafted from recycled plastic.

Professional and attentive, the service on Air France business cabins is great. Some guests might feel it’s impersonal, but it’s only because there are a lot of guests attendants have to handle.

Highly accommodating. You can expect great service from the staff and crew.
Wi-Fi  Air France has 90% of their fleet equipped with Wi-Fi. They also offer free in-flight Wi-Fi for basic messaging over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. However, for a more robust connection, you can go with The Surf or The Stream Pass starting at 8 Euros ($8) to 30 Euros ($32), respectively.



Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy. You get free access if you only want to use messaging apps. However, for surfing and streaming, the plan starts at $6.96 to $12.95, respectively. Monthly subscriptions begin at $69.95.


The Details: Air France Business Class vs. Delta One Business Class

Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class - Seats

Air France Business Class – Seats. Image Credit: Air France

Ground Services

When you fly Air France business class from their hub in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), you receive free access to the newest Air France lounge at Terminal 2E. The lounge is free for business class passengers including SkyTeam Alliance members.

Compared to the previous lounge, this one’s larger with a four-door entrance that’s hard to miss. Open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., premium business guests can enter for free but there’s also an option to purchase entry for 60 Euros or about $70.

It’s composed of two floors and capable of accommodating up to 570 passengers at one time. Inside is a multitude of seating spaces, from individual chairs to loungers, couches, and recliners. Curved glass ceilings allow bright sunlight to filter in the daytime as well as views of the runway in the distance.

Throughout the space, freestanding buffets with drink and food options are in strategic spots. There are salads, pastries, cheeses, and more for you to indulge in. Bistro fare is available on the first floor as well. Fridges filled with drinks, as well as coffee and tea machines are also nearby.

If you’re craving something stronger, you’ll find self-serve liquor as well. Other amenities include ten shower suites, each with a Dyson hairdryer and thick towels. If the spa is open, guests can get a 20-minute Clarins spa treatment. Book ahead because this runs out fast.

Next to the shower is a relaxation pod where you can take a nap. There’s a power outlet for your devices and fast Wi-Fi in the lounge too.

Guests on Air France business class receive priority check-in, boarding, and even custom inspection lines, especially in Paris CDG. You can also check in up to two bags, max 70 pounds or 32 kilos each.


Air France Business Class - Cabin Configuration

Air France Business Class – Cabin Configuration. Image Credit: Air France

The Air France business class seats are back with a brand new look. The newer cabins are more stylish and now feature sliding doors to give guests absolute privacy.

Depending on the aircraft, guests will get slightly different seats. However, you can count on all business class seats to fully recline, making for a comfortable sleep, especially on long-haul flights.

Aboard the Boeing 777-200 and certain 777-300, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 layout. A sub fleet of the 777-300 might still carry the old 2-3-2 configuration, often those flying over the Caribbean or Indian Ocean. As for the 777-300ER as well as the A350, the newer staggered layout in a 1-2-1 arrangement is present, which means each person gets aisle access.

Each seat has several universal power outlets including a USB port, storage areas, a sleek blue and white color combination, a huge touchscreen monitor with an entertainment controller, a reading lamp, and on occasion, a personal air vent.

You can expect a width of 21 inches and a pitch of 77 to 78 inches, providing plenty of room to lounge and sleep.


On the seat are a few goodies waiting for you. You’ll find a pillow, a blanket, an amenity kit, a bottle of water, a coat hanger for your jacket or blazer, and a sanitary kit.

While first class guests receive Carita Paris amenity kits, the business class kits are brandless but still look quite trendy. The pouch is a soft herringbone-patterned zip crafted from 96% recycled material and complemented by a signature red zipper.

The kit contains an eye mask, ear plugs, Clarins lotion, Clarins lip balm, a toothbrush with toothpaste, and socks. Headphones are on the seat as well.

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Food and Beverage

Air France Business Class - Dining

Air France Business Class – Dining. Image Credit: Air France

Air France delivers one of the best on-air dining experiences inside their business class cabin.

Soon after settling in your seat, an attendant will hand out the menu and offer welcome drinks. A choice of champagne, wine, juice, or just plain water, along with light bites. After taking your order, the dinner meal will be served soon after takeoff.

Each meal is handed on a tray with real ceramic tableware and cutlery. A white tablecloth is laid out first – a simple but often overlooked touch in other business class cabins. It just sets the mood for the dining experience.

It’s a multi-course experience, beginning with starter options like vegetable salad, bread rolls with French butter, seafood, or Foie gras. It’s followed by a cheese plate. For mains, guests get to choose from four including vegetarian, meat, or seafood choices. Everything is capped off with dessert.

If you get hungry in between, there’s a small self-service area where you can grab beverages and light snacks if you fancy.

Air France’s drinks menu is also extensive with premium liquor, an excellent wine list, cocktails, beer, as well as champagne.

During long-haul flights, a second meal service (breakfast) is served about 90 minutes before landing. There are pastries, yogurt, salads, or an omelet. Of course, there’s coffee. (Just a tip, the cappuccino is excellent!)

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On the newer Safran Seats, guests can enjoy a 17.3-inch 4K touchscreen monitor. A noise-reducing headset is also available on the seat but the monitor has Bluetooth capacity so you can use your headset if you like. The older cabins might feature an 18.5-inch touchscreen monitor.

On other aircraft, you might find the movie selections to be a bit sparse. This is another area where Air France has promised to improve its service. The newer IFEs comes with over 350 films, mostly French titles, including an array of TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, and music.


You can connect to the free Wi-Fi aboard the business cabin provided you only need to use Facebook Messenger or any messaging app. If you want something more robust, you can purchase The Stream Pass or The Surf Pass.

On long-haul flights, the Surf Pass costs 8 Euros ($8.55). However, if you want to stream content, the Stream Pass costs 30 Euros or about $32.

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Depending on the aircraft, you could get one or two dedicated lavatories for business class guests on Air France. These are simple lavatories (certainly no showers) but they do provide additional toiletries to make it dedicated to premium guests.


Air France Business Class - Bed

Air France Business Class – Bed. Image Credit: Air France

All seats in Air France business class cabins lie flat. Sleeping amenities such as a pillow and blanket are already on your seat. These are comfortable and go a long way toward giving you rest. The seats measure 78 inches in pitch and about 21 inches wide.

Staff and Guest Services

Expect the attendants to be professional and prompt in catering to your needs. Yes, it’s a bit impersonal and more businesslike, but they do everything with a smile and will gladly help with whatever you need.

Who Is It For?

Air France business class is ideal if you want to travel in luxury but don’t want to spring for an ultra-premium trip aboard La Premiere cabin – yet. If you’re lucky enough to grab the new seats, please do. It’s going to make your trip extra comfortable thanks to its fully private doors, spacious legroom, and stylish design.

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Air France Business Class Gallery

Air France Business Class - Seat Overview

Air France Business Class – Seat Overview. Image Credit: Air France

Air France - Boeing 777

Air France – Boeing 777. Image Credit: Air France

Air France business class

Air France business class. Image Credit: Air France

Air France A350 Business Class

Air France A350 Business Class. Image Credit: Air France

Air France - Seats B777

Air France – Seats B777. Image Credit: Air France

Delta One Business Class

Delta One A330-300 Business Class

Delta One A330-300 Business Class. Image Credit: Delta

Ground Services

Delta One business class guests receive top priority when it comes to ground services. As a business class passenger, you get priority check-in and boarding, allowing you to zip through long economy lines. Guests are also entitled to two checked-in baggage, each weighing up to 70 pounds or 32 kilos each.

Guests on Delta One also receive access to the Delta Sky Club when flying out of cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, or New York’s JFK. Counted among the top-tier lounges across the United States, you’ll find Delta Sky Club lounges to be stylish and fresh.

It’s built with spacious seating areas, an extensive buffet service including hot and cold food options, as well as a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can grab delicious coffee, print, or work at the last minute inside the business center, or indulge in some shut-eye inside their sleeping areas.

As a SkyTeam member, you’ll also receive access to other premium airport lounges offered by partner airlines in various cities all over the world.


Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

One thing you can count on when you get onboard the Delta One is that you’ll get beautiful and stylish seats. All of the seats are forward facing and upholstered with striking blue leather fabric with diamond stitching detail. If you happen to board specific planes like the A350, Boeing 777-200LR, or A330-900, you can indulge in full-height doors for the utmost solitude.

The majority of these cabins have chairs measuring anywhere from 19 to 22 inches in width in a 1-2-1 configuration. All the seats lie flat and come with a pull-out table for working and dining. In front of each seat is an 18.5-inch monitor with a multitude of shows and movies for entertainment.

There are storage areas for your shoes, small gadgets, and other small items. You’ll also find a footwell that serves as an extension of the bed when you’re sleeping.

One thing to note, if you happen to be riding business class on the Boeing 767-400, the center seats will come with open dividers – ideal if you’re traveling with family or your partner. However, on the A330-300, the center aisle only has partial dividers.


Delta One Business Class Amenity Kit - Someone Somewhere

Delta One Business Class Amenity Kit – Someone Somewhere. Image Credit: Delta

As Delta takes steps toward a more sustainable flight experience, the airline has started adopting more eco-friendly choices in its amenity offerings.

They’ve partnered with Someone Somewhere, a Mexico-based brand. These kits are handmade and contain items from eco-conscious brands like a dental kit from Humble Companies and skincare essentials from Grown Alchemist. There’s also a handmade eye mask inside the kit.

For bedding, Delta hands out Coz-z-z pillows and blankets. Made from recycled plastic, guests have praised it for being extremely comfortable and perfect for sleeping.

Food and Beverage

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Aboard the Delta One cabin, guests can pre-order meals from 30 days up to 24 hours before their flight. Just head to the Delta App or your booking, and choose from the various options of mains, drinks, and dessert. If you have dietary restrictions, you can request the app ahead of time.

As soon as you settle onboard, you get pre-flight drinks before takeoff and you’ll be handed a menu as well. If you pre-ordered, the attendants will confirm that your orders are loaded. The meal service starts shortly after takeoff.

All meals are served in trays and stylish Alessi tableware. Appetizers go first alongside your drinks. The mains are then served, usually a choice between meat, seafood, or poultry. It’s topped off with dessert including Delta’s famous sundae.

For drinks, Delta has a good roster – from top-quality champagne and wine to common liquor like Peach Bellini and Grey Goose Vodka.

The second meal, or breakfast, is served an hour or so before landing. If you get peckish in between the flight, there are light snacks and beverages available.


Delta has always offered a robust in-flight entertainment program with Delta Studio. You’ll find hundreds of movies, television shows, music, podcasts, and even Live TV on their 18.5-inch monitor. With simple touchscreen navigation, it’s easy to find the movies and shows you want. However, you can also control the screen using a handheld remote stashed in one of the armrests.

To create a full experience, Delta provides headphones to go with the entertainment system. It’s not the best but comes with decent performance. If you prefer using your own devices, there are USB and charging ports within easy reach.


If you’re looking to stay connected during the flight, Delta has several options for Wi-Fi. For messaging on Facebook or WhatsApp, it’s free. However, if you need something for surfing or streaming, you will need to purchase access.

The lowest tier for surfing or emails starts at $6.95 per hour and climbs to $12.95 per hour plans. If you happen to have a T-Mobile or Sprint line then you get an hour’s worth of free Internet when you fly on Delta.

Frequent travelers who require more data can also go for a monthly subscription starting at $69.95 for international flights.


The Delta One business class lavatories are nothing special compared to other lavatories on the plane. Guests get either one or two lavatories dedicated to the cabin. On occasion, you might spot high-end toiletries stocked here.


Delta One Business Class - A350

Delta One Business Class – A350. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Get a full 180-degree flatbed on board the Delta One. The seats include excellent legroom including a big footwell. You can also lower the armrest of the seat to give you extra width.

Once transformed into a bed, the seat measures 76 inches in pitch which can sleep persons as tall as 6 feet and 4 inches. To make your sleep extra cozy, you also get Coz-z-z pillows and thick blankets.

Staff and Guest Services

All of the staff are friendly and accommodating. It’s not as personalized as you would find in premium first class cabins but it’s a lot more attentive as opposed to a regular premium economy.

Who Is It For?

The Delta One business class cabin is made for business travelers and anyone who wants to be comfortable during their travels. Aside from fantastic seats, you get premium lounge access including priority check-in or boarding. There are also amenity kits and excellent gourmet meals. It’s worth the extra cash or points if you’re traveling on a longer route.

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Delta One Business Class Gallery

Delta One Business Class Seats

Delta One Business Class Seats. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Best For: Which Airline Class Should You Book?

Winner What Makes It Great
Best for Food Air France Business Class Air France wins this hands down thanks to their chef-curated meals and impeccable service.
Best for Seats Air France Business Class While Delta also has fantastic seats, Air France’s new seats on their business cabin have the added edge of being beautifully chic!
Best for Ground Experience Tie Both Air France and Delta offer premium passengers excellent lounge access including perks like priority boarding and check-in.
Best For Comfort  Delta One Business Class Sleeping on the Delta One is made extra comfy thanks to premium Coz-z-z bedding. Guests rave about it, plus, they’re eco-friendly too!
Best for Families Delta One Business Class Delta One seats feature a family-friendly or companion-friendly center aisle.
Best for Couples Delta One Business Class Delta offers convenient center seats with adjustable privacy dividers for traveling with your spouse or partner.
Best for Service Air France Business Class Air France’s service is fantastic. It might not be as extra friendly but it’s highly professional.
Most Exclusive Air France Business Class Although the Delta One suites are a strong contender, this one goes to Air France.

Wrapping Up

Air France and Delta are outstanding airlines that have gotten their business product down to pat.

Air France’s newest seats are modern and chic – perfectly capturing the impeccable style the airline embodies. These seats fully recline, provide ample storage, feature a great IFE, and have excellent amenity kits. The gourmet meals are a highlight in the cabin as it comes with curated dishes by world-class chefs.

On the other hand, Delta One is also a strong contender if you want a world-class business cabin. Their business seats are carefully designed with ample storage space, great legroom, a robust IFE, and a fantastic bed. The soft products, which are also sound, can stand some minor improvements here and there.

Whether you choose one or the other, both these airlines will ensure you’ll have a fantastic flight wherever you head off to.

Safe travels!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Air France business class offers lie-flat seats, perfect for when you’re ready to sleep. They also provide a pillow and blanket to make your night extra comfy.

Yes. The latest seats on the Boeing 777-200ER have sliding doors and lie flat seats creating a pod-like feel for guests.

Air France offers one of the most prestigious and luxurious cabins in the air right, the Air France La Premiere. It has fantastic food, a beautiful cabin, as well as impeccable service.

Delta is one of the biggest airlines in the United States. Their Delta One business class is a premium cabin with excellent seats and plenty of storage. It also has a solid IFE and quality soft service.

No, Delta First Class is different from Delta One. Delta First Class is a premium first class service offered on domestic routes. Meanwhile, Delta One is technically Delta’s business class offering. However, it’s the highest and most premium cabin offered on long-haul and international routes.