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Composed of 14 different countries (as of 2022) visiting South America means you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous scenery, a rich history, and a set of unique cultures you’ll find nowhere else. 

From Ecuador to Paraguay, there are so many sights and sounds to see, not to mention, a huge array of countries to choose from. 

If you find yourself in this area soon, don’t forget to visit the best airport lounges in South America. Here’s a quick list for you to check out.

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1. American Airlines Admirals Club

American Airlines Admirals Club at GRU

American Airlines Admirals Club at GRU. Image Credit: American Airlines

Airport: São Paulo International // Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)
Location: Terminal 3, 3rd Floor, Mezzanine Level above the Duty-Free Shop
Opening Hours: 4:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m

The American Airlines Admirals Club in Sao Paulo echoes the same modern and distinctive style as you would find in most Admirals Club lounges across the world. 

To start, you’ll be greeted by three white mini desks manned by staff at the entrance of the lounge. As soon as you enter, you’ll immediately notice how the decor is mannish yet still cozy. There’s also an emphasis on space and seating, knowing several travelers would be using the lounge at the same time. These large areas are partitioned into smaller sections making the lounge easier to navigate.

 To start, there’s a small area with magazines by the entrance. Walk a bit further and this opens to the main lounge. This space is composed of cozy leather chairs with several flatscreen TVs on the wall. If you’re looking for another seating spot, there’s an even bigger room with dozens of chairs and built-in power outlets. 

There’s a dining area with bar seating and a small grouping of tables and chairs fit for families or group travelers. Two buffet areas offer delicious but similar types of food. The buffet includes fresh fruit, bread, veggies, cold cuts, and desserts. Meanwhile, soups including shredded beef are among the hot options. 

For drinks, there’s tea, orange juice, infused lemon water, coffee, and wines. Two large fridges offer a ton of soda options. If you want wine, they offer three sparkling wines with several Chilean wines as well.

The lavatories are kept clean and beautifully maintained. There are also shower suites if you want to freshen up. Meanwhile, if you have kids, you can stay near the kid’s play area to keep them busy. 

Access: Business Class and Oneword passengers from British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, and LATAM can enter the lounge. Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members also have access here regardless of what class they fly. They can also invite one guest with them. Day passes are also available at $60 per entry.

2. GOL Premium Lounge

GOL International Premium Lounge

GOL International Premium Lounge. Image Credit: GOL International Premium Lounge

Airport: São Paulo International // Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)
Location: Terminal 2, Airside
Opening Hours: Open Daily, 24-Hours

GOL Premium Lounges are also known as “Sala VIP” when in Brazil. These are a set of lounges that are owned and operated by GOL Airlines which is a budget Brazilian carrier. 

As soon as you enter the lounge, you’ll notice how spacious it is. Gorgeous patterned tiles with gray carpeting along with striking wood touches inject an air of elegance to the room. Meanwhile, bright orange accents are found on the chairs, walls, pillows, and more. Large floor-to-ceiling windows also invite a lot of sunlight to help brighten the space. 

It’s clear the lounge was designed to accommodate a big group of people at the same time. There are several chairs provided throughout the space. For instance, vivid orange sofas are in the middle while on the perimeter is a wooden table with chic chairs. 

Food at the GOL Premium Lounge is spread out in a cafeteria-style buffet so you can access it from both sides. It has a selection of pastries, cheeses, pasta, fried chicken croquettes, fruits, small desserts, and sandwiches. Multiple coffee machines and juice appliances are strategically placed so you can have them anytime you want. A large self-service fridge provides soda, beer, and water as well. 

If you’re craving a stronger drink, head to the bar area and grab cocktails or wine. They even have custom cocktail drinks named after several key places like Orlando, Cancun, Miami, and Punta Cana

While the lounge isn’t huge, you get a few amenities to enjoy here like a small spa where you can get a massage, foot spa, or a manicure. A mini-theater is available if you want to catch a movie. The bathrooms are pleasant with trendy tiling and black sinks. There’s also a shower area if you want a quick bath before your flight. 

Access: Priority Pass members have access to this lounge and they can even bring two guests. Any additional guests require a certain fee. Air France, Delta, and KLM premium passengers can also enter. Those traveling on Premium Economy with a GOL connection can also enter the lounge. Certain credit cardholders are also given entry. 

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Sala VIP LATAM. Image Credit: The Design Air

Airport: São Paulo International // Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)
Location: Terminal 3, Left of Admirals Club on the mezzanine level
Opening Hours: 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Designed by popular Chilean designers, Lillian Allen and Mathias Klotz, the SALA VIP Latam is considered one of the biggest airport lounges in South America. It’s approximately 19,000 square feet and can house up to 450 people. 

When you first enter, you’ll notice the space is designed with super high ceilings. This creates an air of spaciousness, making you feel as if you’re entering a grand area. They’ve even included a variety of chairs to accommodate different types of travelers.

The area is divided into several sections including a TV lounge, a small business center with computers, and a food buffet. Speaking of the buffet, there’s a mix of hot and cold dishes including fruits, desserts, bread, salads, and more. When it comes to drinks, the lounge offers a respectable selection including a few reds, gins, vodka, and scotch. 

Be warned though, despite it being a huge lounge, it does get crazy busy during certain times. So, if you find the front part of the lounge too crowded, head towards the back area where there’s more seating. 

Access: Available to business class passengers traveling on a Oneworld carrier like British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, and LATAM

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4. Avianca VIP Gold Lounge

Avianca VIP Gold Lounge

Avianca VIP Gold Lounge. Image Credit: Avianca VIP Gold Lounge

Airport: El Salvador International Airport (SAL)
Location: National Terminal, Inside Security – Front of Gate 8
Opening Hours: 6:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m

With a bright and fresh decor, entering the Avianca VIP Gold Lounge is invigorating. The walls are bright white with red and green accents. Thick gray patterned carpets provide soft footing while lending a contemporary touch to the space. 

The lounge is divided into several sections including an enormous seating room with stylish lighting, beige leather chairs, and a table. You can easily find a corner to relax in as you wait for your flight. If you’re traveling with kids, you can park inside the kid’s room. This glass-enclosed space has colorful, carpeted floors, bench seating, and a TV. 

You can also head to the back part of the room to work as it has dedicated workspaces. Plus, the Wi-Fi is faster in this area. When it comes to the food, it’s placed right behind a plexiglass shield. The choices include sandwiches, cold cuts, fruit, chicken, soup, and more. All the meals are served in ceramic dishes, however, the drinks are offered in plastic cups due to the pandemic.

There’s also coffee, yogurt, red and white wine, Flor de Caña rum as well as Black Label whisky on display.

Access: The lounge is open for first class and business class passengers traveling on Star Alliance member airlines as well as Avianca LifeMiles Silver members. 

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5. Copa Club 

Copa Club

Copa Club. Image Credit: Copa Air

Airport: El Dorado International Airport Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento (BOG)
Location: Mezzanine Level, in front of Gate 45
Opening Hours: 3:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m

Finding the Copa Club lounge can get tricky since there’s only a small door from the outside. However, once you’re ushered in, the space opens up. There’s a small row of magazines and reading material by the entrance in case you want to grab something to read. 

A small hallway leads you to the main lounge where you’ll be greeted by a square couch with plants in the middle. Quiet cubicles are also available in case you need some privacy. 

Off to the far right is the bar, right opposite the business center. There’s also a small buffet area where you can grab something to eat as you wait for your flight. You’ll find various finger foods like bread, sandwiches, and a few beverages. 

More seating spaces are provided including one that’s fronting a large bookcase and a huge flatscreen TV. You can even take a nap in this room and the staff will dim the lights. There’s a restroom near the back portion but no showers. 

If you want a quiet and comfortable lounge then the Copa Club is great. However, if you want one with a more extensive buffet option, then you’re better off staying at another lounge. 

Access: Business passengers on Copa Airlines get complimentary access. Priority Pass members can also enter. 

6. HANAQ VIP Lounge


HANAQ VIP Lounge. Image Credit: Lounge Buddy

Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM)
Location: Airside, Near Gate 17
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Recently refinished, the HANAQ VIP Lounge is a stunning contemporary, 3-level airport lounge that’s perfect for a relaxing stay. 

The lounge itself is spacious with high ceilings and lots of beautiful wood details. Guests can enter the lounge 3 hours before their departure time and there’s a 6-hour time limit. Afterward, you are given the option to extend with possible fees. 

On the first level of the lounge, you get a stylish and cozy seating area with white chairs. When you head up, there’s more seating available. In this section, the comfortable tub chairs are paired with small tables that feature built-in power outlets and a lamp. 

What’s great about the lounge is it comes with 3 buffet stations so you have plenty of food and drink options. During breakfast, the buffet spread includes scrambled eggs, cereals, fresh orange juice, coffee, sandwiches, and more. The lunch buffet is composed of a lot of pasta and potatoes as well as vegetables and salads. 

For drinks, the lounge has a dedicated bar area where you can order from the bartender. The rest are self-service so you can help yourself whenever you need them. 

Other amenities you can enjoy include a nap room. There’s a bathroom and shower suite decked in white marble and great lighting. You’ll also find an open-air area as well as a children’s playroom along with Wi-Fi. 

Access: The HANAQ Lounge provides access to Priority Pass holders. You can also pay $68 for day passes. 

7. Avianca Sala VIP 

Avianca Sala VIP Lounge

Avianca Sala VIP Lounge. Image Credit: Mr. and Mrs. Showe

Airport: El Dorado International Airport Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento (BOG)
Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Close to Get 32
Opening Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m

Perfect for a relaxing break while you wait for your flight, the Avianca VIP Sala lounge in Bogota is the perfect spot to hang out. 

Typical of Sala lounges, this airport lounge has a huge, open-air space with lots of seating and amenities. It does get crowded during peak times but it’s still a fantastic place to grab drinks and meals. 

There’s a family room close to the entrance and if you want to freshen up, you can reserve a shower from the front desk. You’ll be provided with an amenity kit and once a shower is available, an attendant will unlock the shower for you to use. 

Right at the center of the lounge is a huge buffet island. Because it caters to so many passengers, there’s an impressive selection of bread and pastries, cold cuts, drinks, and more.

The drinks include juices, self-serve wines, beer, and soda. Several coffee machines are also available throughout so you can easily grab a shot of caffeine. 

If you need to work, the back part of the lounge has the Samsung business center. You’ll find numerous charging stations for your devices as well as proper desks, monitors, and tablets to use. A dedicated family room with a TV is also available. 

Access: This lounge is open to Avianca Executive Class passengers and Avianca LifeMiles Gold and Diamond flyers. Those flying on Star Alliance First and Business Class departing the same day can also head inside. In addition, United Club Members and Air Canada Maple Leaf Club also have access, however, they cannot bring guests inside. Finally, those holding a Priority Pass membership are also given access. 

Wrapping Up

With the pandemic easing up, more and more countries are now welcoming tourists.

Airport lounges are also slowly welcoming passengers, providing a convenient place where guests can stay as they head to their next destination.

If you find yourself in South America, try visiting any of these lounges.

Safe travels!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of the countries in South America are safe to travel in. However, there are some countries where tourists are warned against visiting.

There are several popular South American countries that are a favorite destinations for travelers. This includes Chile, much of Patagonia, and the Atacama Desert. Ecuador including the Galapagos Islands, and Argentina.

If you are limited in time, the best way to travel and save time would be to fly. There are budget airlines available. However, if you have all the time you want and feel like traveling by land, then a bus would be ideal to explore the country.

Yes, this incredible archeological site is open. Located in Peru, this gorgeous site did close for a while during the global pandemic but it has since reopened.

There are approximately 13-14 countries that compose South America.

These include Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Falkland Islands, and Uruguay.