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One of the biggest “aha!” moments you can unlock when thinking about travel is that redeeming points and miles strategically can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in free travel over the long run.

This is especially true if you normally fly in business or first class and have traditionally paid for your airfare.

Depending on where you’re flying from, where you’re flying to, and when you’re flying, your business class flights can cost $5,000-$10,000 round-trip, while first class tickets can be double or even triple that.

Being the financially savvy person you are, you ask your local travel agent if you can book these flights with points. Usually, you’ll get a funny look from your travel agent and then move on.

Travel agents get paid a commission based on the price of the airfare you book for them, and they’ll lose all of it if you book your tickets with points instead.

But with the right travel advisor or travel agent, you can actually get the best of both worlds — a trusted travel agent with the attention to detail and luxury connections you need and a financial guru who can help you optimize your spending, credit cards, and points for luxury travel.

In the past, travel agents would earn a percentage of the total travel you booked through them. More recently, there’s been a movement towards more fees with “per-trip” fees.

The former incentivizes travel agents to upsell you as much as possible so they can earn a higher commission off of your travel, while the latter nickels and dimes you based on what exact services you need on a given trip. 

But what if you could access the world’s best travel booking and management services, as well as the greatest expertise to help you travel in luxury for free?

Imagine a travel agent whose first priority is to get you the best deals possible. Whether they can get you a Swiss Air business class ticket for 90,000 points or a luxury safari package by negotiating directly with lodges, AuPACS has pioneered a customer-first, membership-based business model for planning luxury travel. 

Whether you want to book your flight with points and your hotels with cash or you’re planning a group vacation with some travelers using points and others using cash, we’ll help you make sure every element of your trip is optimized for value and experience!

So if you’re looking for a concierge experience where you can get the world’s best travel planning and management, the foremost expertise in luxury points travel, and access to a long-term partnership, check out our membership services!

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Full Disclosure:
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