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Delta Air Lines is a major airline and a legacy carrier in the United States. It’s consistently recognized through various awards for its excellent passenger experience and customer service, among many others.

Its premium cabin offerings include Delta One Business Class and First Class. These seats are ideal for those who want a seamless and enjoyable flight experience when flying short-haul or long-haul flights.

Curious to know which one you’ll prefer? Check out this Delta One Business Class vs Delta First Class Comparison.

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Quick Glance: Delta One Business Class vs Delta First Class

  Delta One Business Class Delta First Class
Ground Experience  Exceptional. In most international airports, enjoy Sky Club lounge access, and Sky Priority accelerated check-in, security, and baggage handling service plus priority boarding. You can also check in two bags (up to 70 pounds each) for free. Enjoy SkyPriority services such as accelerated check-in, priority security, baggage handling, and priority boarding, and get two free checked bags weighing up to 70 pounds each.
Seat Seat configurations may vary depending on aircraft type and size—each Delta One seat range from 19 to 22.5 inches wide. Delta’s first-class seats can offer up to 8 inches of additional leg room compared to economy class. It also has up to a 5.4-inch recline.
Amenities Each passenger gets an exclusive Someone Somewhere amenity kit which includes travel essentials like an eye mask, Humble Co. bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, and Grown Alchemist lip balm and lotion. Ergonomically designed Billboard earbuds are provided on select flights.
Food and Beverage Enjoy elevated, “restaurant-style” dining served in Alessi serving ware. Some flights offer regionally tailored meals designed by celebrity chefs. Meals are also paired with wines selected by a master sommelier. It depends on how long the flight is. Short-haul flight passengers get snack selections and complimentary drinks (beer, wine, tea, coffee, juice, and more). In contrast, medium-long flight passengers get selected chef-curated meals based on the flight’s departure time and duration.



Entertainment Passengers enjoy an 18-inch touchscreen with Delta Studio’s picks (movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music). Most flights also offer noise-canceling headphones. Most planes except for Boeing 717s and MD88/MD90s have a personal TV with up to an 11-inch screen. There are fewer entertainment options compared to Delta One. Built-in outlets are available.
Lavatories It varies based on aircraft. For example, the Airbus A350 positions its two Delta One lavatories in the front while the Airbus A339 has one in the front and the last row. It may vary based on aircraft, but most aircraft have one dedicated lavatory for First Class passengers.
Bed Each Delta One Business Class seat fully reclines to a bed 79-81 inches long. It is outfitted with Westin bedding. Each First Class seat is fully reclinable with a pillow and blanket.
Service Top-notch. You get personalized service from a dedicated flight attendant. First Class passengers also enjoy the same personalized service from a flight attendant.
Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi packages are available for purchase. Starts at $16 for 24 hours of flying domestically and $48 for 24 hours on international flights. For frequent travelers, $49.95 for a monthly domestic plan. The global plan is $69.95 per month. Wi-Fi is available, starting at $16 for 24-hour domestic flights and $48 for global flights. Frequent travelers can also avail of subscriptions at $49.95 for domestic and $69.95 for global flyers per month. 

The Details: Delta One Business Class vs Delta First Class

Delta One Business Class

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class General

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta One is Delta’s most premium cabin seat type available on most international flights and certain key domestic flights. It offers the highest level of service and amenities.

Ground Services 

Delta One passengers enjoy access to Delta Sky Clubs. Its network includes dozens of airports in the United States and overseas locations. Some Sky Clubs – including those in New York JFK, and Austin – have an outdoor viewing deck and showers decked with Malin+Goetz toiletries and towels. The Atlanta Delta Sky Club even makes it as our bet on one of the top airport lounges in the U.S. 

The food service in these lounges is also impressive, ranging from a wide selection of snacks, salads, and soups. International Sky Club lounges like New York JFK, Los Angeles, Detroit, Seattle, and Atlanta have hot and cold buffet selections.

Passengers are served pre-departure drinks in these lounges, including juice, water, beer, and sparkling wine. There are also designated workspaces, complimentary Wi-Fi, and satellite TV.

Other perks include Sky Priority®, accelerated check-in, security and baggage handling services, fast-track security lanes (some airports), and priority boarding.

Passengers also get to check up to two bags at no extra cost. With the SkyPriority baggage handling, your bags will be the first to appear on the carousel.


The Delta One Business Class has impressive flat-bed seats with direct aisle access and dedicated bin storage.

The dimensions and layout vary. The Delta One seats in Boeing 777-200LR, Airbus A330-900 neo, and A350 have slide-in doors for utmost privacy. There is also a side table, a USB and power outlet, and an 18-inch entertainment screen.

The Boeing 767-400 Delta One seat has open divider screens. In the Airbus A330-300, only those seated in the center have partial privacy dividers. 

Most aircraft have a 1-2-1 configuration, except for the Boeing 757, which has a 2-2 layout. In terms of legroom space, it ranges from 76 to 82 inches. 


Starting February 2022 onwards, Delta replaced their TUMI amenity kits with a more eco-friendly offering from a Mexican-based brand, Someone Somewhere. Aside from all travel essentials (including a Humble Co. bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste), you’ll also get lip balm and hand cream from the clean beauty brand Grown Alchemist. The change aligns with the airline’s push for more sustainable and socially conscious travel.

Noise-canceling headsets are also provided to go with the IFE. 

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Food and Beverage

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Food

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Dining Service. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Enjoy enhanced food and beverage experience at Delta One Business Class. On select flights, the meals are even designed by celebrity chefs. Multi-course meals often start with an aperitif service with mixed nuts. Drink refills are possible, followed by trays of appetizers, salads, and soup. All meals are served in Alessi serving ware.

The main course may vary, often showcasing beef, seafood, poultry, and pasta dishes. The other courses and beverages are served via carts in the aisles. Dessert consists of a wide selection of fruit, cheese, and ice cream served in a two-tiered trolley. 

A master sommelier curates the premium wine list. Other alcoholic beverages include Grey Goose Vodka, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, and Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon.

Passengers can pre-select their meal 72 hours before departure via the Delta app or link. Special meals based on dietary restrictions (Kosher, vegetarian, diabetic) are also available.

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For inflight entertainment, passengers get an 18-inch, high-resolution touchscreen monitor with access to Delta Studio’s hundreds of movies, shows, podcasts, and music. Live TV is also available.

There are also universal power and USB outlets to keep your devices fully charged during the flight.


Passengers can enjoy free messaging on the following platforms: Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Wi-Fi packages are available at an additional cost starting at $16 for 24-hour Wi-Fi access on domestic flights and $48 on global flights.

For frequent travelers, Delta offers a subscription model, starting with $49.95 per month for domestic travel and $69.95 for global travel. 


This will be different depending on the aircraft. In the Airbus A350, there are two Delta One lavatories found in the forward section. Meanwhile, the Airbus A339 has one in the front and the last row.


All Delta One seats transform into a flatbed. These beds measure anywhere from 79 to 81 inches long. They are outfitted with Westin Heavenly bedding, a duvet, and a down-alternative pillow for a truly comfortable sleep experience. 

The lighting is also adjustable for your convenience. This is ideal, especially for long-haul flights when you need to work, relax, read, or sleep. Some select aircraft have a “Do Not Disturb” sign for travelers who want privacy during their flight.

Staff and Guest Services

Service in Delta Air Lines is generally friendly and attentive. In Delta One, it is more personal because you get a dedicated in-cabin flight attendant.

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Who Is It For?

Delta One is designed for the highest level of privacy and comfort. It is the ideal seat choice if you want to experience the best service that a major airline like Delta can offer.

The Airbus A350 and the Airbus A330-900neo aircraft offer prime Delta One seats with more space and doors for privacy. So if you’re planning on flying in one of these and have the budget, make sure to book it.

Delta One Business Class Gallery

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Lie-Flat Bed

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Lie-Flat Bed. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta First Class

Delta Air Lines First Class Overview

Delta Air Lines First Class Overview. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

The next best cabin fare for Delta Air Lines is First Class. This is also known as Premium Select on international flights.

This premium cabin choice is offered on select short-haul international and domestic routes except for New York-JFK, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Ground Services 

Enjoy SkyPriority services such as accelerated check-in, priority security and baggage handling, priority boarding, and two free checked bags weighing up to 70 pounds each. However, First Class passengers do not get instant SkyClub access.


Delta’s First Classes seats are more expansive than Premium Select and Economy classes. They also offer eight inches of extra legroom compared to Economy Class. The seats can recline 50% farther as well. 

Depending on the aircraft, these are usually arranged in a 2-2 configuration. The seats are carefully upholstered in Delta’s signature red ad blue colors with fancy diamond-stitched details. Complimentary water is provided for each passenger and accessible power outlets are between the seats.

There’s an 11-inch monitor with pre-selected movies and shows with headphones provided on certain flights. There are also complimentary snacks and beverages for guests. 


Since First Class applies to domestic flights, no amenity kit is provided. Passengers get complimentary Billboard earbuds that are ergonomically designed.

Food and Beverage

Delta Air Lines Flight Fuel Box

Delta Air Lines Flight Fuel Box. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

The food and drink offerings vary based on the flight’s duration. For short-haul flights (below 900 miles), prepackaged snacks are given together with bottled water, tea, juices, mixers, and Starbucks coffee. Complimentary beer and wine services are also available.

The next tier gives you an additional Flight Fuel box, which features refreshed snack boxes that include Crave, Crunch, and Tapas. It is known to be the only non-GMO snack box.

Enjoy one chef-curated meal and snack selection based on your departure time for medium-long flights.


Delta First Class seats have screens of up to 11 inches. These contain fewer entertainment options than Delta One.

There are also built-in outlets so you can stay productive throughout your flight.


Like Delta One, Wi-Fi packages are also available at an additional cost. You can get Wi-Fi access starting at $16 for 24 hours when traveling domestically. Premium monthly subscriptions are also available starting at $49.95 for domestic frequent fliers.


On most aircraft, there is one dedicated lavatory at the front for First Class passengers.


The seats don’t fully recline, but a pillow and blanket are provided. The premium seats with ample legroom make it a more comfortable choice than those in the main cabin.

Staff and Guest Services

First Class passengers also enjoy the personalized service of a dedicated flight attendant.

Who Is It For?

While it may not offer the complete experience of a Delta One class, it is undoubtedly the next best thing. In terms of ground experience, you get SkyPriority privileges except for the SkyClub lounge access.

F&B offerings may not be as refined as Delta One’s, but this depends on your flight’s duration. While there is a chance you might get snacks on short-haul flights, you still get to enjoy a complimentary menu of drinks.

Guests here also receive personalized service from a dedicated flight attendant and First Class seats are generally more comfortable given they have more space and legroom than the main cabin.

Delta First Class Gallery

Delta Air Lines First Class

Delta Air Lines First Class. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines First Class Closeup

Delta Air Lines First Class Close-up. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines First Class Side

Delta Air Lines First Class Side. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Best For Which Airline Class Should You Book?

  Winner What Makes It Great
Best for Food Delta One Delta One gets this with its exemplary dining service.
Best for Seats Delta One The 180-degree flat-bed seats offer a more relaxing experience.
Best for Ground Experience Delta One While both have SkyPriority access, Delta One gets this one because you get instant lounge access so that you can wait comfortably before your flight.
Best For Comfort  Delta One The overall enhanced and premium offerings genuinely show it is Delta’s cream of the crop.
Best for Families Delta One Go for it if you have the money to splurge on a Delta One seat for your entire family. There are more in-flight entertainment options for the little ones to enjoy.
Best for Couples Delta One Couples will enjoy the luxuries (lie-flat seats, amenity kit, inflight entertainment, premium F&B services) together.
Best for Service Tie Both Delta One and First Class passengers get the same superior service as a dedicated in-house flight attendant.
Most Exclusive Delta One Most Delta One seats (depending on aircraft) have full or partial dividers for added privacy.

Wrapping Up

Delta One might be the ideal choice for a long-haul international flight with its lie-flat seats, extra storage space, added privacy, and refined dining experience. It has a higher price point but promises maximum comfort in return. 

First Class, meanwhile, is a more suitable choice for shorter domestic flights. Besides, you already get to enjoy some services also offered on Delta One like SkyPriority benefits, priority boarding, dedicated check-in, expedited baggage handling, and free baggage check-in, to name a few. Complimentary drinks are also available. Above all, it’s much cheaper than a Delta One seat.

No Delta flights offer Delta One and Delta First Class, so both make excellent choices if you want to experience a seamless and relaxing getaway.

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Featured Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

 Frequently Asked Questions

Delta One is Delta’s most premium fare type that’s usually available on long-haul international flights. It is different from the airline’s First Class seats, which are found on domestic flights and offer fewer perks.

No. The First Class seats are larger than the economy and Comfort+ seats.

Yes. You receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access if you book a Delta One Business Class seat.

Yes. You get to enjoy plenty of perks: accelerated check-in, priority boarding, larger seats, and personal service.

Compared to the economy and premium select, the seats are wider by up to 3 inches.

Yes. Customers will get to enjoy complimentary beer, wine, soft drinks, juices, and more.