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Is it possible for business class seats to be as extravagant as first class cabins? With Delta One and the United Polaris, you get two serious contenders. These two airlines have ramped up their products, creating premium cabins for leisure and business travelers.

Delta One business class not only has gorgeously designed seats, these fully recline while giving guests storage, accessible charging ports, an IFE, and gourmet meals on board. Meanwhile, United Polaris is considered among the most premium business class cabins in the U.S. with all of its splendid features and design.

These two, no doubt, are amazing products but which one is better?

Let’s find out in this Delta One business class vs. United Polaris business class cabin comparison.

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Quick Glance: Delta Business Class vs. United Polaris Business Class

Delta Business Class United Polaris Business Class
Ground Experience Delta One passengers receive Delta Sky Club lounge access found in most hub cities or any of Delta’s partner lounges worldwide. There’s priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. Guests even receive complimentary two checked luggage, weighing up to 70 pounds. Guests on United Polaris receive free Polaris Lounge access. These lounges are some of the finest in the United States. There’s ample seating, an overflowing buffet selection, and even a first-come, first-served dining area that’s a real treat. Also available are quiet rooms, lounge chairs, and showers. Pre-flight access is available for business class guests too.
Seat Being the most premium cabin in Delta’s fleet, passengers can expect stylish lie-flat seats. These are beautifully upholstered with room for storage, gourmet meals, amenity kits, and an IFE with hundreds of movies, TV, shows, music, and more. The Delta One Business Class seats are found in most international and select domestic routes. For a special treat, the seats on the Boeing 777-200LR, the A350, and the A330900 come with full-height closure to create a cocoon-like cabin. All seats face forward, measure 19 to 22.5 inches in width, and feature a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access. Finding United Polaris seats can be challenging. While they’re widely available, there is a chance you’ll get just the regular business seats if you’re not careful. United Polaris seats feature fully lie-flat beds, a spacious cabin, sleek chairs, and direct aisle access. Everything is in a 1-2-1 layout. You’ll find these seats installed in the 787-10 Dreamliners, 777-300ER, 767-300ER, 777-200ER, and 787-9 Dreamliners. If you’re lucky and board the special 767, you’ll get the United Polaris in a 1-1-1 configuration. It has a 24-inch width with a 75 to 76-inch pitch in the 30-seat cabin.
Amenities Delta swapped its Tumi amenity kits in favor of the Mexican-based brand, b. This move marks Delta’s commitment to using more eco-friendly offerings. Inside the handmade kit are a handmade eye mask, a bamboo toothbrush, a hand cream, and a lip balm from another eco-conscious brand, Grown Alchemist.  United Polaris blows the competition away with its amenities. On long-haul flights, guests receive Saks Avenue-designed bedding (blankets and pillows). You can also request a thin mattress pad for a cushion on the seat. Guests also receive hard shell Away amenity kits. Inside, they have a collection of items from the skincare brand Sunday Riley. It also contains a pen, dental kit, earplugs, and socks. If the flight is more than 12 hours, United Polaris also offers free pajamas which you can take home.
Food and Beverage Pre-order meals can be done over the Delta App or online. You can also enter Kosher or vegetarian requests at this time. In the air, meals start shortly after departure while the second meal is served about two hours or so before landing. Meals are always impeccably presented and served with care by the attendants. Food is a mix of classic American cuisine. While there have been downgrades in United’s food service, is still excellent. Pre-flight drinks (including champagne) are poured for you and the dinner service starts at least 40 minutes after takeoff. You can choose from a printed menu and the mains are served with a side salad in one tray. United’s signature ice cream sundae is back. Breakfast is then served at least 90 minutes before landing.
Entertainment Delta’s in-flight entertainment, Delta Studio, is robust and pre-filled with hundreds of shows, movies, music, and more. Each seat comes with an 18-inch monitor. There’s also an air show for anyone who loves watching their routes. Delta hands out headphones as well but you can bring your own if you want something of better quality. While the in-flight entertainment monitors varied slightly between aircraft, it’s generally a 15-16 inch HD touchscreen monitor. It’s pre-filled with hundreds of shows and movies. There’s also an interactive flight map. United-branded headphones are decent but better to bring your own.
Lavatories The number of lavatories depends on the plane. Inside these lavatories, you’ll find high-end toiletries like Malin+Goetz. But other than that, there’s nothing else special about what’s inside. Lavatories are simple and clean. They all feature touchless sinks and come with more toiletries from Sunday Riley including wrinkle-free spray.
Bed You can sleep comfortably, thanks to the fully flat seats. Delta also supplies Coz-z-z pillows and blankets which are made from recycled plastic. Once flat, the seat measures 76 inches or about 6 feet and 4 inches. All beds recline flat and transform into a bed that measures up to 75 inches in length.
Service Great service. Passengers can expect top-quality service and pampered attention from the crew. They’re always attentive, ensuring the passenger’s needs are always cared for. It’s great for the most part. However, there are occasions when service is lackluster. Usually, the United crew is attentive and proactive. They will always assist with whatever you need.
Wi-Fi  Delta has a lot of options when it comes to Wi-Fi. If you’re flying within the U.S. on most domestic flights, Wi-Fi is now free! On international flights, you can pay for a Wi-Fi access pass. Wi-Fi on domestic and short-haul routes starts at $8 to $10. For monthly subscriptions, it starts at $49 per month. Guests get free messaging over message services over Wi-Fi. A full flight plan can also be purchased for $23. The Wi-Fi plan also differs depending on the aircraft.


The Details: Delta One Business Class vs. United Polaris Business Class

Delta One Business Class

Delta One A330-300 Business Class

Delta One A330-300 Business Class. Image Credit: Delta

Ground Services

Delta gives Delta One business class passengers free access to their famed Delta Sky Club. Expect a lot of great things from this lounge as it’s considered one of the best lounges in the United States.

Delta Sky Club lounges are found in hub cities like Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Detroit, and JFK. You’ll also find them in certain international destinations.

Modern and fresh, there are impressive areas for seating as well as a large buffet of food and drinks. You’ll find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and even a coffee machine. There’s also a business center with computers and a printer – for last-minute printouts. Certain Sky Club lounges also have a shower and sleeping area. These can be reserved at the reception.

Considered the best cabin in Delta’s roster, Delta One is essentially a business class cabin available on most of Delta’s transatlantic flights. You might also luck out and find these in key domestic routes but it’s quite limited.

Once boarding commences, guests receive priority check-in, and boarding as well as two free checked luggage weighing up to 70 pounds.


Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Front View. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Stylish and modern, Delta Air Lines has a gorgeous business class seat. These feature striking diamond blue upholstery. All of these face forward with some seats in particular aircraft fitted with full-height doors.

Planes like the A350, A330-900 NEO, and Boeing 777-200LR carry these suites. These are extra special thanks to the tall sliding doors that allow you to close off your suite – creating a private cocoon. Inside the cabin, these are arranged in a 1-2-1 layout with a 19 to 22-inch width.

Other things to note in the seat include a pull-out side table. Directly facing the seat is an 18-inch touchscreen monitor filled with shows and movies. There are cubbies and storage areas in the corners, letting you stash electronics or your shoes with ease.

There are also unique configurations of these seats like in the Boeing 767-400 which has open dividers. Meanwhile, the Airbus A330-300 carries center seats with partial dividers.


Delta One Business Class Amenity Kit - Someone Somewhere

Delta One Business Class Amenity Kit – Someone Somewhere. Image Credit: Delta

With a vow to become more sustainable, Delta has partnered with Mexico-based brand, Someone Somewhere to offer sustainable amenity kits – replacing their exclusive contract with Tumi.

Each amenity kit is handcrafted and while it’s slightly flimsy, the quality is pretty good. Its contents include a handmade eye mask, skincare products from another eco-friendly brand, Grown Alchemist, as well as a bamboo toothbrush from Humble Companies.

They’ve also swapped their choice of bedding, opting for ones made from recycled plastic by a brand called Coz-z-z. The fluffy pillows and the thick duvet blanket are comfortable and usually handed out during medium to long-haul international routes.

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Food and Beverage

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Food service is a highlight aboard the Delta One business class cabin. One perk is guests can pre-order meals at least 30 days and up to 24 hours before their departure date.

They just need to log into the Delta App or their booking and choose between several mains, drinks, and desserts. Special meals such as vegetarian or Kosher can also be requested ahead of time. The airline will attempt to do what it can to accommodate this request.

Pre-flight drinks service is prompt and as soon as the plane takes off, the meal service begins. This multi-course meal is served stylishly in tableware crafted by Alessi. Attendants will come by first to reaffirm your chosen meals if you preordered and then hand out the menu in case you didn’t.

Appetizers and drinks are offered first, followed by meat, seafood, or poultry mains. All drinks are poured right there instead of served offsite. There’s a premium wine and drinks list as well in case you want to indulge. Common selections include Grey Goose Vodka, Peach Bellini, champagne, and sparkling wine.

Breakfast is served an hour or two right before landing, where they offer a selection of eggs, oatmeal, and fruits.

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Each seat has an 18-inch touchscreen monitor. Delta Studio is a robust system that comes with more than 300+ movies and more than 200+ shows, Live TV, music, and more. There’s something to keep you busy while on the air. You can control the monitor via the screen or use the handheld remote on one of the armrests.

Delta-branded headphones are on the seats, for use with the IFE. These are decent quality but you might want to use your own headphones. You’ll find USB ports including charging ports within easy reach too.


You can stay connected online for work or leisure when you fly in Delta. They offer a strong Wi-Fi plan ranging from free connections for Whatsapp and Messenger use to $12.95 per hour plans if you want to stream content while in the air.

For emails, there’s a middle plan of $6.95 per hour too. However, if you’re subscribed to either Sprint or T-Mobile, you get complimentary one-hour access to the Wi-Fi.

A monthly subscription plan is another alternative if you find yourself zipping around the country (or the world) a few times a month. The monthly subscription plan starts at $69.95 for international routes.

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While the seats and cabin might be high-end, the lavatories aren’t anything special aboard the Delta One business cabin. These are similar to what you’d find in the other cabins except for high-end toiletries from Malin+Goetz on occasion.


Delta One Business Class - A350

Delta One Business Class – A350. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

An amazing perk when you get the Delta One seat is it fully reclines, giving you a flat 180-degree bed for relaxing. There’s ample leg room thanks to a spacious footwell and the armrest can be lowered to provide even more width.

All the beds stretch to 76 inches when flat and can accommodate people up to 6 feet and 4 inches with ease.

Guests are provided comfortable, eco-friendly bedding made from recycled plastic by Coz-z-z. One thing to note, however, is there’s no turndown service available.

Staff and Guest Services

Service onboard the Delta One business class is prompt and attentive. Expect the staff to be accommodating to your request, checking in on you when you need anything and making sure you’re comfortable.

Who Is It For?

Designed for business and leisure travelers, Delta One business class is wonderful for anyone wanting to travel with ease. There’s free lounge access, priority boarding and check-in, gourmet meals, great amenity kits, and excellent seats. It’s perfect for long-distance routes where you can travel in absolute comfort without worry.

You can also check out how Delta One business class compares to other business seats to find out which one is the best option for you.

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Delta One Business Class Gallery

Delta One Business Class Seats

Delta One Business Class Seats. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview

Delta Air Lines Delta One Business Class Overview. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

United Polaris Business Class

United Polaris class sleeping

United Polaris class sleeping. Image Credit: United

Ground Services

One great perk about flying United Polaris is the free access to the Polaris Lounge. United has several Polaris lounges across hubs and they also have partner lounges all across the globe.

Inside the lounge, there’s designer seating available so guests can settle in. There’s an area for dining including an extensive buffet space. There are fridges filled with drinks like soda, water, and juices. You’ll find a coffee machine and a bar serving cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Some lounges include a sleeping room which you can reserve. Even better, these contain a sleeping spray, eye mask, pillows, and other amenities to ensure you get good sleep. There are also shower areas available in certain lounges. All the showers carry toiletries and bath products too.

The highlight, however, is The Dining Room. It’s an à la carte dining area available in certain Polaris Lounges such as those in Newark (EWR). Here, it’s first come, first served so if possible, head to The Dining Room as soon as you arrive at the lounge if you intend to eat. Alternatively, you can also put in a reservation. The service is great and the food is fantastic. It’s truly a unique perk when visiting this lounge.

During boarding, guests receive priority lines so they can board the plane conveniently.


United Polaris Class

United Polaris Class

The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside is the gorgeous United cabins. These are sleek, and spacious, and coupled with the lovely seats, you’ll appreciate its aesthetic beauty.

United Polaris seats can vary depending on the aircraft. Luckily, the product is found in a majority of United’s fleet. On the 767 version, United Polaris business class seats are arranged in a 1-1-1 layout. Aboard other aircraft like the 787-10 Dreamliners, 767-300ER, 787-9 Dreamliner, 787-9 Dreamliner, and the 777-200ER, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The seat is immense, measuring 24 inches in width as well as 75 to 76 inches in length. Everything is carefully upholstered with a flappable headrest so it can cradle your neck. On the sides are various USB ports and charging areas. There’s also storage for headphones as well as a button for “do not disturb.”

At the front, there’s an IFE system, a pullout tray table, and a footwell that can be used for storing various items – particularly shoes.


United Polaris - Hard Case Amenity Kit from Away

United Polaris – Hard Case Amenity Kit from Away. Image Credit: United

One area where United Polaris gets right is its amenities. They’ve partnered with the popular brand, Away to create their beautiful hard shell case. Inside these beautiful cases are Sunday Riley beauty products like lip balm, hand cream, and lotions. In addition, there’s also a dental kit, socks, earplugs, and a pen.

However, the highlight is the beautiful Saks Avenue bedding. These are expertly crafted and guests often rave about them because they create such comfort during sleep. The pillow is sturdy and the blanket isn’t scratchy at all. One tip is to ask for a padding mattress ahead of time if you want that extra support on your seat. It’ll help create a plush seat for sleeping. United also hands out gel-foam pillows in case you need it.

Finally, if you’re traveling on a longer flight (more than 12 hours) then you might get a nice United Polaris pajama set that you can keep and take with you.

Food and Beverage

Some flights offer a printed menu while other United Polaris flights have attendants simply rattle off what’s available and make you choose. Some may find this off-putting for a high-end cabin.

In general, though, the meal service aboard United Polaris can be improved but it’s far from the worst. Pre-flight champagne is served on certain routes, together with warm nuts and water. Then the attendants come in to take down your order for the meals.

The main service starts at least 40 to 60 minutes after takeoff and everything is served on a tray. There’s a salad alongside the main entree as well as warm bread. There’s an option for dessert as well but the most famous choice is United’s ice cream sundae.

For breakfast, there’s a limited selection involving fruits and eggs. This is usually served at least 90 minutes before landing.


Each seat comes fitted with a 15-16 inch monitor. While it’s a bit clunky, it is prefilled with a good amount of movies and shows. There’s also an air show you can watch in case you don’t feel like watching movies.

If you don’t want to use the monitor, you can use the handheld remote instead for convenience. To use with the IFE, there’s a United-brand headphone. It’s okay but far from the best so you might want to bring your headphones.


Shorter routes and domestic flights often have Wi-Fi. United offers a host of plans you can purchase, usually starting at $8 to $10. A full-flight Wi-Fi plan can be purchased for at least $23. If you want to go for a monthly subscription, the prices start at $49. It’s worth noting that Wi-Fi plans can differ depending on the type of aircraft you’re using.


The lavatories are simple and consistently clean. Each one has a touchless sink and lots of toiletries from the brand Sunday Riley. However, these are exactly similar to what’s inside the other cabins.


United Polaris - Bed

United Polaris – Bed. Image Credit: United

Each seat on the United Polaris fully reclines and transforms into a bed. With the help of the Saks Avenue bedding, guests have raved about how comfortable the bed is for sleeping. When fully set up, these measure 75 to 76 inches flat.

Staff and Guest Services

The United crew knows how to keep customers happy. And when you chance upon a great crew, the experience aboard the United Polaris can be memorable. They can be attentive, and highly proactive, ensuring every request is fulfilled.

However, on the flip side, there can be instances when the crew simply disappears and appear only in key moments like meal service and more. This can be frustrating for guests.

Who Is It For?

The United Polaris business class cabin lets you travel in luxury and comfort anytime you want. The hard product itself is beautiful and stylish with plenty of storage options. Meanwhile, the soft product can vary depending on the crew and which route you’re taking.

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United Polaris Business Class Gallery

United Polaris class

United Polaris class. Image Credit: United

United Polaris Class

United Polaris Class. Image Credit: United

United Polaris class middle seats

United Polaris class. Image Credit: United

United Polaris class aerial

United Polaris class. Image Credit: United

Best For: Which Airline Class Should You Book?

Winner What Makes It Great
Best for Food Delta One Business Class Delta has a great meal service, serving gourmet dishes aboard their flights and even in their Sky Club lounges.
Best for Seats Tie Both Delta and United have fantastic hard products. The seats are comfy and spacious, carry excellent storage and more.
Best for Ground Experience United Polaris Business Class The United Polaris Lounge is among the best in the United States and as a United Polaris guest, you gain access to this.
Best For Comfort  United Polaris Business Class Together with the premium Saks Avenue bedding, this is one of the best seats for sleeping.
Best for Families Tie Families traveling together will be comfortable in either Delta One or United Polaris. The center seats are perfect for sitting next to your relative or partner.
Best for Couples Tie Center-aisle seats are great for couples too since they have simple privacy dividers that can be raised or lowered whenever you need.
Best for Service Delta One Business Class Delta One edges out United Polaris because they’re more consistent with the service.
Most Exclusive Delta One Business Class The United Polaris cabin is great if you want privacy but if you chance upon the Delta One suites and its full-height sliding doors, then you’re in for a treat!

Wrapping Up

Delta Air Lines and United offer strong hard products with Delta One and United Polaris. These two are durable, spacious, fully lie flat, and perfect if you want pure convenience in your travels.

Delta Air Lines has been consistent in providing excellent service. Their seats are accommodating, ensuring you are comfortable throughout your flight. Meanwhile, another great feature is that their soft product – from their meals to their service is also outstanding.

For United Polaris, the cabin itself is a big wow factor, especially on the Dreamliners. The seats are cozy and a true delight as well especially when you want to sleep.

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these business class products.

Safe travels!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Not entirely, United offers two business class products depending on where you’re going. United Business Class is used to refer to business cabins aboard certain short-haul international routes like Latin America or certain transcontinental flights.

Meanwhile, United Polaris is q premium business product only found on long-haul international flights. This is a more luxurious experience with key amenities provided that you won’t find in short-haul United Business Class.

In a way, yes. The key thing to remember is for long-haul international flights, United does not offer a First Class cabin. The highest-tier cabin they have is United Polaris.

Yes, the food and drinks are free inside the United Polaris Lounge. As long as you have access to the lounge, you can indulge and use their amenities without any additional fees.

If you value comfort during your travel, it’s definitely worth it. The seat is great and you get a luxurious gourmet meal throughout your stay.

Delta One Business Class has lie-flat seats with ample storage, premium in-flight entertainment, high-quality amenity kits, and gourmet meals. It also gives you access to the Delta Sky Lounges, priority check-in, and free checked baggage.