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Two of Asia’s most popular airlines, EVA Air and China Airlines have two similar business class products.

EVA Air is one of two full-service carriers from Taiwan. Their business class product called Royal Laurel Class is considered by AVgeeks to be one of the best business class products around. It has a little bit of everything that makes a business class item so good, there’s comfort, absolute privacy, great aisle access, ample storage, excellent meals, and attentive staff.

On the other hand, China Airlines (different from Air China) is Taiwan’s flagship airline. Originally, the carrier received criticism for being unsafe and unsatisfactory but they’ve made a huge rebound to become one of the best airlines in Asia. China Airlines business class has also received rave reviews for presenting world-class amenities, fantastic seats, and great service.

With similar offerings, let’s find out which of these two offers the best business class seats in this EVA Air vs. China Air Business Class comparison.

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Quick Glance: EVA Air Business Class vs. China Airlines Business Class

EVA Air Business Class China Airlines Business Class
Ground Experience Depending on where you’re flying, you receive lounge access with EVA Air’s partner lounges. Guests flying from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) receive access to their exclusive business lounge. There are dedicated check-in lanes for business and elite passengers as well. China Airlines business class passengers are given access to several lounges when flying from the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). Their primary business lounge is at Terminal 1, close to the A Gates. There are also dedicated check-in lines.
Seat EVA Air business seats on the 777 have direct aisle access and are arranged in a 1-2-1 fashion. This has a 26-inch width, 81-inch pitch, and 72-inch length. On the A321, there are 4 business seats in a 2-2 setup. This has a width of 21 inches and a pitch of 45 inches. As for the A330, there are 24 Premium Laurel/Business Class seats in a 2-2- configuration. This has a width of 22 inches and a pitch of 62 inches. Finally, on the 787, there are 36 seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement. This carries a width of 23 inches, 44-inch pitch, and 76-inch length. Aboard the A330, business class seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 arrangement featuring a width of 20 inches and a pitch of 63 inches. On the A350, business seats have aisle access with a 1-2-1 layout. This has a 22-inch width, 60-inch pitch, and 78-inch length. The 777 has 40 business class seats divided into two sections. It features a 1-2-1 layout, all with aisle access. It has a width of 22 inches, a pitch, and a length of 78 inches. For older planes like the 737-800 and the 747-400, the seats are cramped. On the 737, there are 8 seats in a 2-2 layout. Meanwhile, the 747 has a 2-3-2 layout with a width of 19 inches and a pitch of 47 to 50 inches.
Amenities  Depending on the flight and destination, guests receive a hard-shell Rimowa amenity kit or a chic black leather case containing items from Salvatore Ferragamo. These contain a hand lotion, lip balm, body lotion, a comb, socks, ear plugs, an eye mask, a dental kit, and a glass cleaning cloth. On longer flights, guests receive a set of pajamas and slippers from Jason Wu. There are also Thunder headphones provided for the IFE. Amenity kits are given on longer routes. Since 2019, China Airlines has partnered with sports brand North Face to create an amenity pouch filled with Laneige products, a dental kit, an eye mask, and earplugs. Guests are also given a pillow, blanket, headphones, and slippers.
Food and Beverage Pre-flight drinks are offered to guests, consisting of top champagne like the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006 and dark chocolate. Two meals are served during the flight. A 7-course meal is handed in shortly after takeoff and another lighter meal is offered before landing. Guests can pre-order meals up to 21 days before their departure. Soon after boarding, guests are offered pre-flight drinks in the form of various juices. Depending on the flight, guests might be offered champagne or alcohol too. Menus are handed out early for guests to choose their meals and drinks for the duration of the flight. The first meal is served after takeoff while the second meal will be handed out at least 2 hours before landing.
Entertainment EVA Air has a 17-inch touchscreen monitor which tucks in and pulls out for watching. The content is limited though. Guests receive Thunder headphones for the IFE. Seats come with an 18-inch touchscreen monitor. It’s pre-filled with over 150 movies and 69 shows. There’s an airshow but no tail cam. Guests are provided with China Airlines headphones which work well but it’s best to bring your own.
Lavatories There are 4 lavatories dedicated to business class passengers on the 777. These are spacious with plenty of mirrors and stocked toiletries. There are 3 lavatories for business class passengers on both the 777 and A330 flights. It’s standard and nothing different from other lavatories on the plane.
Bed All seats on the 777 lie fully flat. Guests are provided a blanket and pillow and if you fancy turndown, it’s available upon request. The seat lies fully flat with a large footwell. You can lower the armrest for more room. Guests get pillows and blankets for sleeping and the cabin is kept cold throughout.
Service Attendants and the crew at EVA Air are known for their professionalism. They are prompt, friendly, and ready to assist with whatever you need. Service is great on China Airlines. It’s never rushed and the staff always ensures guests are comfortable.
Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi is available starting at $4.95 for 30 MB, $14.95 for 100 MB, to $30 for 300 MB. China Air has Wi-Fi aboard. There are no seeming data caps on most of the plans. The plans start at $3.25 as a 15 MB messaging plan; $11.95 for 1 hour; $16.95 for 3 hours; $21.95 for 24 hours.

The Details: EVA Air Business Class vs. China Airlines Business Class

EVA Air Business Class

EVA Air 787 Business Class

EVA Air 787 Business Class. Image Credit: EVA Air

Ground Services

When flying from EVA Air’s hub in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), business class guests obtain access to the EVA Air lounge, in the middle part of the terminal at the upper level. Here, you’ll find two EVA Air lounges, The Infinity and The Star Lounge. The former is where Royal Laurel Business Class guests are ushered.

Inside, the lounge is spacious with great seating options. Modern decor and comfy tub chairs characterize the lounge. There’s a shower you can reserve with the front staff if you need a quick freshen-up.

An extensive food and drinks section lets you enjoy anything from juices, and sodas to canned beer. There’s a coffee machine and liquor options as well. On the side, there’s the hot food section with hot dogs, potatoes, eggs, and sausages including Asian choices like beancurd steamed rice, sauteed tofu, braised veggies, and chicken meatballs.

There’s also the staple dim sum available including pork buns and ice cream.

Upon boarding, business class guests acquire priority boarding next to the elderly and children.


EVA Air Business Class

EVA Air Business Class. Image Credit: EVA Air

EVA Air delivers different types of seats depending on the aircraft you’re flying in. Smaller planes like the A321 feature limited business seats numbering only 4 seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration. Aboard the Airbus A330, business guests get 24 seats, also in a 2-2 layout. This is a bit smaller, having only a width of 21 inches and a pitch of 45 inches.

However, the majority of the business class seats are flown on EVA Air’s 777. Business class on these planes comes in a reverse herringbone layout, giving each passenger direct aisle access. They’re arranged in a 1-2-1 fashion with a width of 26 inches, an 81-inch pitch, and a 72-inch length.

These chairs fully recline while providing a lot of privacy, especially in the window sections. If you happen to get a middle seat, you can pull up the privacy divider to be completely separate from your seatmate. But if you’re with a companion, you can lower it to allow for conversation.

Meanwhile, on the 787, 36 business class seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. These have a width of 23 inches, a 44-inch pitch, and a 76-inch length.

All seats have a personal IFE, electrical outlets, storage compartments, USB and charging ports as well as reading lamps.


On long-haul flights, EVA Air business class guests get pajamas and slippers designed by Jason Wu. Soft and lightweight, these are comfortable to use but tend to run on the small side. The design itself is a bit unusual as it comes with an asymmetrical neckline which is quite stylish. Even better, you can keep these pajamas and take them home with you.

In addition, guests also get either a hard case Rimowa amenity kit or a similar hard case shell designed by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Regardless of which one, the contents are identical consisting of a dental kit, Salvatore Ferragamo hand, and body lotion as well as lip balm., earplugs, a hairbrush, socks, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning devices.

Business class guests also receive Thunder-branded headphones to be used together with the in-flight system.

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Food and Beverage

EVA Air Business Class - Meal

EVA Air Business Class – Meal. Image Credit: EVA Air

Food and drinks at EVA Air are known to be top-notch. Business class guests receive pre-flight drinks and snacks.

EVA Air is known for its amazing drinks and food menu, serving up premium vintage champagne like Krug or Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006 on certain flights. These bottles retail for $250 to $150, respectively, and are often served in first class on other airlines.

When it comes to food, EVA Air allows guests to pre-book meals at least 21 days before departure. Meals are served an hour or so after takeoff. Everything starts with hors d’oeuvres, followed by a choice of bread and mains. It’s finished off with dessert.

The great thing about EVA Air meals is you get a large tray to dine on, complete with a tablecloth, cloth napkin, and real cutlery. They also supply a hot towel before and after your meals for cleaning your hands.

Breakfast or the second meal is usually served at least 90 minutes before landing. The meals can also be preordered and an attendant will confirm your choices shortly after you board the flight. Lighter meals are served including fruits, juices, and an omelet or congee.

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EVA Air Business Class

EVA Air Business Class. Image Credit: EVA Air Business Class

Business class passengers can entertain themselves with a host of movies and shows via the 17-inch touchscreen monitor in each of the chairs. EVA Air pre-fills these with a host of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and American/Hollywood films.

Some people complain the choices are dismal, but it depends on what you’re into. You can choose films using the touchscreen function. There’s also a small handheld remote on the side for controlling the monitor.

If you want to be sure, it’s best to bring your entertainment, especially on longer flights. As mentioned, EVA Air also supplies guests with the Thunder-branded noise-canceling headphone for use on the plane.


Aboard the 777, EVA Air offers internet access for a fee. Like most airlines, Wi-Fi comes in three options. It starts at $4.95 for 30 MB then goes up t $14.95 for 100 MB and finally $30 for 300 MB.

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The 777 has 4 bathrooms allocated for business class passengers. These are bigger compared to the Premium Economy lavatories and include additional amenities. You can stock up on toothbrushes and other small items in case you need it.


EVA Air 777 300er Business Class

EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class. Image Credit: AuPACS

Sleeping is comfortable on the EVA Air business class seats. The footwell area can get cramped if you’re bigger or taller but should fit fine if you’re of a standard size. The bed fully lies flat and the attendants can perform turndown service for you if you need.

Guests are provided a pillow as well as a heavy blanket for comfort as well. To help guests sleep better, the lights are dimmed and the interior starry cabin lights are turned on.

Staff and Guest Services

EVA Air flight and crew are known for their hospitality as well as professionalism. While it’s not overly friendly, the attendants are catering. They always assist, even pre-empt, the things you’ll need.

Most are trained to speak English, particularly on international flights too so there’s a minimal language barrier when it comes to communication.

Who Is It For?

Perfect for leisure and business travelers, EVA Air business class seats are a great choice if you want to fly comfortably. It’s highly recommended to take long-haul flights so you can better enjoy the product and the many wonderful offerings it has in store. However, if you’re willing to spend dollars or points for a shorter haul jaunt, please do! It’s a fantastic business product with great value.

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EVA Air Business Class Gallery

EVA Air Business Class - Amenities

EVA Air Business Class – Amenities. Image Credit: EVA Air

EVA Air Business Class -Seats

EVA Air Business Class -Seats. Image Credit: EVA Air

EVA Air business class

EVA Air business class. Image Credit: EVA Air

China Airlines Business Class

China Airlines business class

China Airlines business class. Image Credit: China Airlines

Ground Services

Business class guests flying on China Airlines from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) get exclusive access to their business lounges found at Terminal 1. There are two main lounges by China Airlines here, when you check in, you can ask the staff to direct you where to go.

Once at the lounge, the reception staff will check your boarding pass and usher you in. There’s a long stylish corridor lined with various reading materials, like magazines, pamphlets, and newspapers. Near the back, there’s a private business center with printers and computers to use. There’s also a wall of lockers to keep items while you roam around the lounge.

You can also use the showers if you need to freshen up as well as the restrooms. Those who want to catch some sleep will be happy to know there is a tiny but comfy sleeping room including a nursing lounge if you’re bringing a small one.

The main lounge consists of chic modern decor with lots of warm wooden touches. A huge row of sofas lines the main space. These seats are invitingly comfy with tables separating them in the middle. Gorgeous lights serve as the backrest and reading light for each seat.

In the middle of the lounge are several dining tables and chairs including communal tables for sharing meals with larger groups. There are hot dishes served including a vegetarian section. A salad section provides good variety as well as dumplings. Cookies, pastries, as well as a host of drinks are also available.

Once boarding comes, guests are ushered through dedicated check-in lines for smooth boarding.


China Airlines 777 300er Business Class

China Airlines 777 300er Business Class. Image Credit: China Airlines

If you’ve flown on AA’s Flagship Business cabin, then you’ll be happy to know the seats in the China Airlines 777 business class routes carry a similar reverse herringbone layout in a 1-2-1 format. There are 40 business class seats divided into two cabins – the front cabin houses 24 seats while the back cabin comes with the more intimate 16 seats. Each seat has a 22-inch width with a 60-inch pitch. There’s also a 78-inch length.

The same layout can be found on the A350-900. The seats in the business cabin include a 1-2-1 arrangement and the same width, pitch, and length as that in the Boeing 777.

However, on the A330300, the seats are in a different 2-2-2 layout. This is an old arrangement and can be slightly cramped as it carries a width of 20 inches and a pitch of 63 inches.

Although rare, the 737-800 and the 747-400 also aren’t ideal. The latter has a 2-3-2 arrangement with a 19-inch width and 47-inch pitch. Meanwhile, the former only has 8 seats in a 2-2 layout.

Seats are upholstered in a gray fabric. The faux wood finish is a nice touch. A huge tray slides underneath the monitor, making it easily accessible. However, some guests have complained about it getting in the way of the footwell. There are two compartments on the side – one shallow and one deep. Inside the deeper compartment, you’ll find the handheld remote for the monitor, USB ports, as well as power outlets to use. At the back cover of the compartment is a mirror.

Nearby is an LCD screen that lets you control the seats. Smaller compartments are on the left and right sides too. There’s also a stylish lamp that is great for reading but there are no individual air nozzles. Luckily, the cabin is kept cold during nighttime so you don’t have to sweat it out.


As soon as you board, you’ll find a pillow and blanket waiting for you on your seat. Slippers are also furnished so you can take off your shoes and relax. For the amenity kit, it’s a bit of an unusual partnership. China Airlines has partnered with the brand North Face to create a unique kit filled with Laneige products, an eye mask, ear plugs, and a dental kit. It’s a bit lacking compared to other amenity kits but still has a nice touch.

Headphones, branded by China Airlines, are provided for the IFE. These aren’t as robust as you would find in other airlines so it’s best to bring your own if you want good quality ones.

Food and Beverage

China Airlines Business Class - Meal

China Airlines Busines Class – Meal. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Guests on China Airlines business class are given pre-flight drinks shortly after settling in. The drinks vary, there are routes where champagne and alcohol are provided as options but generally, you’re given a choice of orange juice, tea, or water.

Both the food and drinks menus are also handed out early. After some time, the crew will come around asking for your order. They will take both your first and second meal orders as well as your drink options.

Starters are served soon after, alongside a choice of bread. China Airlines offers a soup course which is rare to find on planes. Then the main entrees are brought out, usually around 70-80 minutes after takeoff. Please note there’s no vegetarian option here so you might need to pick around on the meals in case you are one. The last two courses include the cheese plate and dessert.

You can also order coffee or tea after a meal. There’s an option for alcohol or wine, even sake if you want one. If you get a craving for nibbles mid-flight, you can head to the snack corner for crackers and drinks.

The second meal is served 2 hours before landing. You get a choice between Chinese or Western options. The Chinese option consists of congee, egg, fruits, and five other veggie bites in small bowls.


Each seat comes with an 18-inch HD touchscreen monitor which can be swung out for convenience. While the contents won’t be as extensive as the one you’ll find on premium first class or business class cabins like Etihad, it’s still a sufficient selection. It has over 150 movies and 69 shows you can choose from.

If movies aren’t your thing, there’s an airshow available but there’s no tail cam on the flights. Headphones are provided to go with the IFE but these are subpar and it’s advisable to bring your own instead.


You can stay connected when traveling across the seas when onboard China Airlines. They offer Wi-Fi in the business cabin for a reasonable amount. The prices start at $3.25 for a 15 MB messaging plan. If you want something for checking your email and replying, there’s the $11.95 plan for 1 hour or the $16.95 plan for 3 hours. The highest plan is $21.95 which keeps you connected for 24 hours without any data cap.


You’ll find 3 lavatories in the business class cabins. It’s nothing extravagant though and looks like any other lavatory you would find in other cabins.


All the beds lie flat and come with an adjustable armrest so you have more wiggle room. There’s a pillow and blanket provided for comfort and while there are no individual air nozzles on the seats, the temperature in the cabin is kept cool for comfort.

Staff and Guest Services

Like most premium airline cabins, China Airlines has a dedicated number of cabin crew to attend specifically to business class passengers. The crews are responsive, even on larger cabin sizes, and would always make sure to attend to your needs within 90 seconds of pushing the call button. They will also go up and down the aisle every 15 minutes to check on each passenger in case they need any assistance.

Who Is It For?

Flying China Airlines business class is a great option if you’re looking for a relaxing experience during long routes. The seats are cozy and convenient and the crews are helpful all the way through. There are minor drawbacks like the lackluster lavatories and lack of awards availability but the product does hold up to expectation.

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China Airlines Business Class Gallery

China Airlines Business Class

China Airlines Business Class. Image Credit: China Airlines

China Airlines Business Class A321neo

China Airlines Business Class A321neo. Image Credit: China Airlines

Best For: Which Airline Class Should You Book?

Winner What Makes It Great
Best for Food EVA Air Both airlines offer great meals onboard, but EVA Air edges out with their 7-course meals and premium drink options!
Best for Seats EVA Air EVA Air’s modern seats offer excellent aisle access, a huge amount of storage, and all the details you need to fly comfortably in class.
Best for Ground Experience Tie Both airlines offer good ground experience when flying from their hub airport at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE).
Best For Comfort  Tie Both airlines create a seamless experience for their business guests from boarding up until landing.
Best for Families China Airlines China Airlines’ larger cabins offer better room when traveling with families. The middle seats are great for flying with children, a partner, or a family member.
Best for Couples Tie Middle seats are great for couples and both China Air and EVA Air have this in their premium business class cabins.
Best for Service EVA Air EVA Air slightly wins this one thanks to their proactive assistance and extra care in communicating with passengers.
Most Exclusive EVA Air Although both airlines offer premium seats, EVA Air seats give you a cozy, cocoon-like feel, allowing for more privacy and greater exclusivity.

Wrapping Up

EVA Air and China Airlines are two of Taiwan’s biggest carriers. Both have excellent premium business cabins that can even rival some of the leading airline’s first class offerings.

EVA Air’s business seats are spacious and cozy. Arranged in a 1-2-1 herringbone layout, each guest has aisle access making it convenient to move about without bothering anybody else. On the 777, EVA Air uses the chic hunter green and light cream color combination on the chairs and cabin interiors. This creates a cozy yet elegant feel to the cabin. Each seat is spacious with ample storage, USB ports, IFE, and footwell space. It also lies flat for when you’re ready to sleep.

Each business class guests receive a welcome amenity kit on long-haul flights. They’re also one of the few airlines that provide pajamas for guests to keep. Service and the food are equally noteworthy. EVA Air is known for offering premium champagnes without hesitation and the 7-course meal is quite delectable.

Meanwhile, China Air also has a 1-2-1 layout for their business class passengers flying on the Boeing 777 and the A350. The seats, while generic in design, are comfortable with room for storing electronics and hand-carry items. There’s a sufficient footwell and a large 18-inch touchscreen monitor prefilled with movies and shows. The selection is slightly better than EVA Air especially if you prefer Western shows.

Equally impressive is the food service. Although it’s noted China Air still falls short on the champagne options, their selection is decent and assorted enough to satisfy alcohol lovers.

While it’s close competition over which airline presents a better business class product, it’s safe to say EVA Air takes a small lead against China Airlines when it comes to this department. The hard products are genuinely comfortable and the soft product presented is top-notch. In addition, there are more reward options when flying with EVA Air thanks to their Star Alliance membership.

Safe travels!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EVA Air business class seats lie fully flat at a push of a button. Depending on the aircraft, these can measure between 72 and 76 inches in length.

Yes, EVA Air is one of the few airlines that still offer pajamas for passengers on business class to take home. Their current pajamas are designed by Taiwanese designer, Jason Wu.

According to Skytrax, EVA Air is a 5-star airline. The company is fully private and offers world-class amenities for its guests.

No, China Airlines is the flag carrier for Taiwan (Republic of China) whereas Air China is the flag carrier for the People’s Republic of China.

Both actually have their own unique aspects. These two airlines are two of Taiwan’s best airlines and offer fantastic hard and soft products for their guests regardless of their chosen cabins.