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Asia is a well-traveled location, both for business and pleasure.

So, it’s no surprise large airlines are making sure their passengers are comfortable while traveling in and out of the continent.

One way they do this is by providing some of the best airport lounges in Asia – even some of the best in the world! The airport lounges in Asia are often competing with Europe’s best airport lounges or the Middle East’s best airport lounges for awards and market share of passengers. That’s not to say that there aren’t great airport lounges in Africa, for example.

But so many Asian airlines have invested billions of dollars into superb lounge experiences. 

So, what makes an airport lounge so great?

The most fantastic lounges are more than just a hideaway from busy and crowded airport terminals. They are a 5-star escape complete with great food, cozy chairs, fantastic ambiance, and impeccable service. Best of all, you don’t need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for these luxury experiences; instead, you can fly first class by travel hacking!

If you find yourself in Asia, here’s a handpicked list of the best airport lounges you can visit!

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1. The Pier First Class Lounge at HKG (Hong Kong International)

The Pier Lounge Hong Kong

The Pier Lounge Bar in Hong Kong. Image Credit: Cathay Pacific

“It’s like visiting a rich friend’s luxurious apartment!”

Those words are often exclaimed by those who drop by Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Lounge in Hong Kong.

Designed by prominent London designer, Ilse Crawford, it is no accident the lounge exudes a homey, residential feel instead of a sterile space. It was created this way!

Walk around the lounge and you’ll find warm interiors filled with beautiful tactile furniture.

Stylish accents like limestone, onyx, and bronze are found at every turn. These hard materials contrast against corners of softness and the occasional living plant.

When first entering, there’s a stylish, “swirly” sofa accompanied by dazzling ceiling panels that mimic natural light. It’s so bright you’ll forget the lounge is located underground.

From the entrance, walk towards the end of the hallway then turn left to find the central bar. This U-shaped bar comes with bar seats and is the perfect space to indulge in a drink (or two!)

Surrounding the bar area is a space filled with cozy chairs. Pick your choice seat and park there if you want to take a breather. All the seats are elegantly arranged to create pockets of interaction or to serve as quiet reservoirs where passengers can relax.

Walk further, and there’s a space filled with large windows giving you a view of the runway.

If you prefer some privacy or need a space to put your feet up and read a book, there are quiet rooms dubbed The Retreat.

Similar but not quite the same as the cabanas found at The Wing lounge, these day rooms are located in a sleek hallway. You can draw heavy curtains to make the space private.

Inside these private retreats, you’ll find a large window overlooking the tarmac. If you don’t want to stare outside, just push a button and the blinds will immediately lower.

There’s a single daybed that can conveniently become a nap bed to help you catch some Z’s while inside the room.

A small desk area can also be used for working. However, for a more formal workspace, you can head to the business center.

Need a quick shower? The Pier offers stunning shower rooms stocked with Aesop brand products. Again, these look like rooms you’ll find in a luxury hotel or condominium with their stylish brass and marble accents.

Of course, if you were visiting an actual friend’s home, you would also be treated to great food! And The Pier Lounge, delivers nothing but the best, as expected.

Servers constantly roam around the lounge, offering drinks to passengers. From classic dry martinis to signature cocktails like the Cathay Delight, even down to champagnes like the Moët, there’s a host of drinks and beverages you can sample.

Fancy a quick bite? There’s a self-service pantry stocked with pastries, fruits, and light meals. These are great if you want to nibble on something while enjoying the space. There’s also a fridge filled with cold sodas, beer, water, muesli, and other beverages.

In the same pantry area, you’ll find an espresso machine, a water filtration system, and a little nook where you can make your own Vodka Mandarin – basically Absolut vodka mixed with mandarin juice or sparkling water.

It wouldn’t count as one of the best airport lounges in Asia if dining was less than perfect. Indeed, this is where The Pier truly impresses. The lounge features a dining room with a full á la carte menu.

A few Signature Mains on the menu include Lo Mien, Clay Pot Chicken, Angus Beef Burger, and Braised Barramundi. You can also order noodle bar favorites like Dan Dan Mien and Wonton Noodle Soup.

The Pier adds that extra First Class touch that’s rare in lounges across the world. Indeed, Cathay Pacific offers some of the best differentiation between first and business class.

With its careful attention to detail and consistent top service, it’s no surprise The Pier Lounge is repeatedly voted as among the best airport lounges in the world.

The unique amenities and services don’t stop there. As a guest of The Pier, you receive a complimentary 10-minute foot massage service. This service is a treat especially if you’ve been walking all day!

If a masseuse isn’t available at the moment, they’ll give you a buzzer to let you know when it’s your turn, so make sure to take advantage of this!

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How To Get Inside

Those flying First Class on Cathay Pacific as well as Oneworld First Class passengers can enter the lounge. They can also bring one guest with them.

Marco Polo Diamond members can also use the lounge and bring in two guests with them. Meanwhile, Oneworld Emerald members on a Cathay Pacific flight or Oneworld carrier can also enter with a guest.

Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class Lounge is located at Terminal 1, Level 6. Close to Gate 63 at the Hong Kong International Airport. It is open from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

2. The Private Room at SIN (Singapore Changi)

The Private Room

The Private Room. Image Credit: The Private Room

Once described as a “lounge, within a lounge, within a lounge” because you had to enter the Singapore First Class Lounge to get to it, the improved The Private Room is now its little haven for Singapore Airlines’ most premium flyers. 

The newly redesigned space is now 10% larger, occupying the area where the business class lounge used to sit. It can now host up to 78 to 80 people at one time. Plus, it’s looking as stylish as ever. 

After you walk past the bronze passageway, you’re greeted by a striking floral chandelier designed by the French company Lalique. By the entrance is a family room with a TV and a host of arts and crafts items to keep kiddos busy. The entire lounge is one big rectangular space divided into distinct zones. 

At the front portion is the living area where you’ll find three-seater lounges or quiet solo pods. Dedicated cubicles for groups are also available, each with tables offering wireless charging. In between the dining room and living space is a noise-isolating booth with a lush leather armchair for taking phone calls in privacy. 

The dining area is brighter with minimalist decor compared to the heavy tufted leather of the previous version. There’s no longer a buffet offered, instead, everything is ordered from a menu. For champagne, The Private Room serves Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2007 while the whites feature Domaine Laroche Chablis Premier Cru 2015 among its selection. 

A barista is available between 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for a good dose of caffeine. You can also order cocktails from the waitstaff and they’ll bring them over from the nearby First Class lounge. 

Guests looking to catch some sleep can also book any of the four day rooms inside the lounge. 

Singapore Airlines’s The Private Room makes you feel like you’re an exclusive rockstar being ushered to an area that only the most elite can access.

This exclusivity is reserved for Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites Class passengers only, both of which are on our list of the best first class seats for social distancing.

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How To Get Inside

Passengers flying First Class or Suites Class on Singapore Air, whether arriving or departing, can use the lounge. No guests are allowed. Those transiting Singapore and flying First or Suites class can also use the lounge.

The Private Room is located at Terminal 3 on Level 3, relatively close to Gate A. It is open from 5:30 a.m. to 2.30 a.m.

If you’re flying in first class of Suites Class but your flight departs from Terminal 2, you can check in at Terminal 3 and spend some time in The Private Room, which is just a short SkyTrain ride away.

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3. Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge & Spa at BKK (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)

Ample Seating Provided At The Royal First Lounge

The Royal First Lounge. Image Credit: Thai Airways

Thai Airways’ ground service rivals those of Lufthansa and other top airlines worldwide.

From the moment you are dropped at the departure area at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, premium guests are given a special entrance to use.

Staff will check your boarding pass, guide you to a seating area and offer you water. Once they’re done checking, you’re ushered through a dedicated security gate for screening.

At the end of the screening, an electronic buggy will be waiting to take you to the First Class Lounge. Now that’s service!

The Royal First Class Lounge isn’t massive, with only a capacity of 74 guests. Nevertheless, it is more than enough. You’ll hardly see the lounge filled with guests at all.

This quiet escape simply means there’s more space for you!

During “peak times” though, there’s an abundance of seating available. They’re arranged for solo or group travelers. Semi-private rooms with three walls also line one side of the lounge, ideal if you want a bit more privacy during your stay.

While the décor might seem outdated to some, it is still cozy.

For dining, there’s a small area with a buffet service if you don’t feel like ordering from the á la carte menu. If you are staying a bit longer, the menu won’t disappoint. They offer a range of dishes including local specialties like the exquisite Pad Thai.

Although there’s a dedicated dining area, you can pretty much eat anywhere you want in the lounge since the staff can take the meal to wherever you’re sitting. They offer you an iPad with all the amenities and a list of meals and drinks.

Speaking of drinks, there are also a ton of options, from hot beverages to cold drinks and soda, and of course, wines and free-flowing Moët & Chandon Brut NV.

However, the holy grail that comes with access to this lounge is the free one-hour spa treatment! A lot of First Class travelers ensure they have time to go through this service because it’s every bit a treat.

You can book your spa appointment from the moment you enter the lounge. Once it’s your scheduled time, an attendant will come and get you.

The Royal Spa is just across the lounge. Once there, you just need to fill out a short form and you’ll be ushered to the treatment rooms.

These rooms are luxurious with a private toilet and shower space so you can freshen up after. Once the treatment is done, you will be taken to a room where you are offered drinks and meals.

When your flight is ready for boarding, the staff will escort you to your boarding gate, a great way to wrap up some excellent service for sure!

How To Get Inside

Access to the Royal First Class Lounge & Spa is open to all First Class passengers of Thai Airways. A single guest is allowed provided they are flying on a Star Alliance flight that same day. Passengers with a Royal Orchid Platinum status can also enter along with a guest.

Miles & More HON Circle members can also visit the lounge. There is no paid access available for this lounge.

The Royal First Class Lounge is located at Concourse D. It has a separate entrance from the airport drop-off point, just look for the bright orange sign.

From there, staff will guide you to the airport screening and take you to the First Class lounge. It is open from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

The Royal Spa is right across the reception of the First Class Lounge so it’s a short walk away. Guests of the First Class Lounge are entitled to a one-hour complimentary massage service.

4. The Wing First Class Lounge at HKG (Hong Kong International)

The Wing First Class Lounge In Hong Kong

Service with a smile at Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge. Image Credit: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge in Hong Kong makes for a great pit stop on your way out of the country.

It features a modern and stylish interior filled with luxurious white marble, wood accents, and contemporary furniture.

The Wing is designed to be one long, narrow, open-air lounge. There’s a large glass wall overlooking the tarmac which also lets in plenty of bright sunshine into the lounge during the day.

If you have time to spare, the first thing you might want to do once inside the lounge is to put your name up for a cabana.

These private spaces are perfect if you want to take a nap, a shower, soak in a bath (yes, there’s a tub in there!), or just want a separate space to deflate. You can stay in the cabanas for 90 minutes. Be warned, it’s tough to secure one of these if the lounge is busy.

Even if you can’t stay at a cabana, seating options are abundant in the lounge. There are red leather-trimmed sofas and even semi-circular privacy chairs (known as the Solus chair).

Grab a glass of Moët from the self-service bar and work from your very own private spot. You can also head to the white marble bar to ask for a special drink or cocktail. Meanwhile, the dining area is catered by Peninsula Hotel and comes with individual tables as well as some booths for travelers in groups of two or more.

There’s an option for a buffet but also á la carte dining. The menu changes depending on the time of day. A few things you’ll find on the lunch menu include Roasted Chicken Breast with Coriander Crust and Spicy Ratatouille. There’s also Hainanese Chicken Rice which is a chef’s specialty. The menu also comes with suggested drinks.

At the buffet, you get a mix of hot and cold options. There’s a good selection of salads and even a sushi spread. Hot options are also varied which includes both Asian and Western cuisine.

How To Get Inside

Guests who can access the lounge include Oneworld Emerald members as well as First Class passengers who are traveling on a Oneworld airline.

Those with Oneworld Sapphire are not allowed entry but can access The Wing Business Class Lounge instead.

The Wing First Class Lounge is located above Immigration Gates 1 and 2. It is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

5. SilverKris First Class Lounge at SIN (Singapore Changi)

SilverKris First Class Lounge

SilverKris First Class Lounge. Image Credit: Executive Traveller

SilverKris has two first-class lounges at Changi airport. One is located in Terminal 2 and the other is in Terminal 3. We’ll take a look at the lounge in Terminal 3.

After going through a $50 million renovation, the newer SilverKris First Class Lounge is sleeker, more modern, and is still every bit as luxurious as ever.

No longer would you need to cut through the business class lounge, instead, it now has a separate entrance. Those wanting to access the ultra-exclusive The Private Room can also directly access it now, no longer going through the First Class lounge. 

The revamped lounge can accommodate 134 guests with interiors designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), the same design company responsible for Four Seasons Singapore. Right by the entrance is the circular bar with its striking Lalique crystal display. 

Spillover seating is on the walls in the form of gray and green leather armchairs. Move past the bar and there’s a dedicated dining area to fit 50 guests at one time. Two-seater and family booths are available. Food is laid out in a buffet but you can also order off the menu. A little past the dining area is a self-serve drinks section as well as salads, ice cream, and yogurt.

If you want more premium drinks and bubbly like Piper-Heidsieck Rare Brut Millesime 2007 and Greywackle Sauvignon Blanc 2017, these are self-serve and on a dispenser. Cocktails and coffee are also available for order. 

Other things you’ll find in this fantastic lounge include four day rooms for a quick nap, full Wi-Fi coverage, five shower suites with Lalique toiletries, a meeting room, and a children’s playroom. 

How To Get Inside

Access to the SilverKirs First Class Lounge is open to all first-class passengers flying on Singapore Airlines or any Star Alliance airline like Lufthansa or SWISS.

Members of the Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Club are also eligible to enter.

The SilverKris First Class Lounge is located at Terminal 3. It is open daily 24 hours a day.

6. Japan Airlines First Class Lounge at NRT (Narita International)

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Dining Room

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge dining room. Image Credit: JAL

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge in Narita Airport received a makeover in 2019, transforming the once dated but comfy lounge, into a brighter, modern space.

This renovated space features two distinct areas, the fourth floor, and the third floor. The two areas are connected by an elevator inside so guests can freely go up and down.

In the fourth floor area, once you walk past the hallway you’ll reach the dining room. Unlike before when the chosen furniture featured limited seating, this time it’s filled with two-person and four-person tables.

There are also long-shared tables meant to accommodate those in a larger group or even solo passengers. A mix of warm, neutral colors with bright lights and white window shades helps to create an inviting yet light ambiance, perfect for dining.

On the opposite side of the tables are food and drink bars you can grab quick bites from. The seating space surrounds the kitchen. Here, you’ll also find the signature sushi bar as well as a counter that will take your dine-in meals.

Chairs and furniture close to the sushi bar and counter are light in color with stunning honeycomb lamps hanging above the tables. For the long tables, the lamps are strategically installed as a centerpiece. The lights add warm lighting, making the room even more inviting.

A huge portion of the fourth-floor lounge area is set for dining but there are also lounge seats you can occupy if you just want to sit down and relax while waiting for your flight. Almost every seat has an outlet for your devices. Most are cleverly hidden though so inspect closely.

Japan is all about discretion so if you need to have a meeting or talk to someone on the phone, there are dedicated “phone rooms” in the lounge.

Meanwhile, the third-floor area of the airport lounge is where you can find a desk for booking the private shower rooms as well as the main baggage rooms. There’s also the main lounge area on this floor.

Unlike before, there are hardly any windows overlooking the tarmac this time. The windows were a big hit among aviation geeks. After the renovation, there are only two windows with views available.

Walk further and you’ll find both self-service and manned bars with an abundance of drinks and Japanese saké available. After the bar, there’s a small room where you can get a shoe polish service. Head further and you’ll also find a dedicated smoking room.

The showers at the lounge are by appointment so you might want to put your name on a list ahead of time if you intend to take a shower.

Once the showers are available, the buzzer given to you by the attendant will buzz indicating a shower stall is free for you to use.

Although the shower itself isn’t stocked with amenities, everything else is available for the asking from the attendant.

When it comes to food and beverage, the Japan Airlines First Class Lounge delivers a unique feast in that they specialize in, of course, sushi and great saké!

The sushi bar serves sushi as a three-piece set chosen beforehand and indicated on the menu, which is perfect for those who want to try out authentic Japanese sushi. You can also ask the chef to make three of your favorite types of sushi if you like.

This manned sushi bar is only open from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., then again from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. As mentioned earlier, there’s a dedicated counter where you can order meals from. There’s an electronic menu available but the menus are also available online if you want to plan ahead of your visit.

Various small bites can be found throughout the lounge in small strategically-located bars. And yes, there’s an impeccable selection of drinks and wine at your disposal. If you prefer to have someone mix the drinks for you, there’s a menu card available for drinks too.

How To Get Inside

Guests flying First Class on a Oneworld Airline, including on Japan Airlines, can access the lounge. They can also take one guest inside with them. Oneworld Emerald passengers, when flying on a Oneworld flight, can also enter the lounge with a guest.

The Japan Airlines First Class Lounge is located in the Main Building of Terminal 2 at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. After exiting immigration, you can turn left to find the entrance to the lounge.

To determine if you are in the main building or the Satellite Building, just look at your gate number. If it’s Gate 80 and below, then you should be at the Main Building. If it’s beyond Gate 80 then you should be at the Satellite Building.

If at the latter, you need to take the connecting corridor to get to the Main Building and head to the lounge. It is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

7. Qantas First Class Lounge at SIN (Singapore Changi)

Dining At Qantas First Lounge In Singapore

Dining at Qantas First Lounge in Singapore. Image Credit: Qantas

Divided into two distinct zones, the Qantas First Class Lounge in Singapore’s Changi Airport features a long and narrow layout. One zone is dedicated to lounging and relaxation while the other is strictly for dining.

As soon as you step inside the lounge, you’re greeted by a long corridor. Walk past this and you’ll find one side of the lounge is lined with stylish chairs and furniture.

Qantas lounges are always impeccably-styled and this one is no different.

The colors inside are muted with pops of bold shades here and there. For instance, there’s a set of dark green couches on one corner and a stunning mustard-colored sofa by designer David Caon, on the other.

Meanwhile, the dining section can accommodate up to 150 guests at one time. The tables are arranged in a way to accommodate two to four guests at one time.

But, if large parties do come in, the staff is great in making sure they are accommodated as well. For solo travelers who prefer to sit at the bar, there are seats and dining areas on counters in the dining room.

For drinks, the bar area sits in the middle of the dining space. It is decked in gorgeous white marble – a stable design element in most Qantas lounges worldwide including the Qantas Lounge in Heathrow.

When it comes to the dining experience, Qantas delivers some of the best services. The menu is carefully curated by Australian celebrity-chef, Neil Perry. A small buffet bar is available for quick bites and underneath that is a drink fridge filled with Coca-Cola branded products along with healthier options like Kombucha.

The á la carte dining experience, however, is the main highlight. Guests will find an all-day menu containing treats like Tea-smoked duck with pickled cabbage and Chinese mustard as well as Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, soybeans, pea shoots, and cucumber.

You’ll also find a host of matching white and red wines as well as champagnes available. A majority of the drinks feature Australian wines. Some of the names you can expect in the lounge include Joseph Perrier Brut NV Champagne, Leo Buring Reisling 2017, or a Wolf Blass Shiraz 2016. 

While it’s a downside the lounge doesn’t have outside views, the interior design is luxurious and elegant. Along with this modern design are modern amenities including an abundance of power outlets for visitors to use.

The outlets are carefully hidden and are seamlessly integrated with the decor. For the few tables with no outlets, just inform the staff and they will offer you a power bank to use.

Toilets are separate from showers, as any Aussie would be familiar with. This separation is convenient for travelers too. There are a total of nine shower suites available including one designed for handicapped passengers.

The entire lounge is run and managed by Accor group, the same ones who own and run the Sofitel hotel chains. As you can imagine, this top-notch management style is brought into the lounge, making it one of the best airport lounges in this part of the world.

How To Get Inside

There are several ways you can enter the Qantas First Class lounge. If you’re flying First Class on Qantas or even on an Emirates flight, you can enter the lounge for free. You can also bring one guest with you.

Holders of a Platinum One or a Platinum frequent flyer on Qantas provided they’re flying on any flight operated by Qantas or Oneworld, can also get access. Guests are allowed if they are flying on the same flight.

Passengers with a Oneworld Emerald status flying on a Oneworld airline can also enter the lounge with a guest. Finally, anyone who is flying international First Class on any Oneworld flight is allowed inside.

The Qantas First Class Lounge is located at Terminal 1, close to the D Gates of Changi Airport. It is open daily starting at 2:30 p.m. and up until midnight.

8. Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at BKK (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)

Stylish Water Feature Inside Qatar Airways Premium Lounge In Bangkok

Image Credit: Qatar Airways

With over 32 airport lounges inside Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, it’s easy to get confused about which one is worth visiting.

However, if you’re a frequent flyer and want only the best service with the comfiest lounge, you can’t go wrong with Qatar Airways Premium Lounge.

Compared to large lounges like those of Qantas in Hong Kong, this Premium Lounge by Qatar Airways is on the small and intimate side.

Once you step in, you’ll be greeted by a lavish water feature in a sunburst black and white marble design. A stunning square light shines above while pale, comfy chairs are strategically placed around it.

Because of all the marble, the lounge can feel sterile, luckily, there are pops of color in strategic spots. The carpets in some of the seating spaces are rich dark blue-green. And there’s this stunning upholstered green couch/wall complete with buttoned details.

There are patterned walls that let you see through other parts of the lounge including a seating area with comfortable high-back chairs.

In some of these spots, you’ll find drinking stations, essentially a fridge filled with cold beverages, so you don’t have to walk towards the main dining space to get a drink.

If you need to get work done or print something, there are business rooms available with Mac computers. You need to present your boarding pass to be given the keyboard and mouse.

Walk into the lounge further and you’ll find yourself in front of the gorgeous main bar and dining area. This bar and buffet area is circular in design and comes with cafeteria-style seating surrounding it.

There’s a great selection of meals on the buffet, from salads, cheeses, bread, and more. For hot meals, there’s also a heaping of delicious Western, Thai, and Middle Eastern dishes on display. Some of the meals were Stir-Fried Noodles, Penne Pasta, Massaman Curry, and Lam Provencale.

The desserts were also a mix of Western sweet bites as well as Middle Eastern ones. Finally, there are fruits on display as well as ice cream! You can pick from three flavors of your choice.

There’s a proper dining area where you can sit down to have your meal but you can also have it at whichever seat you’ve chosen. The staff are always attentive and will approach you to offer drinks or ensure your needs are met.

Other amenities you can expect from this lounge include shower areas and bathrooms, a flight monitor, and a reading rack. The showers are well stocked with amenities from Rituals and designed to be large and spacious.

How To Get Inside

Access to the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge in Bangkok is available to passengers flying First or Business Class on Qatar Airways as well as Oneworld flights. Passengers, despite having Oneworld membership but flying economy don’t have access to the lounge.

The lounge is located right after passport control at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is open only three hours before each Qatar flight to accommodate guests. The opening hours include 5:00 a.m. to 8:40 a.m., 4:00 p.m. to 8:40 p.m., and 11:10 p.m to 1:40 a.m.

9. The Bar Singapore at SIN (Singapore Changi)

The Bar Singapore At Changi Airport

The Bar Singapore at Changi Airport. Image Credit: Honour Branding

The Bar Singapore, formerly known as The Concorde Bar, is an exclusive sanctuary within BA’s Lounge. The name change was done in mid-2019 since so many passengers got confused if they had access to the bar area or not.

To the Point:

It’s available for entry to First Class passengers flying on British Airways only. If you intend to bring a guest and the guest isn’t flying First Class on BA, they will be denied entry to The Bar Singapore. What’s more, those holding a First Class ticket on any Oneworld airline but flying out in a lower cabin class on a Oneworld flight will also be denied entry.

Finally, even if you hold a Concorde Room card, a Oneworld Emerald member, or have a BA Executive Club Gold membership, you are not allowed entry to The Bar Singapore unless you are flying First Class on BA.

The space serves as a nice, quiet space for the most premium of guests. Because of its exclusivity, it’s not as big compared to other lounges but does deliver when it comes to comfort.

When you first enter, you’ll notice there are no windows at all. To substitute the windows, creative agency Honour, placed large LED screens showcasing the beauty of Singapore. Not only does this add mood lighting but also makes the lounge less claustrophobic.

You’ll also immediately notice the focal point which is a gorgeous blackened oak cabinet at the bar area. This gives the impression of chic grandeur while also keeping it homey. On the floor is wood oak, something that harkens to the classic luxury BA lounges are often known for.

The room can only accommodate up to 41 guests, but it never really feels busy even during peak hours when all the BA First Class flights are heading out.

Seats in the lounge are plentiful. Take your pick from cozy wingback chairs or go for any of the sitting booths. There are also sofas and armchairs around the lounge, so guests can find their own little nook while they wait for boarding.

If you want even more privacy, you can occupy any of the three private “living spaces,” complete with a sofa, a carpet, tables, and a TV. These aren’t enclosed spaces though just partitioned by a wall.

Almost every seating area in The Bar comes with a wall socket too so you don’t have to sit in a particular spot just to charge your laptop or phone.

For the drinks area, you’ll find a great selection of wines and champagnes here. Being a premium space, they also have much better options available compared to the main lounge.

Expect gins like Bombay Sapphire or vodkas like Grey Goose and Belvedere. For champagnes though, the same Joseph Perrier N.V. is available here on a self-pour basis whereas it’s only available upon request in the main lounge.

Food offers were similar to the ones you’ll find at the main lounge. From finger items to sandwiches, there’s a good enough selection to enjoy. Aside from the hot and cold dishes on offer, there’s also a small selection of á la carte dishes available.

The only bit of downside is there are no private restrooms inside the lounge itself. To use the toilet, you need to exit and head to the main BA lounge next door then input the key code again to get back inside The Bar area.

How To Get Inside

The Bar Singapore offers access to First Class passengers of British Airways only.

Essentially similar to The Private Room, The Bar Singapore is located in British Airways First Class Lounge in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport. It is open from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

10. The Wing Business Class at HKG (Hong Kong International)

Stylish Staircase At The Wing Business Class Lounge In Hong Kong

Stylish staircase at The Wing Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong. Image Credit: Cathay Pacific

For the longest time, The Wing Business Lounge has been Hong Kong’s flagship airport lounge.

After years of slow but steady changes, all the renovations to The Wing were finally done in 2013. With all the changes, it’s a lot sleeker, more modern, and definitely as cozy and accommodating as ever!

The Wing Business Class Lounge spans two levels: Level 6 of the departure area and Level 7 of the balcony level. The main entrance is found at the lower level and the two levels are connected by a stylish black staircase.

Upstairs, the lounge features an “open-air” design, sharing its ceiling with the terminal itself. This style is especially beneficial during the daytime since the sunshine can filter through the terminal windows, bathing the space in lovely light.

The lounge is designed by the British firm, Fosters + Partners, and features two key materials – Carrara Marble and black granite. There’s a variety of seating available on the balcony level. You’ll find comfy couches, bar chairs and semi-private crescent-shaped chairs called the Cathay Solus chair.

The Solus chairs easily fill up since they’re the perfect spot to have some privacy while also giving you space to work, thanks to the small built-in table and sockets.

For food and drinks, there’s plenty here. On the side, there’s a staffed coffee bar where you can request some cappuccino. There’s also Cathay Pacific’s signature long bar here. This large marble bar measures 23 feet long and is the best spot for grabbing cocktails while checking out the tarmac.

If you find the upstairs level too crowded, you can explore the lower level of the lounge.

There are more seats available here including sleek black leather chairs with ottomans, more Solus chairs, and shared work tables for groups of travelers.

A small area called “The Gallery” features more seating. And if you truly want to do a deep dive on work while at the lounge, there’s an “IT Zone” complete with printers and individual computers with glass partitions to let you work in peace.

When it comes to food, Cathay Pacific’s Noodle Bar almost always gets praised for its uniqueness and delicious meals. Similar to The Pier and a lot of other Cathay Pacific lounges across the world, their signature Dan Dan Mien, Dumplings, and Wonton Soup are ever-present.

There are other dishes offered, from western to Asian cuisine.

For drinks, there’s also an extensive selection. There’s already the coffee bar mentioned earlier, but there are also $18,000 Franke Evolution coffee machines available to guests.

Bottled waters, sodas, fresh fruit juices, beers like Carlsberg and Tsing Tsao, to a variety of premium teas, wine, and champagne are also on hand for those who want to indulge in alcoholic beverages.

Guests can also use other amenities in the lounge including shower suites. Luckily, there’s hardly any wait time when using the showers and it’s always well-stocked with Jurlique toiletries.

Armed with a visually stunning space, gorgeous, comfortable furniture, and ample food and drink options, The Wing Business Class Lounge truly delivers only the best to its guests.

How To Get Inside

Accessing The Wing Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong is open to all First Class and Business Class Cathay Pacific passengers. Members of the Marco Polo Club in Gold, Diamond, and Silver can also enter the lounge.

Other passengers who are flying First or Business in any Oneworld alliance flight or Oneworld Emerald and Oneworld Sapphire, regardless of the type of flight they’ve taken also have complimentary access to the lounge.

The Wing Business Class Lounge can be found at Terminal 1 of the Hong Kong International Airport. It is open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 12:20 a.m.

11. Golden First Class Lounge at KUL (Kuala Lumpur International)

Hanging Out As A Family At The Golden First Lounge

Hanging out as a family inside The Golden First Lounge. Image Credit: Malaysian Airlines

Recently renovated, the new and improved, Golden First Class Lounge by Malaysian Airlines is certainly one worth checking out when you find yourself at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

When you head to the area, you’ll be greeted by a stylish reception desk and friendly staff. They’ll check your boarding pass and direct you to go left for Business Class or go right for First Class.

The entryway to the First Class lounge is now brighter and wider. Tall, stunning chairs huddled together in a cozy arrangement are the first things you’ll see when you step inside. There’s artwork on the wall and several plants to add a pop of color.

Immediately to the left, you’ll find the dining area with lovely views of the tarmac. The windows to this lounge offer stunning views of planes coming and going – perfect for aviation geeks! While the room isn’t large, it is comfortable and elegantly laid out.

Depending on what time you visit, you’ll find a unique set of meals and dishes served on the buffet table. Many of the meals on the buffet are perfect for light bites. Expect pastries, bread, fruits, cheeses as well as other local treats. Drinks are also available at the buffet station.

You can indulge in the buffet spread or you can opt for the á la carte dining. For breakfast, the menu offered Western, Asian, and local specialties like fresh waffles, Won Ton Noodle Soup, or Nasi Lemak – a dish with steamed rice in coconut milk with chicken rendang, sambal, and condiments.

For lunch, the menu has a three-course meal. Some of the choices include a Smoked Seafood Selection, Soup of the Day for appetizers, Grilled Sea Bass as well as Sarawak Laksa for the main course, and a choice of dessert

Drinks are also varied with coffee, juices, cold soda, tea, and champagne available upon request to match your meal.

During the renovation, there were several areas improved within the lounge while a few remained the same. Among the improvements was the shower and toilet area. These were once located at the end of the lounge hallway but after the renovation, they are now located close to the front area of the lounge.

The showers are clean, spacious, beautiful, and crisp. They are also elegant and well-maintained. What’s great is that you can just enter and use the shower room without having to arrange or sign up for a waitlist.

Overall, the lounge serves as a fantastic getaway whether you have a long or short layover at the airport.

It’s not as stunning as Changi’s The Private Room but it has the same vibe. The lounge is quiet, very private, and has top service guests can enjoy.

How To Get Inside

To enter Malaysian Airlines’ Golden First Class Lounge, you need to be flying First Class on Malaysian Airlines or British Airways. Those holding Oneworld Emerald status and flying on British Airways can use the lounge even when flying in Economy.

The Golden First Class Lounge is located at Terminal 1 Satellite Terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is open daily, 24 hours a day.

12. The American Express Centurion Lounge at HKG (Hong Kong International)

American Express Centurion Lounge Hong Kong

American Express Centurion Lounge Hong Kong. Image Credit: American Express

Cool, classy, and oh-so-stylish! The American Express Centurion Dining Room airport lounge is a special favorite among premium Amex cardholders. Although Centurion Lounges make up a lot of the best airport lounges in the U.S., this lounge is unique because it’s one of the few foreign locations out there!

The lounge features an open-air design with an L-shaped layout. From the reception, you’ll walk through a narrow hallway where you’ll find a small boardroom if you want to do some business or meetings.

Nugget of Advice:

Own a business? Check out our best tips to fly first class using points from your business!

Walk further and you’ll reach the main lounge area. Guests are greeted by a stunning white bar decorated with countless bottles of alcohol. Not only will you find alcoholic drinks here but also other cold beverages for the asking. There are also snack towers around where you can grab a bowl of cereal, nuts, and more.

Right in front of the bar are seating areas. There’s also a small nook with more seating available. Sometimes these areas get filled up fast, especially during busy times in the lounge.

Behind the bar is where the restrooms and showers are located. There is only one shower facility in the lounge so you might want to list your name for a waitlist the moment you get to the lounge if you want to use it. Otherwise, it will be near impossible to use the showers.

As for the shower facility itself, it’s filled with L’Occitane bath products and designed with marble on the floors and walls in a herringbone design.

Even though there’s no á la carte dining in the lounge, the breakfast spread is always fresh and plentiful. There’s a different menu for breakfast, which runs until 11:30 a.m. Afterward, it is transitioned to an all-day buffet until the lounge closes.

Both cold and hot meals are served like boiled eggs, sausages, shrimp dumplings, pork patties, and other Asian cuisines. There’s also a section for salads, fruits, and vegetables. The breakfast spread includes bread, croissants, and even mini donuts.

Drinks at the lounge are impressive, with a menu curated by renowned mixologist, Jim Meehan. Aside from that, there are also Coke products, and coffee to enjoy.

Even though at peak times the lounge could get crowded, the staff are great at keeping everything neat and functioning smoothly.

Nugget of Advice:

If you hold an American Express Centurion Card (a “black card’), you can even access the most exclusive area within the lounge – the Amex Centurion Dining Room. The card is by invitation only and so is entry to this exclusive restaurant. 

How To Get Inside

You can get inside the American Express Centurion Lounge if you hold The Platinum Card® from American Express. Those with The Business Platinum Card® from American Express or Centurion® Card from American Express can also access this lounge along with two guests. Lap infants won’t be counted as a guest.

There are also other cardholders eligible for the Centurion lounge, this includes the American Express Platinum Card® for Schwab, The Platinum Card® from American Express Exclusively for Morgan Stanley, and other international versions.

Those with a Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card or a Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card can also get inside for free as long as their tickets are purchased using an American Express card issued in the United States.

Access is limited to three hours before departure only.

The American Express Centurion Lounge is located at Level 7, close to Gate 60. You can take an elevator or escalator to head up. Plenty of signage pointing to the lounge is available. It is open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s the long layover, the red-eye flights or just moving through timezones, travel in Asia or anywhere in the world can get crazy.

Staying at a beautiful and stylish airport lounge helps make travel easier and more comfortable.

So, if you ever find yourself traveling this part of the world, these lounges are the best airport lounges in Asia you’ll find. They are stylish, elegant, and have fantastic food and amenities to ensure your travel is made extra special.

Have a fantastic flight!

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If it does, to enter the airport lounge just present your same-day boarding pass, your credit card with access, and a valid I.D.

Airport lounge access is usually available for a lot of the best travel credit cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card.

If you are flying First or Business Class, an Elite Member of a frequent flyer program or have a credit card with lounge access, you can usually enter specific airport lounges for free.

There are airport lounges that offer paid access. The prices range from $30 up to $500, depending on how exclusive the lounge is.

There are also lounges that offer paid services like spa treatments. However, the majority of the amenities and items available in an airport lounge is free.

The easiest is to use credit cards that offer not just unlimited access to the best Asian airport lounges, but also offer access to the largest number of airport lounges around the world!

Yes, you can! There are airport lounges with nap rooms, private rooms, and even personal suites!

These rooms are furnished with a bed, shower, and other amenities. They are designed to accommodate passengers who want to sleep during their stay.