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The Middle East is a land of mystery and exotic adventure for avid travelers.

On land, the Middle East is known for being a natural land bridge – connecting huge continents like Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In the air, it’s become a major hub for airlines, thanks to a growing tourism industry. And the number of travelers to the Middle East is only expected to increase in the coming years as travel rebounds.

With the influx of both business and leisure tourists, it’s no surprise airlines and private companies are creating impressive airline lounges to accommodate guests.

If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, we’ve compiled the best airline lounges in the Middle East so you’ll know which ones are worth visiting and how you can get inside.

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1. Emirates First Class Lounge at DXB (Dubai International)

Relaxing Inside Emirates First Class Lounge

Relaxing inside the Emirates First Class Lounge. Image Credit: Emirates

Like anything and everything in the Middle East, the Emirates First Class Lounge is absolutely grand! One of our favorite airport lounges in the world, the Emirates First Class Lounge doesn’t feel like a lounge in a traditional sense but an entire concourse designed for first class passengers to shop, dine, relax, and explore while they wait for their flight.

After checking in, you’ll go through a long rectangular corridor. Once inside, guests have the option to go left or right – both sides are identical so it’s up to you which area you want to explore.

The lounge seating and dining has been newly refreshed so there might be slight changes to the layout and look of the lounge.

Right by the entrance, there’s a spa that is shared for both business class and first class passengers. You can sign up and get a complimentary 15-minute massage of your choice as a first class guest before proceeding to the lounge.

Inside, you’ll find an array of duty-free shops, a wine cellar, a cigar bar, showers, a quiet lounge, fine dining, and a children’s playroom.

Feeling hungry? There are small areas to get food from in the lounge. Take your pick from sweets, traditional pastries as well as Arabic coffee, and various drinks. There is also international fare like sushi for those who want something different.

Á la carte dining is available in any area of the lounge but if you prefer a proper dining area with stunning views of the runway, you can head to the restaurant area.

The menu features traditional meals like Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine. There is also an option for an Emirati Breakfast like Khameer Bread or Chebab, which is Emirati-style pancakes.

If you prefer, you can skip out on the fine dining and go for the buffet spread available in the restaurant as well. The buffet offers both hot and cold dishes.

Of course, there are tons of seating areas – from couches and sofas to private little nooks. For a quick nap or if you have a long-haul flight, duck right into the “quiet lounge”, which is essentially an air-conditioned nap room.

The cigar bar is also a nice touch for smokers. It’s decorated with colorful stained glass and inside there are tall, comfy chairs and leather sofas. There’s a cheese spread inside the bar too but you can order from the á la carte menu as well.

When it’s time to board your first class flight, you don’t even need to leave the lounge since boarding can be done right from the lounge!

From there, it’s just a short walk and you’ll find yourself on the jet bridge and off to your next destination. Oh, and if you forgot to grab a shower in the lounge, you can book a shower on the plane, which is an incredible experience aboard the Emirates A380 first class.

Emirates is known for providing only the best to its premium customers. Aside from offering stunning lounges like this, Emirates also has amazing chauffeur service so your transfers are always convenient.

Don’t forget that Emirates has several fantastic lounges around the world, like the Emirates Lounge in Cairo, one of the best airport lounges in Africa.

How To Get Inside

Access to the Emirates First Class Lounge is open to passengers flying Emirates first class as well as those with Emirates Skywards Platinum elite status and iO cardholders. Meanwhile, members of Qantas Platinum, Chairman’s Lounge and Platinum One traveling via Emirates on flight numbers with QF or EK are also eligible for access to the lounge.

Upgrades from business to first class can also give you entry to the First Class Lounge. Purchased access is also available for around $150 (without taxes).

The Emirates First Class Lounge is located in Concourse B of the Dubai International Airport. It’s one of seven Emirates lounges in the airport.

The lounge is open 24 hours so you can visit anytime.

2. Al Safwa First Lounge at DOH (Hamad International)

Al Safwa First Class Lounge In Dubai

Al Safwa First Class Lounge in Doha. Image Credit: Qatar Airways

Considered one of the world’s best airport lounges, it’s no surprise the Al Safwa First Lounge by Qatar Airways would make it on this list.

Right from the entrance, you’ll realize just how huge the Al Safwa Lounge is!

There’s a long entryway, complete with high ceilings and crisp, minimalist lines. On the wall is a large, colorful piece of artwork. What’s more, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the soothing sound of trickling water.

The main water feature at the center of the lounge isn’t enough, leading through it, you’ll be blanketed by the sound of water coming from the walls. It’s a stunning sight and perfect for stimulating the senses.

Walk a little further and you’ll find more unique art pieces. In fact, a lot of visitors have commented the lounge seems more like an art museum rather than a lounge.

Once you reach the end of the entryway, you’re greeted by a lavish water feature. This is shaped like a large shallow basin with water flowing down from the ceiling.

Further in, you’ll find the sides of the lounge lined with comfortable leather chairs.

The Al Safwa Lounge comes with tons of seating spaces. There’s always a nook or cranny you can tuck into, even if the lounge gets crowded.

The restaurant alone can accommodate 250 guests. Luckily, because of the huge size of the lounge, there’s always seating available. The downside is that, in comparison to its size, the furniture and seating can still look sparse.

Speaking of dining, right across the fountain, there’s a dining area with an á la carte menu. From the moment you sit down, staff will immediately attend to your needs, asking if you need anything. If you prefer a quick snack, there’s another food area past the dining room.

This small bar area is filled with salad options, sandwiches, and even a sushi bar. You can also order custom sandwiches from here. If you want something sweet, there’s a dessert station closer to the entrance.

Other amenities in the lounge include an actual TV room, and a business area if you need to get some work done. Like other first class airport lounges, there are nap rooms available for guests. Some rooms even come with two beds, perfect for two people traveling together.

These private rooms consist of beds, private showers, a toilet, a TV, a desk, and a chair. They are spacious and even nicer compared to hotel rooms offered at the airport.

Finally, there is a spa area close to the entrance of the lounge. None of the services and amenities are free to use, even for first class passengers, but the service and amenities offered are impeccable. It’s worth shelling out some cash for.

How To Get Inside

You can enter the Al Safwa First Lounge if you’re flying Qatar Airways in first class. This includes taking their short-haul flights as well as long-haul flights onboard their A380s.

Entry to the lounge is also complimentary if you’re a Qatar Airways Privilege Club Platinum member. You can also choose to pay an additional $165 (or Qatar 600) for access to the Al Safwa Lounge when you hold a Business Class ticket.

The Al Safwa First Lounge is easy to find. When heading to the airport, just pull up against the First and Business Class check-in area.

Once inside, you can choose to turn left to head to the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge or go right for the Al Safwa First Class Lounge. It is open daily, 24 hours a day.

3. Etihad Airways First Class Lounge at AUH (Abu Dhabi International)

Exclusive Private Rooms For The Residence Guests Inside The Etihad Premium Lounge

Expect exclusive, private rooms inside the Etihad First Class Lounge if you’re flying on “The Residence”. Image Credit: Etihad

Being considered one of the best airlines in the world means there are high expectations for both in-flight and on-the-ground services. Luckily, Etihad never disappoints when it comes to delivering only the best.

The entrance to the Etihad First Class Lounge is simple but elegant. There’s a short walk towards the reception. They’ll check your boarding pass and usher you inside.

Once in, the space is divided into several zones with elegant furniture and cozy chairs arranged to accommodate solo or group travelers. You’ll find a good portion of the seats perfect for relaxing. But, a majority of the chairs are dedicated to dining.

The reason? There are three dining areas in the lounge!

With all these dining spaces, it’s no surprise Etihad delivers when it comes to their food service. The lounge offers both buffet and á la carte service along with an extensive menu. They include Lamb Medfouna, Chicken and Barley Soup, Batheatha, or Scallops Mughrabieh for the dinner menu. For breakfast, there are fruits, Blueberry Pancakes, Foul Medames, and Brown Rice Congee. 

Staff will always approach you to ask if you need anything or offer drinks. This attentiveness adds to the luxury experience as you stay in the lounge.

If you don’t feel like ordering from the menu, a self-service bar is also available for some quick bites. The spread is tasty and offers a lot of variety.

Other amenities guests can enjoy include a spa. As a guest, you receive a 15-minute complimentary massage. There are also other paid services available.

For something different, Etihad has created a small relaxation area which is essentially a room with a large screen complete with “relaxing” projections and ambient lighting.

There’s also a kid’s playroom, showers, and a gym! Not that many lounges offer a gym on their premises so this one is a must for those who like to get fit even during travel.

Also, while at the lounge, you might notice special frosted glass doors that require special access to enter. These doors are private sanctuaries designed for The Residence passengers. It’s a private living and dining space dedicated to Etihad’s most precious guests.

How To Get Inside

Etihad’s First Class Lounge is open to all Etihad first class passengers, Etihad Platinum members as well as guests arriving in Abu Dhabi Airport in first class with an onward flight in business class where first class isn’t available.

The Etihad Airways First Class Lounge is located at Terminal 3 and is open 24/7 to accommodate guests. The spa is closed from 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Nugget of Advice:

Booking Etihad’s first class is one of the first class unicorns we teach our students how to book in The Points University!

4. Oman Air First Class Lounge at MCT (Muscat International Airport)

Oman Air First Class Lounge

Oman Air First Class Lounge. Image Credit: Oman Air

First opened in April 2018, the Oman Air First Class is a stylish, modern, and opulent space designed for absolute comfort.

From the outside, this opulent vibe is hinted at by the striking black wall with beautiful golden details, it’s as if the light is beckoning you to come inside a modern “palace.”

The front desk staff welcomes you with a smile and immediately behind them is a graphic mountain – echoing Oman’s stunning landscape.

As a first class guest, you’re directed to a door at the right where you’ll pass by a model Boeing 787 and a sign listing all of the amenities inside the lounge.

Everywhere you look, intricate gold patterns, common in Omani culture, flow in and out from the walls and ceiling. Gold and neutral shades with cream and gray furniture are found all around.

Considering that Oman Air only caters to very few first class guests, the lounge they have is quite huge. There’s tons of glorious seating, with comfy tall armchairs arranged in groups.

Go further in and you’ll find large windows, letting plenty of natural sunlight during the daytime. A lovely curved bar, displaying the world’s finest wines including Hennessy Paradis, the same cognac Emirates First Class serves in the air, is also up for grabs here.

Á la carte dining is offered in the dining area. Depending on what time you visit, you can enjoy the Breakfast offerings or go for the All-Day Dining menu. There’s also Afternoon Tea with classic options like English Scones or Biscotti on Passion Curd.

While there, you get the assistance of a personal attendant if the lounge isn’t busy (which it usually isn’t). Even the chef might come out to discuss your meals with you!

Once your flight is ready, you also get an escort to your gate.

How To Get Inside

The Oman First Class Lounge is open to first class passengers of Oman Air only.

This new lounge is located at Terminal 1 of the Muscat International Airport. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week for any premium passenger who might need some space to relax.

5. Saudia Alfursan International First Class Lounge at RUH (Riyadh International)

Saudia Alfursan International First Lounge

Great food at Saudia Alfursan International First Lounge. Image Credit: Saudia

Right by the entrance of the Alfursan International First Class Lounge is a stunning drop lighting display that beckons you in, promising an elegant stay inside the lounge.

The Alfursan International First Lounge is large and from the corridor, you already have comfy seating space to park in, if you choose.

Walk further and you’ll notice semi-private day rooms with daybeds. These mini rooms are perfect if you want a quick nap or have a longer layover. Inside, you’ll find a daybed, cozy lighting, and a small marble table.

Right next to the day rooms is the dining area.

The Al Waha Dining features booth seating as well as dining tables with chairs. The downside is that there’s no á la carte dining and you get a buffet with a huge selection of dishes to choose from instead. From hot meals to fresh fruits, salads, and snacks, you can go for a full meal or just nibbles. For drinks, there’s coffee, still and sparkling water, and tea.

There’s no alcohol served in the lounge. 

Past the dining area, you’ll find more elegant seating available. There’s also a mini self-serve drink station in this section if you feel like sipping a beverage.

Move a bit further inside and you’ll find several desks with iMacs. This business area lets you catch up on some work or if you just want to browse online on a bigger screen.

The bathroom is dedicated to first-class guests and features several toilet stalls and a shower. Perfect for freshening up before your flight!

Even better, there’s reliable Wi-Fi inside the lounge. If you need to get some work done or download stuff, this would be a good spot.

How To Get Inside

Access to the Saudia Alfursan International First Class Lounge is open to all Saudia first class passengers, along with Alfursan Gold Members who are flying on Saudia or a SkyTeam airline.

Alfursan Gold Members traveling in First can bring at least 3 registered family members inside. They must be traveling on the same date as the guest.

If there’s availability, Saudia sometimes opens access to the lounge to any traveler regardless of their travel class and membership tier. For adults flying on Saudia, they can access the Alfursan lounges by paying anywhere from $39 to $45.

Prices for those flying in a different airline and who want to access the lounges start at $59 to $70. The price would depend on whether they’re traveling domestically or internationally as well.

The lounge is located at Terminal 2, on the Mezzanine floor. It is open 24 hours a day, from Mondays to Sundays.

6. Ahlan First Class Lounge at DXB (Dubai International)

Featured Amenities At Ahlan First Class Lounge

Features amenities at the Ahlan First Class Lounge. Image Credit: Ahlan

The Ahlan First Class Lounge is one of several Priority Pass lounges in Dubai International Airport.

This classy lounge is run by the Dubai International Hotel and open for use by various airlines including Singapore Airlines, an airline known for having one of the best airport lounges in Asia.

As you enter, you’re welcomed by staff inside. Aviation geeks, be warned! You might have a mini-heart attack from the FlightRadar24 four-panel screen that immediately greets you from the wall! It’s stunning!

The Ahlan Lounge is about twice as big as the Marhaba Lounge. As you walk in further, this becomes apparent as you’re greeted by a large space with tons of seating.

Chairs are arranged in sets of two or four with a beautiful marble table in each one. There are also private seating areas if you don’t want to stay in the high-traffic spots.

For food and drinks, you can enjoy á la carte dining. An attendant or, sometimes the chef, will approach you to take your order. There’s a variety of cuisines available, from Middle Eastern to Western dishes. A few things on the menu include classic Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, Chicken Tikka, a Dim Sum Platter, and Vegetarian Quesadilla.

There’s also a buffet spread consisting of light bites and a few hot dishes. A majority of the buffet though features cold appetizers.

For drinks, there’s an impressive humidor at the bar right behind the dining area. You can sit by the bar and ask the bartender for a specific drink. There are also non-alcoholic beverages you can indulge in.

Nugget of Advice:

The food at the lounge is delicious! So make sure to set aside at least an hour or so to enjoy the dining experience here.

The lounge also has a rack filled with magazines, a business center where you can use printers and computers for work, a smoking area, and showers.

How To Get Inside

To enter the lounge, you need to be traveling first class on Air France, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines, Oman Air, and Kuwait Airlines. Those with a Diners Club Credit Card and certain international American Express cards can also access the lounge.

There’s also an option to purchase entry directly from the lounge attendant.

The Ahlan First Class lounge is located at Terminal 1, Concourse D of Dubai International Airport. It is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

7. Emirates Business Class Lounge at DXB (Dubai International)

Emirates Business Class Lounge At Dxb

Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai International. Image Credit: Emirates

Just like the Emirates First Class Lounge, the Emirates Business Class Lounge is massive! Luckily, there’s a map plastered in strategic areas (plus a concierge) to guide you in case you get lost.

Expect to see lots of chic leather chairs, private seating areas, mahogany wood accents, ambient lighting, and other luxurious accents throughout the space.

The seating areas alone can accommodate up to 1,500 passengers at one time. Thanks to this, there’s never any space lacking even during peak periods. But then again, it’s hard for the lounge to feel crowded at all thanks to the 10,000 square feet it covers.

If you’re feeling famished, you have five dining stations to choose from. Three of these cater to specific types of dishes. For instance, the Middle Eastern dining section showcases fresh fattoush, lamb stew, and moussaka (an eggplant stew) among other dishes.

The Western dining area features chili con carne, salmon, and more. Another area is designated for healthy dishes, aptly called the “Health Hub.”  In the Health Hub section, you’ll find fresh sandwiches and fruit-infused water.

There’s also an Asian section, filled with Indian, Japanese, and Chinese dishes as well. Finally, there’s also a dessert area filled with Middle Eastern treats like basbousa and baklava. Of course, bread, muffins, chocolate cake, and more are also up for grabs.

To match the extravagance of the meal selection, there’s free-flowing Moët & Chandon champagne.

Apart from the extensive food options, there are also other amenities you can enjoy.

The shower facility is stylish, clean, and spacious. Inside, you get a package of bath towels, a mat, and hand towels. There’s also an area for your luggage. All the toiletries are provided by the Irish luxe company, VOYA. Aside from the showers and toiletries, there are also shaving kits to use as well.

While at the lounge, you might also want to visit the Timeless Spa. The services are paid, not complementary, but they’re reasonably priced. You can get facials, nail treatments, and massages.

If you need some sleep, there are private areas with full-length loungers. You’ll also find a business center, charging station, and even a Costa Coffee branch that serves you free coffee anytime you need it!

Finally, once you’re ready to board, all you have to do is head to the “gates” section right inside the lounge and you should be on your way to the plane.

How To Get Inside

The Emirates Business Class lounge is open to all First and Business Class passengers of Emirates Airlines. Those with an Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold, or Platinum who are flying with Emirates can also enter. This also includes iO cardholders.ers.

A paid entry option is also offered by the airline for their lounges. A one-time entry fee of $150 or $125 for Skywards members, can also get you inside the business lounge.

It is located at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, Concourse A. Right between gates A1 and A24. The lounge is open 24 hours a day, every day.

8. Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at DOH (Hamad International)

Spacious Interiors Inside The Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Spacious interiors inside the Al Mourjan Business Lounge. Image Credit: Qatar Airways

Considered one of the best business class airport lounges around the world, the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge covers more than 2.5 acres of space with a stunning reflection pool to match.

Qatar Airways are known for providing unparalleled luxury in the sky, so it’s no surprise their lounges on the ground are made to offer the same extravagance.

When you enter the lounge, the first thing to greet you is a shiny art installation and a striking reflection pool. At the fork, you’ll need to decide on how you want to spend your time in the lounge.

Because it’s so huge, it’s wise to decide ahead of time. If you want to sleep or take a shower, you’ll need to turn left and sign up for a waitlist for the shower or any of the quiet family rooms. Also, because these fill up fast and you want to make sure you get a spot.

If you don’t have much time and only need an area to relax in, then turn right to find ample seating spaces. Most of these seating areas are designed to give passengers some privacy.

Head to the back part of the lounge and you’ll find a few dedicated spaces including business rooms, a nap room, a smoking room, and a game room.

Even though the lounge can get crowded, it never feels like you’re sharing the space with hundreds of other travelers since the ceiling is so high and the seats are spread far apart. There are also strategic partitions in almost every seat so you never feel as if you’re sharing it with anyone.

What’s more, there are outlets and even tablets which can be used for surfing the web or entertainment in most seats so it’s hard to find a reason to leave your spot.

Even better, there’s a drinking area with tea or cold drinks near most chairs so you won’t have to walk far just to grab a drink or two.

At the end of the ground level, you’ll find a deli where you can order any sandwich you want and they’ll make it for you. There is also a small continental breakfast spread to enjoy.

If you are looking to sample Al Mourjan’s impressive buffet and dining service, you’ll need to go up the stunning staircase to find the most impressive dining area in the lounge.

What can you expect from the meals? Almost everything!

The buffet serves a good selection of dishes from spicy Biryani-style dishes, to tasty Arabic mezze and even a helping of delicious pastries and sweets, there’s always something to satisfy your cravings. There are also vegetarian meals as well as cold and hot options.

The buffet is divided into three spreads – one for vegetarians, the other with seafood and meat, and another for desserts. Á la carte options are also available in the restaurant. There are always servers manning the lounge and restaurant, approaching you to make sure you have everything you need.

Now, for the drinks, there’s a bar area where you can get your fill of wines and champagnes during your stay. The lounge offers free-flowing Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne. There’s no reason not to indulge.

Overall, the Al Mourjan Business Class lounge is simply heaven. It has fantastic decor, impressive amenities, and excellent dining to make your stay unforgettable.

How To Get Inside

To get inside the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge, you need to be flying either first class or business class on Qatar Airways or any Oneworld Airline. Oneworld First flyers also get access but those flying economy cannot get in.

If you’re flying on Qatar Airways’ famous QSuites, one of the best business class seats for social distancing, accessing the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is a fantastic way to complete your experience.

Nugget of Advice:

While the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is a sight to behold, if you’re flying first class, make your way to the exclusive Al Safwa First Class Lounge instead.

Although it’s not posted on the site, it’s believed you can purchase access to the lounge. There is an option for it under “Manage Booking” once you have a business ticket.

Prices start at 350 QAR or $96. It’s a reasonable price especially because of the number of amenities you get from the lounge.

The Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is located on Level 3, close to the escalator at the Duty-Free shop in Hamad International Airport. Have your boarding pass on hand since it needs to be scanned before you can ride the elevator and head to the lounge.

It is open daily for 24 hours.

9. Etihad Business Class Lounge at AUH (Abu Dhabi International)

Etihad Business Class Lounge At Auh

Seats available at Etihad Business Class Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport. Image Credit: Etihad

Etihad’s Business Class Lounge is the perfect escape if you find yourself at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Being one of the largest carriers in the Middle East, it’s no surprise Etihad’s lounges are also made to be big.

From the moment you enter, you’re greeted by staff who will do a quick check of your boarding pass and then usher you inside.

After entering, you have a huge space to explore.

Interested in getting a spa treatment? You can book a paid treatment of facials or massages at the Six Senses Spa by heading to the far right of the lounge.

You can shower at the spa if you want as well. It’s stocked full of towels and toiletries including hairdryers and bath products. The great thing is that the prices inside the spa are quite reasonable. The facial particularly is highly recommended especially if your skin feels dry after a long flight.

Close to the spa area are the Etihad shower rooms. There are nine shower rooms in total, in case you need to freshen up before heading out.

Like most business class lounges, the food here is served buffet style. In recent years, people have complained the food has been downgraded but it’s still a hefty spread. From salads, hot dishes, kebabs, pasta, and of course, desserts. The selection is varied and aimed at different types of travelers. Expect to see Indian, Arabic, Japanese, and Western dishes on display.

There’s a good choice of drinks as well. From tea, espresso, and various alcoholic beverages, it’s available from the bar. The staff also takes requests and can make your favorite long drinks or mocktails or simply serve you champagne or wine.

If you need to work, there’s a business center with Apple computers. These business desks are in cubicles, not shared tables, so you can focus on your work. There’s also a smoking room and a children’s playroom. Aside from that, you also get speedy Wi-Fi, in case you want to catch up on movies or do business.

How To Get Inside

To access the lounge, you need to be either a First or Business Class passenger of Etihad Airways or an Etihad Gold Member. However, there is a dedicated First Class lounge you can enjoy if you’re traveling on First.

There is also a paid entry option at $120 for adults and $60 for a child.

The Etihad Business Class Lounge is located at Terminal 3 of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, right near Gate 31. The lounge is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

10. Oryx Lounge at DOH (Hamad International)

Oryx Lounge Buffet Service

A stunning buffet spread at the Oryx Lounge. Image Credit: Qatar Airways

Filled with gleaming wooden floors, pin lights, and tan leather chairs, you’ll instantly get that classy modern vibe inside the Oryx Lounge.

Armchairs hug the wall while various leather seats are arranged in sections to accommodate groups of two or more.

If you have luggage, you can use the storage locker to keep some of your items so you won’t have to lug them around with you.

Close to the entrance you’ll find a small TV section. These are filled with armchairs too so you can park yourself here if you need to be by the entrance or just want to watch television.

For those needing to work, a dedicated area filled with desks and iMacs is available. These aren’t cubicles though, but more a co-working space with a wide table and several chairs around them.

There’s also a quiet area with recliners if you want to take a quick nap and a game room, with a foosball table if you feel like playing a bit. When traveling with family, there’s a family room and a smoking area as well for smokers.

Head further inside the lounge and you’ll find more seating. These include dining-style round tables that can accommodate up to three people.

Closer to the back of the lounge is the buffet spread. The offerings on the lounge are simple, unlike what you would find at the Al Mourjan Business Lounge, but it’s more than enough for a quick snack in between flights.

Some of the choices include sandwiches, cakes, mini pastries, salad ingredients, even soup. Spreads like hummus, tabouli, as well as pre-made salads and bread are also available.

For drinks, there is no alcohol served in the lounge but there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, sparkling water, juices, tea, and espresso.

How To Get Inside

Access to the lounge is open to all First and Business class passengers of the following airlines, British Airways, Royal Jordanian, SriLankan Airlines, and Royal Air Maroc. Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire can also enter the lounge.

If there’s availability, you can also pay for use for $55 or 200 QAR.

The Oryx Lounge is located at Terminal 1, inside the security gates. It is open 24 hours a day, every day.

11. SkyTeam Lounge at DXB (Dubai International)

SkyTeam Lounge at DXB

SkyTeam Lounge at DXB. Image Credit: SkyTeam

The SkyTeam Lounge echoes a sleek and modern style without being too sterile. Even though it’s clearly a contemporary space, it still looks inviting and comfortable.

The chairs sport a creamy-white and gray shade with the occasional pop of color accents here and there.

High-top seating is found in one corner of the wall, and a large L-shaped couch is in the TV room. There’s another room designated for kids but really, it’s just another TV room.

If you need to work, the business center is a good place to dive into. It has several computers and printers you can use.

More seating can be found close to the main dining area too. You can find single and double-seat tables as well as bar seating.

The lounge only offers a buffet but it is gorgeous to look at! Featuring a beautifully-curated display of fruits, vegetables, pastries, and drinks, you’ll find a good selection here. There’s also pasta, hummus, and desserts.

Several hot dishes are also around if you’re craving heartier food. A drink station with soft drinks, coffee, and water is also set up near the area.

If you want stronger drinks, right next to the buffet is a circular room decorated with a bevy of wines and alcohol. Their selection is pretty good, with common names like Bacardi and Absolut Vodka in the mix.

The SkyTeam Lounge might not be as lavish but it’s a wonderful lounge especially if you’re craving a good drink or some rest in your short stop at the airport.

By the way, if you’re a First Class guest flying Air France or other partner airlines, there is a roped-off section designated especially for you. These private spaces are a common sight in SkyTeam lounges so it’s no surprise they have it here as well.

How To Get Inside

Members of the SkyTeam airline alliance who are in Elite status, or flying First and Business class, can enter the lounge for free. Priority Pass Holders can also get inside.

The SkyTeam member airlines include Air France, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Saudia, Alitalia, China Airlines, KLM, MEA, Air Europa, Vietnam Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Delta Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Czech Airlines, Aero Mexico, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Europa, Tarom Airlines, and Aeroflot.  

The SkyTeam Lounge is located at Terminal 1, at Concourse D. It is open daily, 24 hours a day.

12. Marhaba Lounge at DXB (Dubai International)

Traveling And Dining At The Marhaba Lounge

Traveling and dining at the Marhaba Lounge in Dubai. Image Credit: Marhaba Services

The Marhaba Lounge might seem “basic” compared to extravagant airport lounges from Emirates, Etihad, or Qatar Airways, but it’s nevertheless a decent lounge to visit when you find you have some time inside Dubai International.

What makes the Marhaba lounge attractive is its accessibility to Priority Pass holders, so if you have a major credit card on hand, just flash it and you should be ushered inside.

Near the entrance, you’ll find a seating area with modern chairs and lamps. Walk a bit further and the seating area doubles as a mini dining space, arranged with two seats each.

The decor is a mix of leather, shiny tiled floors, and panel ceiling lights. There’s a self-service bar with water, wine, coffee, soft drinks, and more. Some of the selections include Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and sparkling water like Perrier.

On the other hand, the food selection is also basic but good enough for light bites. There’s no á la carte dining here, just a buffet selection consisting of wraps, pastries, fruits, pasta, salads, and finger sandwiches. Hot dishes are also served.

Other amenities include a shower area for those with longer layovers.

When it comes to contract lounges, the Marhaba Lounge is one of the better ones. You can find these lounges in Terminals 1, 2, and 3 of Dubai Airport.

With good food, clean and modern furniture, and great Wi-Fi, it’s not a bad place to visit while at the airport.

How To Get Inside

Access to the Marhaba Lounge is open to Priority Pass members including those holding The Platinum Card® from American Express, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, or the Citi Prestige® Card.

The Marhaba Lounge is located at Terminal 1, 2, and Terminal 3, Concourse B of Dubai Airport. It is open daily from Mondays through Sundays, 24 hours a day.

Final Thoughts

With a booming travel industry, the Middle East is fast becoming a major travel hub.

And as you can see, airlines and companies are taking notice. The airport lounges offered by the region are already hailed as some of the most luxurious in the world, competing against the best airport lounges in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

So while here, make your stay extra special by visiting these fantastic lounges.

Have a safe and amazing trip!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

The Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is located between Gates A and B at the departures level of the Hamad International Airport. All you have to do once there is take the escalator to Level 3 past the security check-in and you should see the lounge.

Only First and Business class passengers flying on Qatar Airways or a Oneworld airline can enter the lounge.

There are several amazing airport lounges in Doha Airport. One of the most popular is Qatar Airways’ Al Safwa First Class Lounge.

Unfortunately, the Al Safwa Lounge does not allow purchased access for just anybody. Only those flying Qatar Airways on Business can pay 600 QAR, around $165 if they wish to spend time at the Al Safwa lounge.

Airport lounge access can be anywhere between $30 up to $180 (sometimes higher if the lounge is super exclusive.)

Paying to get into an exclusive lounge is usually only allowed when there is availability or during non-peak hours.

Guests will also have a limited time inside and sometimes, an entry would be subject to restrictions.

Generally, travel in the Middle East is safe, except for certain regions and countries.

A lot of people assume all the countries in the Middle East are dangerous or unsafe to travel to, but this is far from the truth.

The Middle East is made up of 15 countries, (16 if including, Turkey) and each one is different.

Countries like Jordan, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, and Kuwait are five of the safest countries to visit in this area.

Each one has its own unique tourist spots and perfect for sightseeing, adventuring or simply immersing yourself in a different culture.

Jordan is considered one the safest places to visit in the Middle East. There’s plenty to do and explore in the country. History buffs will love checking out the Roman ruins, the Dead Sea, or the Nabatean city of Petra.

Meanwhile, adventure seekers will love going on the Jordan Trail, experience canyoning, or even diving. What’s more, the people here are warm, friendly and always welcoming of travelers and tourists.

It’s also worth mentioning Oman. The country is counted as the fourth safest place to visit in the world, despite sharing borders with Yemen.