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The best business class seats have never been more important than they are today. As you can imagine, the value of a well-engineered business class seat may be the key to responsible travel by plane.

Doing everything you can to stay socially distant from others is one of the most challenging aspects of flying.

Airplanes have an undeserved reputation of being coronavirus incubators — in fact, almost all experts agree that the quality of air circulation in a plane is almost as robust as it is in a hospital. 

If there is COVID-19 transmission, it disproportionately skews towards those cramped economy seats at the back of the plane. 

And while the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the travel industry, leisure travel is set to bounce back stronger than ever before. 

After all, the wanderlust, the educational value, the de-stressing qualities, and the sense of adventure you get from traveling are just some of the few reasons why it’s here to stay. 

What has definitively changed, however, is how we think about travel — and more importantly, how we go about planning travel. 

So in this guide, we will be exploring the top business class seats for maximum social distancing and privacy. Be sure to consider using a points consultant to help you plan your luxury travel and book the best seats using points.

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How Is Flying Business Class Different From Economy?

Flying in economy, especially on a long-haul flight, is not the most pleasant experience in the world. 

Typically, you are shoved into the back of the plane and are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in a tiny, barely-cushioned seat around total strangers. 

Halfway through the flight, you start developing back and neck pain, and by the end of the plane, you’re as stiff as a rock, not to mention exhausted from not being able to catch any shuteye. 

You might be fed food from a plastic tray, just like an animal. 

Flying in economy is an ordeal, not a joy.  

This isn’t the case when you’re flying business class.

Business class is all about comfort, luxury, and a better travel experience. 

To start off, you’ll find yourself relaxing in some amazing airport lounges, whether it’s in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. After you’ve enjoyed some quality food, taken a refreshing shower, and savored a drink or two, you’ll be among the first to board the plane. 

When you’re flying business class, you’ll usually have your own private pod.

An oasis in an otherwise cramped steel tube on your way to your exotic vacation destination.

You’ll be sitting far away from everybody else. 

You’ll physically be separated via your seat and accompanying partitions like doors that can shield you from germs. Flying in business class enables you to socially distance yourself from everybody else.  

On top of the seat, you’ll usually enjoy gourmet catering, the ability to sleep in a real bed in a plane, refined alcohol offerings, and stellar service. 

Nugget of Advice:

There’s also a huge jump in quality and service when you look at the difference between first and business class airlines.

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The 30 Best Business Class Seats for Social Distancing and Privacy

Not all business class seats are created equal. Some business class seats, such as Lufthansa business class are much more exposed than others.

And while it’s not necessarily a reflection of the airline itself (Lufthansa first class is a top first class product while Lufthansa business class is not a top business class product), it is important to understand what kind of seat you’re booking. 

The focus of this guide is to walk you through the very best business class seats in the world for maximum social distancing and privacy. For shorter flights, check out our best domestic first and business class airlines!

Think sliding doors, fully enclosed suites, superb service, excellent COVID-19 protocols, and more. 

Our top business class seats have well-designed seats, physical partitions, and plenty of space between seats. 

It may sound trivial, but if you’re considering traveling, you need to invest the time to research how you’re going to book your travel using points, whether it’s the route you’re taking, the airline you’re flying, the points you’re using, or the credit cards you’re opening. 

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Let’s get started!

1. Qatar Airways QSuites

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Qatar Airways QSuites. Image Credit: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways QSuites is our top choice for the best business class for social distancing. Qatar Airways’s flagship business class product has won many awards ever since its inauguration in the global aviation scene. 

These breathtaking business class seats have superbly designed elements, including a spacious seat, sliding doors, and the ability to convert into a “quad” suite (pictured above).

Furthermore, there are lounge counters, footwells for a fully lie-flat bed, amenities from BRIC’S and Castello Monte Vibiano, intuitive seat controls, lots of storage compartments, plush bedding including a mattress pad, pajamas from The White Company, and delicious catering. 

Nugget of Advice:

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2. ANA’s The Room Business Class

Ana's The Room Business Class

ANA’s The Room Business Class. Image Credit: ANA

ANA’s new business class known as The Room boasts the widest business class seat in the world.

It truly does feel like your own room. Each of these gigantic business class seats has its own door and privacy partition. 

As you can see, the seatback spans the entire width from top to bottom, and the space you are entitled to puts many first class seats to shame! Also, there are individual air nozzles at these seats for maximum comfort.

The entire seat is engineered to perfection, and we haven’t even touched on the amenities yet!

The in-flight monitor is a whopping 24 inches large, the amenity kit is from Global Trotter, and you’ll get 2 pillows plus a mattress pad, in addition to the usual bedding. You’ll also get comfy pajamas and cardigans! 

Of course, you can expect the food and beverage program to be superb. 

3. Malaysian Airlines Business Suites

Malaysian Airlines Business Suites

Malaysian Airlines Business Suites. Image Credit: Malaysian Airlines

One of the most unexpected airlines to rank at the top of this list is Malaysian Airlines. Although the Oneworld partner is not as well-known as other Southeast Asian carriers like Cathay Pacific, you’ll find their business suites are spectacular

That’s because Malaysian Airlines’s Business Suites were rebranded from the airline’s first class product

Basically, you’d be experiencing a first class product for a business class price! It doesn’t end there because Malaysian Airlines’s Business Suites has just 1 row of 4 seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement. 

Since there’s just 1 row of Business Suites, you’ll almost feel like you’re traveling in a private jet with such a small number of seats. 

Every seat has a large sliding door separating your suite from the aisle. Also, there’s another large partition between the 2 middle suites in addition to the massive door. 

This suite has an impressive amount of storage, a built-in vanity, high-tech amenities, personal air vents, plush bedding, amenities from PAYOT, caviar service, and exceptional hospitality. 

4. Asiana Airlines Business Suites

Asiana Airlines Business Suites

Asiana Airlines Business Suites. Image Credit: Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines followed in the footsteps of Malaysian Airlines by rebranding its first class product as a business suites product.

Exclusively aboard the A380 superjumbo aircraft, Asiana Airlines offers a total of 12 business suites across 4 rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. The suites showcase sleek bronze exteriors with muted beige cushioning. 

Every suite has sliding double doors to enclose your private pod. In the middle seats, there’s also a huge privacy partition straight down the center. 

There’s a storage ottoman that can be used as a buddy seat to enjoy the catering, a storage closet at your seat, an abundance of storage nooks, and an expansive 32-inch TV screen.

So while the Asiana Airlines Business Suites are an outstanding former first class seat, the amenities end there. You won’t be entitled to a pair of pajamas, a first class amenity kit, or first class catering. Notable exclusions are caviar service, a mattress pad, and first class Champagne.

Still, this is one of the best ways to fly in a seat with the most social distancing.

5. British Airways New Club Suites

British Airways New Club Suites

British Airways New Club Suites. Image Credit: British Airways

British Airways, over the recent years, has gotten a lot of criticism for offering industry-lagging business class seats. These seats were often in cramped seating configurations, as extreme as 8 seats in each row with a 2-4-2 arrangement. 

However, British Airways has already rolled out its incredible new business class seat, which has effectively leapfrogged British Airways over nearly all of its competitors.

British Airways’ new A350 Club Suite business class seat is a reverse herringbone Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat with a sliding door. The key differentiator here is that this seat is the world’s first reverse herringbone seat with a door, which goes a long way in making your experience more private.

Also, this new Club Suite product has plenty of storage space, a functional design, top-tier bedding from The White Company complete with a pillow, a mattress sheet, a duvet, and a day blanket. The White Company also does British Airways’s amenity kits.

The major criticisms received is the quality of the food and beverage, which is that the food isn’t fine dining-quality. 

Overall, it’s a very solid choice for a private business class product. 

6. Delta One Suites

Delta One Suites A350 900 Seats 8b And 8c

Delta One Suites. Image Credit: AuPACS

Delta One Suites is an iconic business class product offered by the Atlanta-based airline. The spectacular product is exceedingly private and offered on many routes to Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

These business class pods are ultra-stylish. Between the blue stitching patterns and the red-blue color scheme, Delta One Suites ought to be winning design awards. But there’s more than form to the seat because the functions are excellent.

Each suite has its own sliding door, along with a side table for extra convenience. Plus, the seats are wide and high-tech. These seats are modified Thompson XL Vantage seats, and the key modification is the inclusion of the door to truly call the product a “suite”. 

The business class seat controls are super easy to use, and the touchscreen HD TV is 18 inches in size. While the best part of Delta One Suites is the privacy, you’ll be pleased with the TUMI amenity kit filled with luxurious Le Labo amenities, the Westin Heavenly bedding, and the assortment of food and beverage options.

The product receives high marks all around, but a couple of drawbacks include a cheap wine selection and the narrow footwell. 

7. Aeroflot’s New Business Class Suites

Aeroflot's New Business Class Suites

Aeroflot’s New Business Class Suites. Image Credit: Aeroflot

Aeroflot recently unveiled a sensational new business class suite. Consisting of Collins Aerospace Horizon lie-flat seats with a sliding door, this is a massive improvement over its older product. 

Although this superb product has the whole world of aviation geeks drooling, it’ll be rolled out slowly on its new aircraft moving forward. 

And of course, you can expect a luxurious soft product, complete with plush bedding, sumptuous dining, and Salvatore Ferragamo branded amenity kits. 

8. China Eastern’s New Business Class

China Eastern New Business Class

China Eastern New Business Class. Image Credit: Airbus

China Eastern hasn’t enjoyed the best premium cabin reputation. With reports of smoking from the cockpit leaking into the first class cabin and a soft product that falls flat of expectations, China Eastern has been hard at work trying to improve its premium cabin offerings.

However, China Eastern’s newest business class suite is amazing, if you can find it! China Eastern offers this mostly on domestic mainland China flights aboard its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines, but if you’re lucky enough to find it, you’ll be rewarded with a very private business class product. 

These business class seats are modified Thompson Vantage XL seats with a sliding door, similar to the Delta One Suites product above. This business class suite also has an oversized in-flight monitor at each seat, along with a spacious ottoman. 

And while this business class suite is a top-notch hard product, China Eastern’s soft product falls short of expectations. The L’Occitane amenity kit is standard, the headphones are low-quality, and the food is barely edible. 

Still, it’s a superb product to fly, especially on simpler domestic mainland China flights!

9. JetBlue Mint Throne Suites

Jetblue Mint A321

Jetblue Mint Throne Suites aboard the A321. Image Credit: AuPACS

JetBlue might be a low-cost airline, but it has an exceptional business class product, known as JetBlue Mint. 

And although you’ll exclusively find narrowbody aircraft on JetBlue, you’ll enjoy a remarkable business class product. But there’s another trick to making your JetBlue experience the best possible: picking the throne seats

Throne seats occupy the same space for 1 passenger as the other seats do for 2 passengers, and you’ll have a massive amount of space all to yourself. 

Also, the JetBlue Mint throne seats have their own sliding doors that enclose your business class seat for utmost privacy. 

JetBlue Mint is known for offering top-tier tapas-style food and refreshing cocktails coupled with stellar service.

JetBlue Mint’s cons include a nonexistent ground experience (no lounge access), difficulty booking these seats using few points, and a limited route network.   

10. Korean Air Prestige Suites

Korean Air Prestige Suite

Korean Air Prestige Suite. Image Credit: Korean Air

Korean Air’s Prestige Suite is our first example of an Apex Suite in our rankings of the best business class seats for social distancing. 

Although Apex Suites don’t feature an impressive cabin density (usually at least 6 seats in a 2-2-2 configuration), the superior design is what makes Apex Suites an attractive business class seat privacy-wise. 

Korean Air has a variety of business class seats, and the Prestige Suite is the most private, featuring direct aisle access at each seat and privacy partitions separating the seats from each other. 

Amenities are from DAVI, and you will savor delicious catering aboard the flight! Plus, the warm service will go a long way to making your trip enjoyable. However, the bedding is thought to be quite light, and you’ll want to avoid aisle seats if at all possible. 

11. Japan Airlines Sky Suites

Japan Airlines 777 Sky Suites

Japan Airlines Sky Suites. Image Credit: AuPACS

Japan Airlines offers a great Apex Suites product, and it’s one of the most stylish ways to fly to Japan in business class.

Japan Airlines has an impressive food and beverage offering, and the flag carrier is known to offer very personalized service. 

The business class seat is 25.5 inches wide, and the seat becomes a fully lie-flat bed. There is an abundance of partitions and walls that make the product exceedingly private. 

In particular, the window seats in business class are the most private. Amenities are by ETRO, and you’ll also enjoy a mattress topper by Airweave, plus pajamas, and artisanal multi-course meals. The only drawbacks are the lack of storage space and the dense 2-3-2 cabin configuration on the 777-300ER aircraft.  

Nugget of Advice:

Japan Airlines has an awesome business class ticket, but its first class is out of this world.

12. Oman Air Business Class

Oman Air Business Class

Oman Air Business Class. Image Credit: Oman Air

Oman Air is one of the smaller carriers in the Middle East. As the flag carrier of Oman, this airline is known for offering an underrated business and first class product! 

And don’t let the 2-2-2 configuration deter you because these aren’t just any business class seats. These are Oman Air’s Apex Suites, which offers direct aisle access at every seat and an abundance of privacy. 

Although these seats don’t have sliding doors to fully enclose the suite from all sides, they still have hefty privacy partitions that provide excellent isolation. 

Nugget of Advice:

Pick seats in the mini-cabin for extra privacy! 

The sleek cabin is one of the most well-reviewed cabins aboard Dreamliners, and it doesn’t end there because you’ll enjoy excellent service and food.

The fully-loaded amenity kit comes loaded with toiletries from Amouage, the premier Omani luxury fragrance house. 

Sleepwear is absolutely provided, and it includes comfortable pajamas, slippers, an eye mask, along with a duvet and a pillow. Don’t forget the Arabic coffee and dates! 

13. Gulf Air Business Class

Gulf Air Business Class

Gulf Air Business Class. Image Credit: Gulf Air

Gulf Air is the flag carrier and the national airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, a country in the Middle East. 

Gulf Air is also a majorly underrated airline in the global scene. This superb airline offers an incredible business class experience, starting with its intricately stitched business class Apex Suites. 

The shell of each Apex Suite is exceptionally designed — chances are you won’t be able to see anybody else during your flight. As is the case with other Apex Suites, every seat has direct aisle access and reclines to a fully flat bed. 

That’s not all because the seats even have massage functions! It’s also one of the best seats for taller travelers because the bed length of window seats can measure up to 7 feet 6 inches long! 

Gulf Air’s amenity kits are uniquely luxurious, as it showcases a Cerruti leather pouch with a magnetic latch to hold amenities in, starting with the Aigner fragrance lip balm, refresher mist, and body lotion. 

Your long-haul business class flight will likely come with a luxurious mattress pad, a fitted sheet, a duvet, a pillow, and an impressive food and beverage spread. Unfortunately, pajamas are not offered. 

14. United Polaris Class

United Polaris

United Polaris Class. Image Credit: United Airlines

United’s most impressive business class product is called United Polaris class. And although there are still planes flying with a woefully outdated business class seat, the true United Polaris class product is incredible. 

The United Polaris product doesn’t have a sliding door like Delta One Suites does, but there are plenty of degrees of separation, from the hefty side table to the center divider and the shell of the seat. 

 Flying on United Polaris class is truly an experience because you’ll get access to the Polaris lounge to start, and that includes a robust à la carte menu with waiter service. 

After you’re whisked onto your plane, you’ll be pampered with luxuries, ranging from the Saks Fifth Avenue bedding to the Sunday Riley amenities, and even pajamas.

The major complaints are that the service and food quality just aren’t comparable to other competitors, but this product is a solid way to fly overall. 

15. Singapore Airlines A380 New Business Class

Singapore Airlines New A380 Business Class

Singapore Airlines New A380 Business Class. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

One of the top premium cabin products out there is Singapore Airlines’ new A380 business class, consisting of grey seat shells and a warm medley of dark purple-hued seats. 

These seats became famous because it’s one of the only seats that offer double beds in business class, in addition to Qatar Airways QSuites. 

The concave shells make the product exceedingly private, especially considering it doesn’t have a sliding door or any other dividers. Of course, there is a large center divider if you happen to be sitting in the middle with a stranger. 

This seat is one of the most high-tech out there, and it even includes an NFC reader, which is the same technology used for contactless card payments. The twist is that Singapore Airlines intends on using this to sync with your personal devices in the future! 

Singapore Airlines offers “Book the Cook”, which allows you to pick your meal a few days ahead of time, which is very neat! 

Unfortunately, Singapore Airlines doesn’t offer amenity kits outside of socks, slippers, and an eye mask. The bedding makes up for it because you’ll get 2 pillows, a plush duvet, and a mattress sheet. 

The biggest complaints about this product are that the bed is very firm, the amenities are limited for a top-notch airline, and the service can be hit-or-miss. 

16. Turkish Airlines 787 Business Class

Turkish Airlines 787 Business Class

Turkish Airlines 787 Business Class. Image Credit: Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines’ 787 business class is a much-improved product over the old 777-300ER/A330 business class product. 

The new business class cabin contains staggered 1-2-1 business class seats with a unique shell. The seat’s shell is so protective that it can sometimes block part of a window. 

Additionally, there are personal air vents, making it easy to control the temperature of your seat. The catering on Turkish Airlines receives rave reviews, and the well-thought-out amenities are top-notch. 

Your amenity kit will be stuffed with Versace products, in addition to thick fuzzy socks!

The main complaints are that the seats can be a bit narrow and that the ground experience can be chaotic. 

17. EVA Air 787 Business Class

Eva Air 787 Business Class

EVA Air 787 Business Class. Image Credit: EVA Air

When it comes down to it, EVA Air is one of the world’s best business class products. 

To make things even better, EVA Air is offered a new business class seat to go with its near-first class soft product to deliver one of the best overall experiences. 

The new business class product is a staggered business class seat that comes in a 1-2-1 configuration. The superb design elements consist of a privacy shield that can be extended at every seat, plus easily accessible seat controls near the periphery. 

EVA Air offers either Salvatore Ferragamo or Rimowa amenity kits, as well as Jason Wu pajamas, Veuve Clicquot La Grand Dame Champagne, catering from Din Tai Fung, fabulous bedding, and much more.

And although these seats aren’t as private as Qatar Airways QSuites or ANA’s The Room Business Class, for example, EVA Air offers arguably the best all-around business class experience there is.

18. Air Canada Signature Business Class

Air Canada Signature Business Class

Air Canada Signature Business Class. Image Credit: Air Canada

Air Canada’s most well-known business class product is known as Signature Class. Available on the 777-300ER, the 787-9, and the 787-8, this majestic business class seat is one of our top reverse herringbone seats in the world for social distancing. 

Why? The privacy shell around every seat extends out across the entire height of the seat, which means that you’ll experience maximum privacy. 

We’re huge fans of this specific seat architecture because it effectively cocoons you into a private oasis without inducing claustrophobia.

There’s a lot going for Air Canada’s business class product, including its bedding consisting of a mattress sheet, a blanket, and a pillow. Unfortunately, you won’t get pajamas, so keep that in mind!

Other perks consist of Escents Aromatherapy amenities, a fantastic in-flight catering selection, and attentive service. This is overall one of the most solid business class experiences out there.

19. American Airlines Flagship Business Class

American Airlines 787 9 Flagship Business Class Seat 4l Rear View

American Airlines 787-9 Flagship Business Class Seat 4L Rear View. Image Credit: AuPACS

American Airlines offers an impressive business class seat aboard select long-haul aircraft.

Each of these business class seats has a substantial shell enveloping the perimeter for maximum privacy. The shell extends above the seat significantly, resulting in an even more private experience.

The Flagship Business Class is a reverse herringbone seat, and the particular one picture above is the Rockwell Collins Super Diamond seat. 

If you’re looking for one of the best business class seats out there, American Airlines has got your covered. Unfortunately, the service quality is lacking heavily.

Because while you’ll be showered with a Cole Haan amenity kit, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries luxuries, and Casper bedding, the food is barely edible and the service is uninspiring.

20. China Airlines Business Class

China Airlines Business Class

China Airlines Business Class. Image Credit: China Airlines

China Airlines is the flag carrier of Taiwan, despite its somewhat misleading moniker. But this airline offers one of the best reverse herringbone seats out there.

In fact, in this ranking of the best business class seats for social distancing, it falls to third place behind British Airways’s brand-new reverse herringbone seats with a door and American Airlines’ Flagship Business Class. 

The gorgeous cabin comes adorned with imperial oriental finishes and a superb product to boot. These business class seats enjoy a 1-2-1 arrangement with plenty of space and privacy. 

And because these seats face away from the aisle, you’ll enjoy a bit more privacy. The amenity kit is from The North Face, and the amenities are from Laneige.

The catering is varied and delicious, and the service is just as polished as you’d expect from a top airline. 

21. Air France A350 Business Class

Air France A350 Business Class

Air France A350 Business Class. Image Credit: Air France

Air France’s new A350 business class features Zodiac Optima seats, similar to United Polaris class. This seat has rows that alternate between inward- and outward-facing. 

That means that the distance from one passenger to another is less than, say, a reverse herringbone seat.

However, the design of the seat has plenty of physical dividers and partitions, save a sliding door. There’s a very large side table at each seat, in addition to an extra aisle partition that United Polaris does not have.

The amenity kit contains Clarins lotions and balms, and the bedding consists of a pillow and a thin duvet. Although the dining on Air France can be exceptional, it can also be hit-and-miss, depending on your palate. 

The biggest complaint about Air France’s business class is the less-than-substantial bedding.

22. Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific Business Class. Image Credit: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s long-haul business class cabin consists of reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. And as one of the most solid business class seats out there, it lives up to the prestigious Cathay Pacific name. 

Indeed, Cathay Pacific business class has a large privacy shell at every business class seat. Functionally, the only differences between the A350 and 777 variants are that the A350 offers a newer HD TV screen, a new in-flight remote, and a bit extra seat padding. 

The privacy shell extension at the eye-level of the seat makes for a very private experience.

The amenity kit is designed by Seventy Eight Percent and features Jurlique hand lotion and creams. Also, you’ll find substantial bedding, including a mattress pad, a plush duvet, and a large pillow. 

Unfortunately, you won’t receive pajamas in business class. 

23. XiamenAir’s 787-9 Business Class

Xiamenair Business Class

XiamenAir Business Class. Image Credit: XiamenAir

XiamenAir has an incredibly underrated business class product. While airlines from mainland China consistently get a bad rap for lousy premium cabin experiences, but XiamenAir offers an awesome business class product! 

Starting from the seat, XiamenAir’s 787-9 business class has B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats, which are reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. 

The amenity kits are from Crabtree & Evelyn, and you’ll find phenomenal Asian catering aboard XiamenAir. The bedding consists of a thick duvet and 2 large pillows. 

The main complaints are the absence of personal air vents and limited in-flight entertainment choices. 

24. Virgin Atlantic New Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. Image Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s brand-new Upper Class product is one of the most unique. With Safran Cirrus NG herringbone seats, you already know that your experience will be one to remember. 

As you can see, the middle seats angle toward the aisle instead of away from the aisle, as is the case with reverse herringbone seats, which are much more common. 

Although there’s no door at each seat, there are sliding privacy partitions should you wish for more privacy.  

Your amenities start with high-quality Ren Clean Skincare products, a satin eyeshade, and plush socks! 

Most of the complaints revolve around the lack of storage at this new seat, but that shouldn’t be a huge issue because the fun crew and the comfortable bedding, including a mattress topper, will make for a restful and enjoyable experience. 

25. KLM New World Business Class

Klm New World Business Class

KLM New World Business Class. Image Credit: KLM

KLM uses a brand-new reverse herringbone seat on select aircraft, including the 787-9 and the 787-10. And this seat, known as the “New” World Business Class, is an exceptional business class seat to fly. 

These seats are reverse herringbone in design with a standard 1-2-1 layout. Every seat is angled away from the aisle for maximum privacy, and the privacy shell is definitely substantial. 

As far as bedding, expect a decently sized pillow and a light blanket. The amenity kit is designed by Jan Taminiau, and the catering is decent. 

In general, the biggest complaints are the service is hit-or-miss, and that the bedding is a little too light. 

26. Virgin Australia Business Class

Virgin Australia Business Class

Virgin Australia Business Class. Image Credit: Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is one of the largest airlines in Australia. Although its reputation is top-tier, the Brisbane-based airline has been ravaged by financial troubles even before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, Bain Capital owns this organization, and it will focus on short-haul flights moving forward. Still, Virgin Australia’s flagship aircraft, the 777-300ER, could have a future in its fleet. The same seats are also offered on the airline’s A330 aircraft.

If you’re lucky enough to fly on Virgin Australia’s business class, you’ll find reverse herringbone seats with accents of purple and black understating the luxurious feel of the cabin. 

Each of the reverse herringbone seats has a generous privacy shell to maximize your personal privacy. In addition, middle seats also have a large center divider in the event you’re sitting next to a stranger. 

For an airline known to be stylish, you’ll certainly feel special as soon as you step onto the plane and see the beautiful cabin. 

Your flight will be massively enjoyable, thanks to the abundance of amenities waiting for you at your seat. First, your amenity kit is Virgin Australia-branded with key essentials like earplugs, socks, a dental kit, an eye mask, and more. 

You’re also provided with comfortable pajamas and an impressive amount of bedding. This includes 2 hefty pillows, a thick mattress topper, and a posh duvet. Unfortunately, no slippers are provided. 

Lastly, the meals are masterminded by Luke Mangan, a leading Australian restauranteur.  

27. Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates A380 Business Class. Image Credit: Emirates

Emirates is famous for its ritzy first class product with showers. But did you know that its business class is also excellent? 

Emirates A380 business class is known to be the best business class the Gulf airline has to offer. If you book business class on the 777, you’ll end up seeing a totally different seat! 

Each of the seats is in a staggered configuration, which means that each row alternates between closer to the window and closer to the aisle. 

These seats all have arm tables, a personal minibar, seat controls, lots of storage compartments, fantastic in-flight entertainment from ice, and your own personal in-flight entertainment tablet! 

You will notice that the window seats, in particular, are private due to the extra degree of separation afforded to you from the walkways via the arm table. 

Expect to have your own well-stocked amenity kit featuring Bvlgari amenities. In business class, you will be given a deluxe pillow, a mattress pad, and a satin blanket. 

The biggest complaints are that the Wi-Fi is too slow and the in-flight service is too robotic. 

Nugget of Advice:

Although Emirates’ main competitor Etihad Airways isn’t featured on this list, it is still an excellent airline to fly in business class, and especially in first class!

28. Qantas Business Class

Qantas Business Class

Qantas Business Class. Image Credit: Qantas

Qantas business class gets high marks all around, particularly on its best product, the Thompson Vantage XL seat. These are staggered seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. 

The seats are technologically advanced with intuitive seat controls, thoughtful design elements, plenty of light, many storage compartments, and a large, extendable privacy shield. 

If you pick the window seats, you’ll almost be entirely isolated because the privacy shield is very large. All of the business class seats have individual air nozzles for maximum comfort. 

The bedding consists of a pillow, a mattress pad, and a blanket. You’ll also be given pajamas and amenity kits with ASPAR lotions and balms. The coffee and wine offerings are also delightful, along with the cabin crew. 

Some of the cons include a limited long-haul food menu, the lack of Wi-Fi, and an absence of award availability. 

29. SAS Business Class

Sas Business Class

SAS Business Class. Image Credit: SAS

SAS, which is also known as Scandinavian Airlines, offers a superb business class product on its long-haul aircraft. The seat itself is a modified Thompson Vantage XL product with direct aisle access and fully lie-flat capabilities.

If you choose a window seat, you’ll have a much more substantial privacy shell around your seat, in addition to an extra degree of space.

Sadly, the middle row seats don’t have an extendable center divider. This makes it difficult to talk to your companion, and it also means that you won’t be totally separated from your seatmate if you’re traveling alone. 

Some of the amenities you will enjoy on long-haul flights are a duvet from Hastens, a thin mattress sheet, a light pillow, and an amenity kit with Verso Skincare products.

 SAS is also known to offer premium meals and a wide variety of beverages. 

Some of the qualms with SAS business class are the poor Wi-Fi quality, the lack of seat storage compartments, and the lack of in-flight entertainment choices. 

30. Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Business Class

Singapore 777 300er Business Class

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Business Class

Singapore Airlines is famous for offering gargantuan business class seats aboard the 777-300ER aircraft. These seats are around 30 inches wide, which can actually fit 2 humans comfortably. 

The seat shell itself is similarly massive, so you’ll be able to isolate yourself from the rest of the cabin pretty handily. There’s also a divider in the center that allows for more privacy if you’re seated next to a stranger. 

Singapore Airlines also offers “Book the Cook”, which is a service that allows you to choose your dishes à la carte online before boarding the plane. 

Singapore Airlines doesn’t actually offer amenity kits anymore, but they still offer comfortable slippers, socks, eye masks, 2 pillows, a thin mattress sheet, and a duvet. 

Some of the biggest complaints are that the bed is very firm, there are no personal air vents, the footwell means you have to sleep diagonally unless you have a bulkhead seat, and you have to fold the seat over to make the bed. 

Final Thoughts

Whew! Who would’ve thought that there were such discrepancies among business class products? 

As you can probably tell, the design of each business class seat can have a hugely positive or negative impact on your overall experience. 

And in an age of social distancing, it makes a ton of sense to try to book flights where you’re able to have the most privacy possible. 

Be sure to keep this guide handy to help you figure out the next business class seats you’re going to book! 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

According to our rankings, the top 5 best business class seats for social distancing and privacy are Qatar Airways QSuites, ANA’s The Room Business Class, Malaysian Airlines Business Suites, Asiana Airlines Business Suites, and British Airways’ New Club Suites!

Business class seats are absolutely worth it in many situations. Flying in economy class is where a lot of COVID-19 transmission occurs, just because everybody is crammed next to each other. In business class, you’ll be physically separated from everybody else, enjoy more comfort, and have a better experience traveling.

Most airlines have flat beds in business class these days, and all 30 of the airline business class seats mentioned in this guide have flat beds. Some of them include Qatar Airways, ANA, British Airways, Delta, Emirates, Korean Air, JetBlue, Qantas, and more.

Our favorite long haul business class seat here is Qatar Airways QSuites. With a ton of privacy, plenty of amenities, delicious food, fantastic service, it’s hard to argue that Qatar Airways QSuites isn’t the best long haul business class product out there.

When you fly business class, you will have a ton of personal space. This includes the ability to recline your seat into a flat bed, a multi-course food and beverage service, pajamas, complimentary skincare amenities, and elevated service. You’ll also get to board the plane first and deplane first, as well as enjoy lounge access at the airport before or after your flight.

In our guide of the best business class seats for social distancing, we believe Qatar Airways QSuites is the best product overall. Be careful, though, as Qatar Airways doesn’t offer QSuites on every single flight. Emirates is excellent as well, although the best business class seat on Emirates is aboard the A380 superjumbo, so just be mindful of that.