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Not sure what to do with all the points you’ve gathered from booking and buying all of those things online? Well, here’s an idea – redeem them for luxury flights!

How do you find these amazing deals? Don’t fret because we’ve collected the best ones for you.

From a first class trip to Hawaii onboard United First or a luxurious flight on Emirates First, check out our list of best redemptions you can make with points.

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The 9 Best Points Redemptions You Can Make

United First Class Round-Trip to Hawaii for 25,000 Points

United lie-flat first class

United’s lie-flat first class could be yours on select flights to Hawaii. Image Credit: United

United recently added new flights to Hawaii so U.S. travelers can now fly out of Orange Country (SNA), Chicago (ORD), or Newark (EWR), in addition to other regular markets like San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), and Denver (DEN). So, what do you get onboard United First? Here’s the lowdown.

Depending on the aircraft, you get lie-flat or non-lie flat seats. United’s 767-400ERs include 39-lie flat seats, arranged in a 2-1-2 configuration. In bed mode, you get 75 inches of space together with a 19-inch seat width.

Overhead storage is small but there’s an open area for loose items beside you. Extra storage is found underneath the leg rest. There’s a headphone jack, USB port, and power outlet too. Meanwhile, seat controls are within easy reach to make everything comfy.

A 15-inch IFE screen is preloaded with around 200 films. Just bring your headphones as those provided aren’t good. If you’re looking to get some work done online, Wi-Fi is offered at $20.00 for the duration of the flight.

Guests receive a Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and blanket. There’s no amenity kit, although Sunday Riley hand creams and Murchison-Hume freshener are in the bathrooms.

Finally, there’s the food. Orange or water is provided as welcome drinks. However, you can ask for a mai tai when flying from Hawaii. Options for dinner included chicken, beef, or pasta with a side of salad and pastry.

Service onboard United First is hit or miss. Friendly attendants can transform a regular flight into an extra special one. On the other hand, surly attendants can make an experience go south fast.

ANA First Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Tokyo for 110,000 Points

ANA First Class

ANA First Class. Image Credit: ANA

ANA (All Nippon Airways) has consistently delivered top-notch first class products. They’re the only airline rated by Skytrax, an independent airline rating company, with perfect 5 stars. In addition, ANA’s first class is also rated as one of the best first class seats for social distancing.

If you’re flying onboard the 777 fitted with ANA’s The Suite, (available from JFK to NRT/HND), then you’re in for a treat. These seats are spacious, comfortable, and make you feel like royalty in the air. It’s arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with dark wood and sliding doors. Seats are 38 inches wide and stretch to 76 inches in bed mode.

Guests are offered welcome drinks while dining is a multi-course meal served out of a Western or Japanese menu. Moreover, the portions are enough to feed a small army and each dish is paired with the finest drinks. Fancy a bottle of Krug, anyone?

For amenities, ANA provides tiny Samsonite kits with products from the luxury Japanese brand, The Ginza. Guests receive pajamas, pillows, and a comforter during sleep. Attendants will even tuck you in at night!

Service on ANA is professional and prompt. Attendants happily assist with everything you need or comply with requests with a smile. The best part? It’s easy to book ANA first class using points and miles, provided you can find round-trip award space.

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Emirates First Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Europe for 170,000 Points

Emirates first class in-flight monitor

Emirates first class. Image Credit: AuPACS

No other airline has a higher reputation for luxury and world-class service than Emirates.

Emirates First is available on both their A380 and Boeing 777 crafts. For the 777-300ER, seats lie flat and measure 20.5 inches wide together with a 69-inch pitch. As for the A380, it’s 23-inches wide and 86-inches in pitch while in bed mode it’s 78-inches.

After settling into your luxurious home for the next few hours, attendants are quick to give you a glass of Dom Pérignon, warm nuts, a hot towel, and canapes.

There’s a lighted vanity with Byredo products, a pop-up minibar, and a giant 27-inch screen with tons of movies and shows. It’s paired with Bowers & Wilkins PX noise-canceling headphones.

A tablet lets you control everything from your seat. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi is free for Emirates Skywards members!

For amenities, pajamas are provided on night flights along with amenity kits, while socks and eyeshades are given on morning flights. Turndown service is available, just ask the crew. If onboard the A380, visit the shower spa!

Emirates has dine-on-demand so you can eat whenever you want and whatever you feel like. There’s a good range of options from à la carte to gourmet. Caviar is served too!

Service is proactive and you’re going to be left feeling pampered throughout the flight. Get the full details of the experience in this Emirates 777 First Class review.

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Singapore Airlines First Class Suites Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Europe for 172,000 Points

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is on par with Emirates in offering one of the most lavish first class products on the air.

When flying from the U.S., Singapore Air offers first class on the Boeing 777 or the A380. If you’re taking the latter, you can even snag the first class suites containing a separate bed and chair!

These suites on the A380 are arranged in 1-1 configuration and the seats measure 76 inches by 27 inches. When traveling with a partner, the first two suites can be joined to create one bed. Moreover, luxurious Poltrano Frau leather armchairs and accents are everywhere. Legroom and storage are plentiful with several USB sockets for good measure. In addition, there’s a 32-inch IFE screen paired with amazing Bose headphones.

In contrast, the original first class product features a brown and cream combination and surprisingly still looks fresh today. It has a 1-2-1 configuration with a 35-inch width. The bed length is 78-inches and there’s a 23-inch screen for entertainment.

Food and drinks are served with only the finest around. Take your pick from Krug or Dom Perignon as a starter. You can pre-pick meals ahead of time using the “Book the Cook” option or choose from the menu.

Lalique pajamas, slippers, socks, and eye masks are handed on long-haul flights. There’s also an amenity kit filled with goodies in a chic black leather pouch. More Lalique items are in the bathrooms.

Finally, with all of the luxury afforded by Singapore Air to its passengers, their service matches it every step of the way. The staff are attentive and go above and beyond to ensure your experience is truly magical.

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Air France Business Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Europe for 106,000 Points

Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class. Image Credit: Air France

Air France is known for premium products on the air. Their La Première (first class product) is one of the most sought-after flights. On the ground, the Air France Salon La Première at CDG is considered one of the best airport lounges in the world! Unfortunately, La Première is almost impossible to book using points.

Not to worry, you can find fantastic luxury in Air France’s business class product. On the A350, seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with the seats in plain white, blue, red, and gray shades. The seats used are the Zodiac Optima – the same ones in United’s Polaris.

The seats lie flat, measuring 21-inches in width, and create a 78-inch long bed. A storage cupboard keeps essentials like a laptop or passport while seat controls are reachable along with USB power.

Slippers, duvet, socks, and pillow are provided, including their signature coat hanger. Amenity kits contain essential extras like an eye mask, earplugs, and a dental kit.

In-flight entertainment is in the form of a large and intuitive 18.5-inch screen stocked with movies including an underbelly camera. WiFi is around $21 for the duration of the flight.

Pre-departure beverages and menus are handed as you sit down. Shortly after takeoff, dinner is served. Choose from a host of French wines with Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne leading the way.

Air France attendants are professional but can feel impersonal, perhaps it’s the French way. However, on occasion, you do catch them pretty relaxed and they can elevate your experience to an impressive one.

Swiss Air Business Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Europe for 126,000 Points

Swiss Air Business Class

Swiss Air Business Class. Image Credit: Swiss Air

The business cabin on the A340 features 47 seats while on the 777-300ER, they offer 62 lie-flat seats. These are arranged in 1-2-2 and 2-2-1 arrangements, with the prime seats dubbed as “throne seats” since they offer privacy, more space, and have aisle access.

SWISS Air business seats measure 20.5 inches wide and when converted into a bed, have 60 inches of space. The seats are classy with their cream and wood tones, a signature for Swiss Air.

Convenient amenities like headphones, a blanket, pillow, and water are provided. Each passenger also gets a Victorinox amenity kit while more tubes of beauty and face products are found in the lavatories.

WiFi is on the steep side, somewhere around 59CHF or roughly $63 for only 220 MB of data. However, you can watch countless movies on the IFE. It’s a great way to pass the time if paying for the Internet isn’t on the agenda.

Dining and pre-flight drinks are offered shortly after takeoff. SWISS offers their “Taste of Switzerland” menu with dishes created by guest chefs highlighting the local regions. This is paired with exquisite wines and beers, and of course, specialty cheeses!

To sum up, the level of service is consistently high with SWISS. Friendly and well-trained attendants give guests the best service and ensure the experience is memorable.

United Polaris Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Europe for 88,000 Points Round-Trip

United Polaris

United Polaris. Image Credit: United Airlines

Five years after United released their revolutionary Polaris business product, it’s still going strong today. For the U.S. to London routes, Polaris seats are found on United’s 777 and 767 aircraft. The same goes when flying on their 787-8 and 787-10 Dreamliner.

United’s Polaris seats on the 777 feature a 1-2-1 configuration with a seat width of 22 inches and a bed length of 77.9 inches. The seats here are chic with beautiful touches of blues and grays.

A faux-marble tabletop includes various sockets and a headphone jack. Headphones are hidden inside a compartment. To adjust your seat position, use the seat controls on the side.

Pillows, bedding, and a blanket from Saks Fifth Avenue are on each seat. There’s an amenity kit with all the essentials you need too. Entertainment options are provided on the 15.4 IFE screen while Wi-Fi costs $22.99 for the duration of the flight.

Pre-flight drinks are offered along with a good choice of meals. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, food options aren’t the best but they should return to normal as the industry picks up again.

Finally, the attendants are friendly, with some a little more businesslike and less personable. This isn’t a deal-breaker as the hard product is excellent and one of the best offered by a U.S. airline.

Qatar Airways Qsuites Round-Trip Between the U.S. and the Middle East for 140,000 Points

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Qatar Airways Qsuites. Image Credit: Qatar Airways

If there’s ever a business class seat that is a cut above the rest, it’s Qatar Airways’ QSuites. Is it that good? You be the judge.

QSuites cabins are unique as they’re arranged in alternating rows. One row of seats face forward, the next row faces backward. This means guests get more legroom. Plus, it also creates a less confining cabin.

Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving each guest aisle access. If you want prime seats, go for an odd-numbered seat. It offers a lot of privacy and is positioned closer to the windows.

Traveling as a group or family? QSuites cabins let you combine four seats in the middle section to create a pod of four facing each other. Each seat is 21.5-inches wide and has 79-inches of space when fully flat.

It has a 21.5-inch touchscreen IFE and sliding doors that fully close. There’s even a “Do Not Disturb” sign to ensure you get all the privacy you need. USB, HDMI, power ports, as well as storage, are all around.

There’s even a personal air vent for controlling the temperature. In addition, guests get free Wi-Fi for an hour, then it’s an additional $10 for the duration of the flight.

Beddings, a pillow, and a blanket are provided. A Bric’s amenity kit is filled with eyeshades, socks, earplugs, and skincare items while pajamas and slippers by The White Company are also handed out.

Qatar Airways provides dine on demand so order anything from the menu, anytime throughout the flight. The food is excellent and the biryani is a must-try!

Overall, the QSuites live up to the hype. So much so, they’re considered one of the best business class seats for social distancing.

EVA Air Business Class Round-Trip Between the U.S. and Asia for 95,000 Points

EVA Air Business Class

EVA Air Business Class. Image Credit: EVA Air

Also called the Royal Laurel Class, EVA uses their large 777-300ER for most U.S. flights, save for those heading to Seattle, which uses the Boeing 787-9.

On the 777, the seats lie flat and are spread out in 2 cabins. The color scheme is a combination of light grey, khaki green along with some light wood on the tables. Meanwhile, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout. Side seats are arranged at an angle facing the windows while those at the center angle towards each other.

Storage is ample with a headphone jack, a power outlet, reading light, and IFE remote within easy reach. Seat controls are on the side and the armrests can be raised for added privacy. At night, the cabin goes pitch black with the ceiling transformed into a starry night as you sleep.

For amenities, there are headphones, slippers, and a pillow provided. Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kits as well as Jason Wu pajamas are also handed to each guest. Furthermore, a 17-inch IFE pops out from the front of the seat. Just be aware that the content selection is minimal.

Pre-flight champagne is offered and while it’s no Krug, the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006 is still great. Meals can be ordered at least 30 days before departure.

Service is helpful and efficient. What’s more, the crew are highly trained so the service is flawless from start to finish. EVA Air’s business class is so good that sometimes it’s mistaken as a first class product. That says a lot about what EVA Air offers.

Wrapping Up

Take to the air and start plotting down your next adventure! These redemptions offer fantastic value and give you the finest first and business class products in the air right now.

Safe travels!

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Featured Image Credit: Qatar Airways

 Frequently Asked Questions

Although this is subjective and can change over time, these are among the top airline rewards program available in the U.S.

  1. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  2. American Airlines AAdvantage
  3. Delta SkyMiles
  4. United MileagePlus

These are the airlines considered to be offering the best first class products today:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Etihad Airways
  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • ANA
  • SWISS International


ANA has the widest seats offered through their brand-new first class product called The Suite. The seats they offer measure 38 inches in width. Coming in second are the seats found on Cathay Pacific First Class. These measure 36 inches in width.

Delta is rated as more consistent compared to United Airlines. However, it really boils down to personal preference.

If you’re flying long-haul, paying for first class is definitely worth it. You get plenty of perks like bigger seats, excellent food, great privacy, plus a host of other amenities to enjoy.