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Ready to experience the most phenomenal first class products in the skies? Emirates First Class and Singapore Airlines First Class are two of the most prestigious cabins in the air right now.

While both offer luxury, fantastic dining, and extravagant seats, not everything is equal and these two products showcase unique touches you’ll only find in one product or the other.

Let’s check out what these differences are in this Emirates First Class vs. Singapore Airlines First Class comparison. 

Quick Glance: Emirates First Class vs Singapore Airlines First Class

  Emirates First Class Singapore Airlines First Class
Ground Experience Flying out or arriving from the Emirates hub in Dubai International Airport (DXB) gives you access to the luxurious Emirates First Class Lounge. You can board directly from the lounge or if not, can be driven to your plane using a first class bus filled with luxurious leather seats. Guests flying out of different hubs also receive access to premium partner lounges.  Singapore Airlines offers their premium passengers access to The Private Room, an exclusive first class lounge when flying out of Singapore’s Changi Airport. They also have partner lounges across the world.
Seat Depending on the aircraft, your first class experience could be different. On the A380, the seats are on the upper deck with a layout of 1-2-1. These are 23-inches wide and 86 inches in pitch. For the B777 planes, the newer first class “Game Changer Suites” has 6 seats in a 1-1-1 configuration while the older first class has 8 seats in a 1-2-1 layout.  The new Singapore Suites aboard the A380 are extravagant. It has 6 enclosed suites arranged in a 1-1 layout. Another configuration on the A380 is available in a 1-2-1 setup with 12 first class seats available. The seat width is 35-inches while the pitch is 81-inches. Meanwhile, on the 777, the seats are also in a 1-2-1 layout and carry a 71-inch pitch and 35-inch width.
Amenities There’s an in-flight monitor with tablet controls, vanity kit, a minibar, a snack basket, universal ports, ambient light controls, Bowers & Wilkins headphones, an amenity kit filled with Bvlgari products, pajama kit, and safari binoculars (in Game Changer Suites) Guests are provided with a Lalique amenity kit containing body lotion, lip balm, soap, and a candle. Pajamas, slippers, socks, and eye masks are also provided, along with a hygiene kit. 
Food and Beverage The Emirates food and beverage program is amazing! Food is “dine on demand” so you can eat anytime you want.  Fabulous! It’s one of the highlights. Singapore Air lets you order ahead of time and offers a “Book the Chef” a week before the flight. 
Entertainment Game Changer Suites on the 777 feature a 32-inch touchscreen monitor with tablet controls. Aboard the A380, the IFE monitor is 27-inches while the older 777 has monitors measuring 24-inches. These are preloaded with over 600+ movies and 200+ shows. Emirates also provides Bowers & Wilkins headphones for the audio.  On the newer A380s, there’s a 32-inch touchscreen monitor while the other configuration carries a 27-inch monitor. On the 777, it’s often a 24-inch screen aboard. The IFE system comes with over 200 premium movies you can enjoy during the flight. Bowers & Wilkins headphones are provided.
Lavatories There are two lavatories on the A380 and the B777. The only difference is that the A380 first class lavatories are fitted with a shower suite.  There are two lavatories in first class on Singapore Air’s A380. It’s designed with a sit-down vanity but no showers. 
Bed Seats on both the 777 and A380 lie fully flat. On the 777, the bed is 27 inches wide and up to 76 inches in length while the A380 offers a bit more length at 78-inches and a width of 28-inches. On the new Singapore Suites aboard the A380, certain suites like 1a and 2A or 1F and 2F are perfect for couples or those with children since they can transform into a double bed. 
Service Fantastic service especially when you get the senior staff who are adept at providing first class service.  Excellent service! This is especially true when a senior crew is with you on the flight. 
Wi-Fi Complimentary Wi-Fi is offered to premium first class guests. They’ve recently announced they’ll provide free Wi-Fi for first class and business class guests.

The Details: Emirates First Class vs Singapore Airlines First Class

Emirates First Class

Emirates A380 First Class First Class Bar

Emirates A380 First Class First Class Bar. Image Credit: AuPACS

Fly in absolute style when you board the Emirates first class cabin. This lavish product is considered one of the best in the industry as Emirates consistently delivers the finest experience possible. 

Ground Services 

To get the full first class experience, it’s best to start by enjoying the ground services. Flying out of the Emirates hub in Dubai means premium passengers receive a dedicated check-in and access to the extravagant Emirates First Class Lounge

This is one of the best airport lounges in the Middle East, providing guests with a fantastic dining experience, a spa, a sleeping area, and even a departure gate right inside the lounge. 


Emirates 777 First Class Window Seat

Emirates 777 First Class Window Seat. Image Credit: AuPACS

The new Gamechanger Suites aboard the Boeing 777-300ER, are some of the finest in the air today. You’ll find these fitted on only nine Boeings and each one comes with six suites. First introduced in 2017, these suites are fully enclosed with floor-to-ceiling doors and a host of amenities. 

This new Gamechanger cabin is arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration with a beautifully illuminated Ghaf tree, welcoming guests as they enter. If you’re after the ultimate privacy, book seats 1K and 2A. The doors open directly to a wall so you won’t have to be immediately by the aisle. However, if you want space, the middle seats – both 2F and 1E – are the most spacious. 

Seats on the new Gamechanger Suites measure 60-inches wide and 76-inches long. There’s a luxurious padded leather chair, an oversized rectangular table with two closet minibars in addition to a tray table. If you opt for the middle seats, they are fitted with innovative virtual windows which work by showing you a live feed of the outside of the plane using strategically-placed cameras. 

On the other hand, the A380 Emirates First Class seats are found on the upper deck. There are 14 seats arranged in a 1-2-1 layout. The seats measure 23-inches wide with an 86-inch seat pitch. If you’re traveling with a child or with a partner, the middle “honeymoon suites” are the best ones to book. 

However, if you find yourself flying on the older first class aboard the 777, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 layout with only 8 first class seats available. These seats, despite being older, still carry the opulent Emirates look – complete with lots of gold tones and amenities. The seats in the old first class have a width of 20.5 inches with a seat pitch of 65-inches. 

All of the seats come filled with amenity kits, a huge in-flight monitor, a minibar, and various seat controls for convenience. 


Emirates 777 First Class Welcome Spread

Emirates 777 First Class Welcome Spread. Image Credit: AuPACS

Emirates offers similar amenities for their first class guests, regardless of the aircraft.

First, guests are provided with a snack basket. These are filled with chocolates, vitamins, nuts, popcorn, and more. They’re also refilled throughout the flight. 

As for the actual amenity kit, it’s only provided for longer-haul flights and none are provided during day flights. You can ask for them from your flight attendant and they will happily oblige. The items inside this kit include various Bvlgari products like lotion, perfume, dental kit, and more. 

It’s the same for the pajamas and slippers. They’re not offered during day flights, which makes sense, but you can request them and the staff will provide them. Emirates offers comfortable pajamas made with Hydra Active material and are paired with equally comfortable slippers.

Other items include a Byredo set containing eye cream and sleep oil on the vanity mirror. There’s also a black Emirates notepad and pen provided. Because of the global pandemic, the airlines also began handing out travel hygiene kits containing masks, sanitizers, and disposable gloves. 

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Food and Beverage

Emirates 777 First Class Chocolate Brownie

Emirates 777 First Class Chocolate Brownie. Image Credit: AuPACS

Emirates delivers a feast for first class guests, starting with pre-flight drinks the moment you are settled on your seat. Usually, the first thing staff will offer is the customary pour of Arabic coffee coupled with dates. The only time this it’s skipped is if you’re flying on red-eye.

You can also ask for champagne. Emirates offers only the best, serving Dom Pérignon for the bubbly. If you’re a big drinker, you can try out some of the most expensive drinks offered on a commercial flight like the Hennessy Paradis which retails for around $2,500 per bottle, or the Tesseron Cognac Lot 29, retailing around $1,200. 

For food, the first meal service starts soon after takeoff. You can start with a caviar service or the Arabic Mezze while tasting the wines available in flight. They also have a fantastic selection of main courses and delicious desserts. 

All of the meals are presented beautifully during the service with a white cloth spread over the tray table and real glassware and tableware. As a palette cleanser, you can indulge in the tea service. Emirates offers a custom Dilmah tea together with shortbread. 

The second meal is served 90 minutes before the plane landing. It’s worth noting that Emirates offers a dine on demand service, so you can order any drinks or food anytime you want except during takeoff or landing.

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Emirates 777 First Class In Flight Monitor

Emirates 777 First Class In-Flight Monitor. Image Credit: AuPACS

Typical of first class luxury, you get your own private in-flight entertainment center right in your suite. The Gamechanger Suites come with three monitors. The main one is a 32-inch touchscreen display set on a rectangular desk. 

Because it’s farther away from your seat, there’s a smaller and more reachable tablet monitor close to the seat. From here, you can navigate and control Emirate’s impressive ICE system. It comes preloaded with hundreds of movies and shows including a flight show courtesy of the front cameras fitted on the plane. There’s also a remote you can use if that’s more convenient for you.

The third tablet, available only on the new suites, is made specifically to control the lights as well as turn the TV on/off. You can choose from eight different colors to create the ultimate vibe in your suite. 

Aboard the A380, the IFE monitor is 27-inches and also comes with a smaller table situated close to the seat and one remote. On the older 777, the first class seats come with a 24-inch monitor. 

For audio, all of the first class suites are provided with Bowers & Wilkins headphones. These are fantastic noise-canceling headphones and perfectly match the robust Emirates in-flight entertainment system. 


On all Emirates First flights, the Wi-Fi service is complimentary for first class guests. The only thing you need to do is create a free Emirates Skywards account. 


Emirates A380 First Class Shower Spa Shower

Emirates A380 First Class Shower Spa Shower Image Credit: AuPACS

The lavatories on the A380 are luxurious and beautiful. These are spacious with a stunning amount of toiletries provided. It’s worth remembering that the A380 lavatories are the only ones fitted with shower suites. Guests can use the shower within a five-minute time limit. However, you can start and stop the shower anytime to prolong your shower time.

On the older 777 and the newer ones with the Gamechanger suites, there are also two dedicated lavatories. These don’t have any showers but they are impeccably designed with ample toiletries provided. 


Emirates 777 First Class Bed

Emirates 777 First Class Bed. Image Credit: AuPACS

Even though Emirates has said they will not be providing turndown service during flights, the attendants will still happily transform your seat into a bed once it’s time to sleep. The seats are padded with a thick mattress, a blanket, and comfortable pillows. 

The bed for the Gamechanger Suites has a slight incline while both the A380 and the 777 have beds that lie flat. 

Staff and Guest Services

The staff and guest services are some of the most professional in the air. Emirates knows how to make its guests happy. Managers and the staff are proactive, ensuring the stay is as comfortable and as luxurious as ever. 

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Who Is It For?

The Emirates Game Changer Suites are a marvel and if you ever get a chance to fly this, go for it! Both the A380 and the original first class product are also fantastic. Each of these products features a distinct vibe and is ideal for business travelers or luxury flyers who want to be pampered in flight. 

If you’re curious about Emirates fares against another great product, Etihad First, check out this Emirates First vs Etihad Airways First Class comparison.

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Emirates First Class Gallery

Emirates A380 First Class Bed

Emirates A380 First Class Bed. Image Credit: AuPACS

Emirates A380 First Class Amenity Kit Contents Continued

Emirates A380 First Class Amenity Kit Contents Continued. Image Credit: AuPACS

Emirates A380 First Class Menu 5

Emirates A380 First Class Menu 5. Image Credit: AuPACS

Emirates 777 First Class Gentleman's Amenity Kit

Emirates 777 First Class Gentleman’s Amenity Kit. Image Credit: AuPACS

Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines 777 first class

Singapore Airlines 777 First Class. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has earned itself a lot of praise for offering one of the most refined first class services right now. It’s not just the hard product that impresses guests but also the soft product delivered by the staff and crew. 

Ground Services 

If you’re flying out of Changi Airport, you can treat yourself to Singapore Airlines The Private Room lounge. It’s one of the best airline lounges in the world and makes your stay in first class extra special. It’s been recently renovated and is now grander than ever. 

Singapore Airlines also partners with top airport lounges from different hubs to ensure you are comfortable on the ground while waiting for your flight.


Singapore Airlines First Class Suites

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Depending on which route you take and the type of aircraft available, you can experience a different type of hard product for your flight.

Undoubtedly, the most luxurious first class seats in Singapore Air’s offerings are those inside the A380. Arranged in a 1-1 configuration, the new Singapore Suites come with only 6 seats located on the upper deck of the aircraft. The newer suites feature a seat pitch of 81-inches and a width of 35-inches.

The other configuration for the A380 has the first class cabin located on the lower deck in a 1-2-1 layout and 12-seat capacity. The seat pitch is also 81 inches and it’s 35-inches wide. However, for the Boeing 777-300 (773) the seat is a bit smaller with a pitch of 71-inches and a width of 35-inches. 

While the original first class versions are still amazing despite being older products, the newer suites are something of an engineering marvel. Each new suite is fully enclosed, giving guests the ultimate privacy. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly spacious. Suite 1A is the biggest at 57 square feet.

If you are traveling with a companion, try securing both Suite 1A and 2A or 1F and 2F since you can lower the partitions and create an even more impressive space between the two suites. 

Inside, the suites feature modern decor. There’s an upholstered Poltrona Frau leather chair that swivels so you can easily look around your suite without even getting up. Nearby is a marble table with a pull-out dining tray. At the back of the seat is a pull-out bed close to the divider. 

There’s plenty of storage including a vanity kit and a detachable tablet for controlling the IFE, the seats, and the lighting. Nearby, there are sockets and USB plugs as well as controls for easy access. 

On the Boeing 777, the seats are equally luxurious although the space is smaller. The seat was designed by BMW Designworks and comes with dark brown upholstered leather.

These have a wraparound wing, creating a cocoon effect once you’re seated. Because it’s an older product, this seat doesn’t have closing doors which have become a staple addition for first class cabins.


Every first class guest is provided with a unisex Lalique amenity kit. It contains a lip balm, body lotion, soap, and a candle (with instructions not to light the candle on the plane.) In addition, guests are also offered pajamas, slippers, socks, and an eye mask. 

During the pandemic, there’s also a hygiene kit provided with wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and facemasks. 

Food and Beverage

Singapore Airlines - First Class Meal

Singapore Airlines – First Class Meal. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is known for its amazing cuisine and beverage program. It starts with a pre-flight drink usually involving a Dom Perignon or a Krug. Some countries don’t allow alcohol to be served before takeoff so you might need to settle for orange juice or other types of drink. 

After takeoff, guests are served more champagne and a helping of the iconic Singapore Chicken and Beef Satay skewers. You can also order caviar which is served together with blinis, chives, and creme fraiche. This is followed by soup, appetizer, and mains. 

Singapore Airlines lets you pick a meal before even getting on the plane. There’s also a dine on demand service so you can eat at your own pace. For the mains, you can check out a selection from their Book the Cook which usually opens eight days before your flight. 

If you want coffee, Singapore Airlines has a lovely selection of Illy coffee which you can indulge in. 


Singapore Airlines KrisWorld In-Flight Entertainment Sytem

Singapore Airlines KrisWorld In-Flight Entertainment System. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has a 32-inch touchscreen monitor inside their new suites on the A380. On the other hand, on the Boeing 777 flights, you will get the older 24-inch monitor. The older monitors aren’t touch screens so you’ll need to use a remote, but the newer suites are. There’s a small tablet you can use for controls if your seat is too far away.

Nevertheless, both contain an incredible selection of shows and movies. The IFE is branded as KrisWorld. To complement the system, guests are provided with Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones. There was talk of swapping it for a wireless headphone but it seems Singapore Airlines hasn’t moved forward with that yet. 


There is Wi-Fi available in flight and it’s offered for free to first class and business class guests. It’s not the fastest but it’s stable and great for light surfing. 


Aboard the A380, there are two lavatories for first class guests. Each one is spacious and styled to mimic the suites. It’s filled with convenient toiletries like a dental kit, cotton wipes, facial mist, and more. There’s also a sit-down vanity with a mirror, however, there are no showers like you would find on the Emirates A380. 


If you would like to sleep, you can ask the attendants to make the bed for you. And once you come back from slipping into your comfy pajamas, the bed will be ready and waiting. To make it even more comfortable, the bed is decked out in a padded mattress, linens, and several pillows. 

For the new suites on the A380, you can transform the bed into a double bed if you lower the privacy doors and are seated in suites 1A and 2A or 1F and 2F.

If you’re not shy, Singapore Airlines is the only flight where you can get tucked into your bed at night by the staff. It’s a unique experience and makes the stay extra special. 

Staff and Guest Services

Singapore Airlines is known for its exceptional service. Once you’re up in the air, you’ll find out just how fantastic the service is from the crew. They are attentive, professional, and pay attention to every single thing you need.

Who Is It For?

While it’s not a perfect product, the attention to detail – from the design of the suites, the food and beverage program, the amenities, and in-flight entertainment is unbelievable! This flight is perfect if you want to experience a superb first class product and want it to be a memorable moment.

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Singapore Airlines First Class Gallery

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suites

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suites. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites - A380

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites – A380. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites on A380

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites on A380. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines - First Class Meal Spread

Singapore Airlines – First Class Meal Spread. Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

Best For: Which Airline Class Should You Book?

  Winner What Makes It Great
Best for Food Tie Both airlines serve delicious meals on a dine on demand basis. 
Best for Seats Singapore Airlines First Class The new A380 Singapore Suites are amazing! It’s fully enclosed and leaves a lot of room for the guests to relax and enjoy.
Best for Ground Experience Emirates First Class Emirates First Class wins this thanks to their amazing airport lounge at their hub in Dubai.
Best For Comfort  Tie It’s a tie! Both airlines offer amazing seats and beds that ensure guests are comfortable. 
Best for Families Tie Again, this is a tie. Emirates has wonderful honeymoon suites while the suites in the new Singapore cabin include ones that let you create a double bed. The latter is ideal for families or couples traveling together.
Best for Couples Singapore Airlines First Class Singapore Airlines first class wins this thanks to unique seats that allow them to create a double bed. 
Best for Service Tie Both Emirates and Singapore Air have a fantastic staff that is highly trained and professional. 
Most Exclusive Singapore Airlines First Class Because the new Singapore Air Suites are fully enclosed, it’s a bit more exclusive compared to other seats. 

Wrapping Up

Both Emirates and Singapore Airlines offer impressive first class products that have received rave reviews from guests. When it comes to service and food, these airlines deliver the finest cuisines and make dining in the air feel like you’re sitting in a five-star restaurant. 

In terms of the seats, both airlines also feature distinct styles. The new Singapore Air Suites in the A380 are celebrated for their spaciousness and ultimate privacy. Meanwhile, Emirates always delivers when it comes to class, opulence, and luxury – and it reflects in their beautifully-designed hard product. 

Regardless of which you choose, expect to have a fantastic time.

Safe travels!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you can afford to splurge or simply love traveling first class, then this is worth it. Singapore Airlines is known for its amazing service, excellent dining, and exquisite first class product.

Yes, the airline still operates its first class product. Right now, it flies first class in three of its planes: the Boeing-777 and two Airbus A380s.

In 2021, Singapore Airlines was named by customers as the Best First Class airline. It’s followed by Lufthansa then finally Emirates rounding the top three.

Emirates is known for delivering quality service regardless of whether you fly first or business. However, there’s no denying Emirates First offers better perks. For one, it has more spacious and private seats. The food is to dine on demand with an excellent selection of drinks, and you get unique amenities including a shower spa when flying aboard the Airbus A380.

If you want to check out an in-depth comparison between the two classes, check out our Emirates First Class vs Emirates Business Class comparison.

There are a few reasons why the first class cabin is usually located in the forward section of the plane. For one, premium guests often board the plane first and they’re also the first to deplane. Another reason is that because of this position, they’re a bit further from the engine so it’s quieter.